1 two finger emergency

Chapter 8 pain

Ianto woke to pain. His gasp bringing John to his side.

"Easy, boy. Easy." John soothes, his hand rubbing Ianto's chest.

Ianto tried to breathe again and felt John's strokes change in time to his breathing until he had it under control.

"That's better sweetie," another voice said.

Ianto opened his eyes to gaze at a woman standing beside John. It was her hand stroking his chest and he felt infinitely better for the knowledge. Her hair was wild and framed her friendly face with abandon. Ianto liked her immediately.

Ianto tried to sit up and John moved behind him to support him forcing Ianto to twist away from him. A cry alluded to the pain that had caused and John froze.

"Easy Sweetie, those muscles have a lot of settling to do" the woman soothed with a small frown at John. "I thought you said he knows you."

"Yeah. That's why he hates me" John sighed, pulling back from the bed.

Ianto realised two things at once. He was adult again …. And naked.

With a gasp of horror he reached for the sheet covering his hips and pulled it up, the action causing it to slide and the pool to the floor. With a laugh the woman reached for the sheet, returning it to the bed.

"Typical! You said you needed your diary, why have you returned with two men instead?" a voice from the doorway made Ianto slide form the bed and as he struggled to wrap the sheet around himself he backed to the wall.

"Let him go" John waved a hand in his direction, "He likes corners don't ya eye-candy?"

"Fuck You!" Ianto spat as he tried to contain his fear.

The lighting in the room started to dim and the temperature rose.

"Why are you afraid?" the man from the doorway entered the room addressing Ianto although no one else was present.

Ianto noted how John stepped away from the man and registered a change in the air. Looking back at the man he finally decided to speak.

"He is a con-man. A traitor. A murderer and a thief" He said calmly. "Also a kidnapper now too!"

"And what do you call Jackie-Boy!" John spluttered in outrage.

"Sir!" Ianto spat back.

"Ha! Ianto Jones!" the man clapped his hands with glee. "River this is Jack's Ianto."

The man laughed and turned to point his finger at John. As sudden as his movement was his anger. John made a small noise in his throat as he recognised his plight.

"Eh? I was helping. I didn't do it Doctor, honest!" he babbled, eyeing the finger.

"He stole me! Right in front of Jack," Ianto roared advancing on John.

Ianto stopped and looked at the doctor in shock.

"Doctor? You look different." Ianto whispered.

'Mmmm? What? Oh… yes … that. I regenerated." He muttered still glowering at John. "Stole you hmmm?

"Someone put an infant patch on him, I had to help didn't I" John wheedled.

"Damn where's that phone" the doctor began feeling his pockets as River sighed and motioned to Ianto.

"come on sweetie, lets find you some clothes. It'll be a while before he remembers when he threw the cell phone last time it woke him up" she smiled with he hand held out to him.

"Don't you mean where?" Ianto asked.

"No. When dearie" she laughed. "May not find it for years.'

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