1 two finger emergency

Chapter 6 suck

"Do you always suck your fingers when you're thinking"

Ianto froze. As hart lowered himself into the small room Ianto had no hope of hiding and continued to sit staring at the unwelcome guest.

"well! I knew Jack was a bit of a cradle robber but, SHIT!" john howled with glee.

Ianto decided to ignore him and slid back against the wall until he was in the corner, slowly pulling the pillow from beneath him to shield his small frame.

Hart silently watched this with his humour slowly draining from his face. Finally he sat on the edge of the bed and reached for the pillow.

Ianto whimpered and held fast. A small tug of war ensued until John released the pillow and sat back.

"Stubborn little monster, aren't you" he mumbled before reaching for the stopwatch Ianto had dropped in the scuffle.

"Mine!" Ianto said, reaching for his watch, then realising he was giving John a chance to grab him, retreated again.

John eyes the child then casually lent back against the wall and thumbed the watch open.

I've travelled the stars

But you're the one

I'll keep in my pocket


John read the inscription twice with a frown. CJH was obviously Captain Jack Harkness but who the fuck was IHJ. Given the fact that Jack never gave him a gift like that, was not known to be fluffy and this bloody watch never left his pocket in the whole time he had known him … WHAT THE FUCK!

Ianto watched the emotions flitting across John's face and wondered how to retrieve his watch. He knew that if Jack wasn't here yet then he was probably not gonna be here any time soon and this did not look good.

"Do you always suck your fingers when you're thinking" John's question surprised Ianto. He didn't realise he had been sucking those same two fingers again.

"Only when I'm scawed or tywerd" Ianto shrugged, still eyeing his watch.

"What does IHJ stand for?" John tried for pleasant questioning when the desire to grab the little shit and shake him seemed to be passing.

"Ianto Harkness Jones" Ianto whispered, feeling a little triumph at John's intake of air.

"Well, well, well. Jackie boy fell for him eh?" John sighed, "I knew eye-candy would be a problem"

"Is that why you're here?" Jack's voice interrupted them and John turned to face his ex-lover.

Jack stood with one foot still on the ladder, his hand absently clutching the side of the ladder as he glared at John.

Ianto made a dash for Jack but his little legs caught in the pillow and John seized him easily.

"Cute kid, yours and eye-candy's I assume by the little button nose" John held Ianto's arm. "Thought you said no more sprogs! You know I wanted to try again."

"Let him go" Jack growled, reaching for Ianto.

"ah, ah, ah! Not so fast! Finders keepers Jackie" John crowed, pulling Ianto into his embrace. "You denied me one before so maybe I'll have this ready made one instead!"

Ianto gave a shriek of terror and reached for Jack as John reached for his wrist strap.

"IANTO!" Jack screamed as they vanished.

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