1 two finger emergency

Chapter 7 Yewwo Duckies

Ianto felt John's grip tighten as Jack had screamed his name. Opening his eyes he found them standing on some sort of ship. Metal floors, walls and ceiling. Great. A spaceship.

John was staring into Ianto's face. After a few minutes he huffed and placed him on the ground.

"So, you are eye-candy" he groaned.

"And you're soooo dead when Jack finds us!" Ianto replied calmly.

John was rubbing his face and lowered his hands at the Ianto's remark and stared at him.

"What happened to you? No offence but DAMN!" John crouched down and looked into the angry little face.

"Don't know. I remember walking acwoss the plas to meet Jack at the Westwrant and then I fell ovah!" Ianto said with a frown as he tried to remember.

"Did someone stop you, talk to you? push you? Grab you? Brush against you maybe?" John offered.

"Yeah. A think a hand did touch my showda as I fell. Why?" Ianto eyeballed John in a way that slowed his breathing.

"Shit! Still got that "eat shit and die" look down cold eye-candy," he laughed.

"well?" Ianto sighed with an eye roll that set John off more.

"sorry, sorry" he giggled, trying to talk. "Patches. Like a drug. Happy, sad, bliss … you know? Like a plaster on you skin."

Ianto frowned. He did remember a sticking plaster on his arm when Jack was changing him. He pulled up his sleeve and looked where it had been before it had come off in the bath water. A small red circle marked where it had been

"Did it have a picture on it?" John asked, watching Ianto closely.

"Yeah. Little Yewow duckie" Ianto frowned at him.

John couldn't help but smile at the word "Yewow" coming from the little tyke and has to remind himself that he knew him in another, sexier form.

John led Ianto to a room with a medical bed in the centre and lifted him onto it before starting to open drawers and cupboards muttering to him self. After a few minutes he stopped and stood silently considering something then he turned with a cry of triumph and reached for Ianto's arm.

As Ianto squirmed John started to remove his jacket, then his shirt. Ianto froze in shock then began to panic. As he felt john's hand slide in the back of his pants and the elastic slide down his legs he bit down hard on John's arm which caused his grip to slip.

Ianto pulled back but was no match and after a brief struggle he was encased in Johns strong arms. He sobbed as he felt the familiar slap of a plaster.

As the room started to spin he felt John's hands on his body, pulling at his clothes again.

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