1 two finger emergency

Chapter 5 Ianto wakes

Ianto woke to soft light under the bathroom door. He slid off the bed and walked toward the door, reaching up for the handle. He had opened it by pushing, as the lock was not engaged. Jack stood naked surrounded by steam looking in shock at the child entering the room.

"Jack?" Ianto was rubbing his eyes and looked blearily around. "I need ta piddle."

Jack quickly grabbed his robe before helping Ianto lower his little pj bottoms and lifting him unto the seat.

"If I had a little step I could do this myself" Ianto bristled at having to pee sitting down. "I'm not a girl!"

"Sorry babe, you'll be a big boy again soon" Jack soothed.

"A big boy huh?" Ianto's eyebrow rose and Jack grinned. Yeah, his boy was waking up and the man was taking over.

"I love you when you're half asleep." Jack sighed as Ianto reached his arms up to be lifted down,

"I love you when you're not being an arse" Ianto replied dryly.

Jack laughed and left to see what clothes the girls had for his little soldier. Finding several bags at the top of the ladder he knew Ianto would want to regain some control by opening them himself.

"Jack, got something" Tosh yelled from her work station and Jack rushed up the ladder to see what was up.

Ianto started behind him before realising that the rungs were too far apart for his little body and he sat on the bed with a sigh. Reaching for his stopwatch he settled to see how long it took for Jack to notice the mistake. Placing two fingers in his mouth, without realising he was doing it, Ianto hummed a lullaby quietly to himself.

Twenty three minutes and thirty seconds later a face appeared over the hatch opening. Ianto went to stand and then froze as he recognised the visitor. John Hart.

Sorry – couldn't help but do a cliffie

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