Gibbs/Allison Series: Second Daddy

Chapter 13

Second Daddy

Chapter 13

It turned out to be another two weeks before the trial date was set and in that time Scott Feldman met several times with Allison and Tobias until he felt they were as prepared as they could be for whatever would happen at the trail. The date was set for a Monday morning with Allison and Tobias appearing that Tuesday afternoon. Since they had an afternoon appearance date Allison spent a few hours working in her office then headed over after to the courthouse after lunch.

Gibbs and Tobias had agreed to meet at the courthouse separately that way they could keep their relationship a secret a little longer. So when Tobias arrived first he waited in the hallway for Gibbs and Allison. Gibbs arrived a few minutes later, and together they grabbed a coffee and waited for Allison. Five minutes before the afternoon session was to begin Allison arrived walking quickly and carrying a large briefcase.

“Sorry I’m late guys, traffic was horrible and just before I got ready to leave Agent Peters called and said he needed some files for a case he was working on. I told him I was late for court so he said he’d meet me here.” said Allison as she looked around

Just then a younger man in a dark blue suit walked up calling. “Allison Grayson?”

“Oh thank god you’re here. I’m taking a big security risk just taking these documents out of the office.” replied Allison as she handed the briefcase to Agent Peters.

“Well don’t worry Ms. Grayson. The documents are in secure hands now, and the FBI thanks you for your hard work” said Agent Peters as he shook Allison’s hand then left after securing the briefcase to his wrist.

Just then Scott Feldman came out of the courtroom looking around for Tobias and Allison. When he saw them a look of relief filled his face as he walked towards them. “Oh thank heavens your both here, let’s go in the session is about to start.” Then quickly lead Tobias and Allison into the courtroom with Gibbs following. As they took their places just behind the lawyers Gibbs found a seat a few rooms back. As he settled in his seat he heard a small disturbance in the back of the court and turned to see the rest of his team entering the court. Tony, Tim, Ziva, Ducky, Palmer quickly took the empty seats beside him with smiles and small nods of acknowledgment.

A few minutes later the bailiff stood announcing “All rise for the honorably Judge Anderson”

As everyone stood the Judge entered the courtroom and proceeded behind his bench. “Are both counselors ready to begin the afternoon session?”

“Yes you’re honor” replied both lawyers as the stood.

“Then let us begin, you may call you’re first witness” said the Judge then settle back in his chair.

“Thank you you’re honor. For my first witness I call Allison Grayson” said the defense lawyer from behind his desk.

“Calling Allison Grayson?” said the bailiff as he came towards the bench.

With a deep breath and one last squeezed of Tobias’ hand Allison stood and walked towards the bailiff. As she took her place in the witness stand the bailiff came to stand in front of her holding a bible. As the bailiff asked “Raise your right hand, and repeat after me. I, please state your name. Do solemnly swear that what I am about to say if the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God.”

With one last look at the friendly faces of her daddies and extended family sitting out in the seating area she placed her hand on the bible the bailiff held extended and said. “I, Allison Desirae Grayson. Do solemnly swear that what I am about to say if the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God.”

“You may have a seat” said the bailiff as he took the bible back to his desk and sat down.

As the defense lawyer approached Allison she geared herself up for his line of questioning.

“Please state your full legal name and credentials for the whole court.” asked the Defense Attorney.

“Doctor Allison Desirae Grayson. Lead Agent and Head of the Special Ciphers and Decryptions Department of the United States Government.” stated Allison proudly.

“And you are sometimes assigned to work cases with other agencies?”

“That is correct; my department has worked on several cases with the FBI, NCIS, along with other agencies”

“And when you work with the FBI you work exclusively with an Agent Tobias C. Fornell?”

“That is correct” answered Allison.

“And it was with Agent Fornell that you were recently kidnapped and then involved in a plane crash in the Hungarian forest?”

“That is correct” replied Allison.

“And when you were taken you were coming out of your office with Agent Fornell, were you not? So would you care to explain the exact nature of your relationship with Agent Fornell?” asked the defense lawyer as he came to stand right in front of Allison.

“Objection, your honor!” cried Scott Feldman as he stood quickly from behind the prosecution’s table.

“Just what does my association with Agent Fornell have to do with this case?” asked Allison sharply.

“Just answer the question, Ms. Grayson” said the lawyer.

“Only if you answer mine” replied Allison just as sharply.

“Abstain counselor, that question will be struck from the records. And you will refrain from asking any more personal questions that don’t pertain to the case in question” said Judge Anderson firmly.

“Yes your honor” said the defense lawyer quietly.

“Do you have any more questions for this witness counselor?” asked Judge Anderson.

“Yes your honor. Do you recognize any of the men shown on the white board as the men that kidnapped you?” asked the defense lawyer as he moved a white board into Allison’s view.

On the white board were pictures of several men with a written flow chart showing their association with Pastories. The first three were the men that had kidnapped Tobias and Allison and after a few seconds to collect herself Allison said firmly.

“The first three. The first and second man were the pilot and co pilot of the plane that we were taken to and the third man was guarding us in the back of the plane” replied Allison with a small trimmer in her voice. Tobias didn’t know it but as they were leaving the plane Allison saw the three men that had kidnapped them.

“And the two that allegedly followed you through the woods?” asked the attorney.

“The last two on the board.” replied Allison, her voice a little less strong. “The last one was the man that the Hungarian search and rescue squad captured and the other one was the man that I…..that I killed.” whispered Allison softly.

“And on who’s orders was that?” asked the defense lawyer.

“No one’s’. He was going to hurt Tob…Agent Fornell, so I did what I had to do.” replied Allison as she once again looked the lawyer firmly in the eyes.

“I think that’s all for now Ms. Grayson, if there are no further questions counselor?” asked Judge Anderson.

“No you’re honor” said the defense lawyer as he sat back down at the defense table.

“Then you may step down Ms. Grayson” said Judge Anderson as he smiled at the woman. He couldn’t help but feel for her, he knew the circumstances of what happened during the kidnapping and subsequent days in the woods and knew it was hard on anyone to kill another person, especially when it involved someone you cared about. He wasn’t exactly sure of the exact circumstances involving their relationship but he would bet a months’ pay that Tobias Fornell and Allison Grayson were involved in some sort of a relationship.

As Allison stood she turned, smiling at the Judge then walked with her back straight and head held high back to the prosecutions witness seats. As she sat down beside Tobias took her hand in his and gently squeezed it. Allison turned her head smiling at Tobias then looked over her shoulder to see Gibbs and the rest of his team smiling reassuringly at her.

The rest of the afternoon they sat, half heartedly listening to the trail and at five o’ clock stood with the rest of the court as the Judge called a halt to the day’s proceedings. After exiting the courtroom Allison was quickly surrounded by Gibbs and the rest of his team. As Allison was engulfed in Gibbs’ arms Scott Feldman came up to the group.

“I’m sorry about the defense’s line of questioning Allison, but I think you handled it very well” said Scott

“Well at least you prepared us for it; I was just hoping he wouldn’t bring it up. My personal life has nothing to do with the case.” said Allison as she turned in Gibbs’ arms and faced the lawyer.

“Well I agree and so did the Judge, so I don’t think you have anything to worry about. You’re part is done now, and let me say once again how much we appreciate you’re and Agent Fornell’s cooperation in bringing this case to trail.” said Scott Feldman as he extended his hand to the woman. With her and Agent Fornell’s positive identification of the men involved in their kidnapping the prosecution felt good about getting a conviction in this case.

“Glad we could help, and please let us know when the verdict comes in” said Allison as she shook his hand, then moved out of Gibbs’ arms as each man shook the lawyers’ hand.

As Scott Feldman walked away Tobias took Ali into arms and gently kissed her head as her arms circled his waist.

“How about we go and get something to eat then have quiet night at home?” said Gibbs as he moved over and started rubbing Ali’s back.

After a few minutes Ali raised her head from Tobias’ chest but never let go of him. “Actually Daddy, I think I’d like to celebrate. I know the trail not’s over with but our part is, and I feel like celebrating. With the love and support of my daddies and extended family I have overcome a bad situation and won.”

“That a girl Ali” said Abby as she came up and took Ali out of Tobias’ arms and started leading her out of the court house.

The rest of the night was spent at Ali’s favorite restaurant, Gibbs quickly calling the manager and explaining the circumstances and making arrangement for several tables in a quiet corner for the group. After eating a leisurely and stress free dinner everyone headed back to Allison’s house to watch one of Ali’s favorite movies.

After everyone converged on Ali’s house they arranged the living room into their family movie night while waiting for Ali, Tobias and Gibbs to come downstairs. Ali came bouncing down stairs wearing her family “Ali mode” which consisted of her diaper, sleep-pants and a tank top. As she saw her “play” comforter on the floor in front of the fire she squealed and ran into Tony and Abby’s arms yelling “Thank you, thank you!”

“You’re welcome squirt, what is a celebration without a movie. Now how about it you ready for some “Clue” fun?” asked Tony as he held out the movie for Ali to see.

He knew it was one of Ali’s favorite and a sure fire way to get her out of any of funk she might be in. Ali had been worry about testifying for the past few weeks and even though she tried not to show it they could tell. Now that it was over they wanted to raise her spirits and make her their happy little Ali again. So while they were waiting for the trial to end they quietly discussed throwing this little celebration for Ali after the trail had ended for the day.

Now they had everything ready and as Tony put the disk in Ali’s DVD player everyone settled into their places on the comforter and couch. After about forty-five minutes Tobias noticed that Ali was getting sleepy so he quietly moved out of Gibbs’ arms, stepping over several people he went to the kitchen to fix a bottle for Ali. Returning to the living room he quietly tapped Abby on the shoulder, handing her Ali’s bottle. As he stepped over several people again he smiled as he settled back into Gibbs’ arms.

At the end of the movie Gibbs carried Ali upstairs while Tobias and Ducky supervised the cleanup and departure of their extended family. As Tobias climbed the stairs he met Gibbs outside of Ali’s room, quickly going into the other man’s arms.

“Thank you for taking care of our little girl today Tobias” said Gibbs as he captured Tobias’ lips.

It was a few minutes before either man broke the kiss, and stood forehead to forehead as they caught their breath.

“It was really all Allison to Jethro. I was so proud of her when she rebuked the defense attorneys question about the nature of our relationship.” whispered Tobias.

“I know I was too, and when the judge backed her and abstained the question. She was in full Allison Desirae Grayson mode. It’s just a shame she can’t carry our name.”

“I feel the same way Jethro, but you know that would cause too much trouble for all three of us. At least she is the daughter of our heart and proudly carries our name that way.”

“At least there is that. Now how about going to bed and having our own little celebration” whispered Gibbs with a hungry look in his eyes as he put his hands on Tobias’ cheeks then re captured Tobias’ lips.

With a little moan Tobias carefully started maneuvering Gibbs backwards only stopping when they backed into their bedroom door. As Tobias fumbled for doorknob he quickly grabbed Jethro as the door opened then continued to back him into the room until they once again stopped when Gibbs’ legs came in contact with the edge of the bed.

As Tobias reluctantly broke the kiss he looked at the other man then with a mischievous look in his eyes pushed Gibbs down on the bed, then crawled over him recapturing his lips as his hands worked feverishly to push Gibbs’ tee-shirt over his head. As Tobias’ hands worked on Gibb’s shirt, Jethro’s hands were working down Tobias’ sweatpants until gave a small gasp as the cooler air hit his neither region.

“You need something Tobias?” asked Gibbs as he looked at the other man with equal hunger in his eyes.

“Oh shut up and make love to me Jethro” said Tobias breathlessly as he pulled Jethro’s shirt over his head.

“Gladly Tobias” responded Gibbs as he quickly removed the rest of his clothes then quickly flipped the other man on his back and recaptured his lips.

After that all thought and speech were forgotten as Tobias and Gibbs celebrated in their own special way a victory for themselves and their small family.

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