Gibbs/Allison Series: Second Daddy

Chapter 15

Second Daddy

Chapter 15

It took Ali the whole next week to clean the house, buy the food and then plan out the menu so that everyone was preparing what they did best. By the time everyone arrived Thursday Ali was awake and watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade with Gibbs, while Tobias made a special breakfast for them. At first Ali and Gibbs protested because they had always made special holiday breakfasts together but Tobias said that this was a new holiday tradition that he wanted to start so from then on it was agreed that Tobias made breakfast on Thanksgiving Day.

Twenty minutes later Tobias carried a tray laden with plates and large coffee mugs. As he placed the tray on the coffee table he looked at his partner and little girl cuddling on the couch and smiled.

“Smells great papa, what is it?” asked Ali as she gently pushed off of Gibbs chest and sat up.

“It’s called sticky bread little one, and it’s an old family recipe.” said Tobias as he handed Ali a plate then placed a mug in front of her “Now be careful with that baby girl it’s hot chocolate”

“Tobias, she doesn’t need that much sugar first thing in the morning” said Gibbs as he took a mug from the tray and took a sip.

“It’s just warmed milk with sugar free coco Jethro, she should be fine. But remember little one you promised to take a nap this afternoon before we start cooking dinner.” reminded Tobias as he took his plate and sat on the other side of Ali.

“I remember papa, and this is good. May I have some more please?” mumbled Ali as she licked her fingers clean still holding the plate in her lap.

“How about we get you some fresh fruit instead, what would you like strawberries or a banana?” said Jethro as he put his cup down then headed towards the kitchen.

“Strawberries and blueberries please Daddy?” yelled Ali as she placed her plate on the tray and curled up with her mug.

A few minutes later Gibbs returned with a bowl of strawberries and blueberries with a pile of whipped cream on top. As he handed Ali the bowl he looked over at Tobias and shrugged at the look his partner was giving him.

“What, you’re not the only one who can spoil her Tobias” said Gibbs and he sat back down beside her and watched her dig into the bowl.

As he watched his partner, his little girl and his new extended family dig into his Thanksgiving Day treat he knew he was exactly where he wanted to be. After everyone was finished eating Tim and Abby offered to clean up the kitchen while everyone else finished the parade. When the kitchen was clean Gibbs suggested that they take Ali outside for some play time.

Two hours later Tobias brought Ali inside and settled her on the couch, Ducky reading her a story while the others started lunch. After eating a light lunch Gibbs took Ali upstairs quickly changing her then put her down for her nap. Two and a half hours later Gibbs and Tobias went upstairs to wake her finding her just waking up as they entered the room.

“Hey baby girl, how you feeling?” asked Gibbs as he put down her bedrail then stroked her cheek.

“I’m good Daddy, no one’s started cooking yet have they?” asked Ali as she pulled her pacifier out of her mouth.

“”No little one, everyone is waiting for you to come down before we start fixing Thanksgiving dinner.” answered Tobias as he handed Jethro a clean diaper for Ali, then stood watching as he quickly changed her then extended his hand to help her up. As she took his hand she almost literally jumped into his arms, wrapping her arms and legs around him tightly.

“Thank you papa, for loving me and helping Daddy take care of me” whispered Ali as she buried her face in his neck.

“You’re welcome little one, and I want to thank you for allowing me to be your papa. Now are you ready to go downstairs? You’ve got some anxious people waiting for you.” said Tobias as he leaned back and looked at the woman in his arms.

Ali had a big grin on her face and quickly let go of Tobias, putting her feet on the floor then with a quick peck on his cheek unwrapped her arms from around his neck and heading towards the bathroom to get changed.

As both men watched Ali bounced into the bathroom Jethro had to smile at the look of awe that was on his partners face. This was Ali in full blown holiday mode and it was Tobias’ first time to experience it. He happily remembered their first holiday together and looked forwards to watching Tobias experience the same wonder as Ali mad more special holiday memories.

Ali emerged a few minutes later wearing a pair of sweatpants on one of Gibbs’ old NIS tee-shirts. As she neared the two men she grabbed each by a hand and literally dragged them both out of the room. With a laugh from both men, they allowed Ali to pull them out of her room and down the stairs to the people waiting in the kitchen.

After that and for the next several hours Ali, Tobias, Gibbs and the rest of their extended family worked in the kitchen to prepare their Thanksgiving dinner. When the last dish was in the oven Ali, Abby and Ziva started working on setting the table in the dining room, while the men got the living room ready to watch the Thanksgiving Day football game. When the timer went off the ladies brought all the food to the table, saving the turkey for the last. As everyone gathered around the table Ali picked up the carving knife and fork and handed them to Tobias.

“Papa since this is your first holiday in our little family, Daddy and I want you to carve the turkey for us.” said Al proudly then looked at both men and smiled. Finally her little family was complete, she had her daddy, with a spare and Gibbs had found someone that he could be truly happy with.

“Are you sure little one, maybe Ducky should…..” started Tobias then stopped at the look on Ali’s face. “Alright, alright. I know when I’m out numbered”

As laughter rang out around the table Tobias started carving the turkey. After that everyone filled their plates and sat down eating a leisurely dinner happily talking about the upcoming football game. When everyone was finished eating Gibbs, Tobias, Ducky, Ali, Ziva and Abby went into the living room leaving the rest of the men to clean up the table and kitchen.

About twenty minutes later Tony, Tim and Palmer had the kitchen cleaned and returned to the living room carrying two trays with a pot of coffee, a tea pot and several coffee mugs. As they placed them on the coffee table everyone grabbed a cup then returned to their place either on the comforter or the couch.

As the game started everyone settled down watching the game only with the occasional outburst for a good play or penalty. During halftime Abby, Ziva and Palmer brought in the deserts and everyone ate while watching the halftime show. Just as the third quarter started Tobias fixed Ali a bottle then reached down pulling her up off the comforter and settling her between himself and Gibbs on the couch then handed her the bottle.

He had noticed during the last few minutes of the second quarter that Ali was beginning to get sleepy so wanted her close to one of them. As she snuggled closer to him he had to smile as she latched onto the bottle and started sucking her eyes closing slowly to mire slits. By the beginning of the fourth quarter Ali was sound asleep securely wrapped around Tobias’ middle.

At the next commercial Gibbs quietly asked. “Ziva could you go upstairs and get Ali’s “Puffalump” and pacifier?”

“Sure Gibbs, does she need another diaper too?” asked Ziva as she rose, stepping over Tony and several of her team members.

“No she should be good until the end of the game, and then we’ll see how she is after that” answered Gibbs as he smiled at the woman in Tobias’ arms.

A few minutes later Ziva returned and handed Gibbs Ali’s “Puffalump” and pacifier then retook her place on the comforter beside Tony. As Gibbs placed the “Puffalump” in Ali’s lap he gently put the pacifier to her lips sheer eagerly sucked it in then pulled the duck into her arms. With a small sigh Ali settled back down against Tobias and went back to sleep.

When the game ended Gibbs quickly checked Ali’s diapers finding her only slightly damp so he decided to wait on changing her. As he carefully moved her off of Tobias, laying her flat on the couch then covered her gently with a blanket and quietly motioned for everyone of leave. After that everyone packed up their dishes and things they brought, saying goodnight to Gibbs and Tobias and leaving in pairs. Ducky lingered a few minutes longer then with one last look at Ali asleep in the living room he departed promising to call them tomorrow.

Fixing another cup of coffee for each of them Gibbs carried them into the living room to find Tobias standing in front of the couch watching Ali. As he leaned in and gently nibbled on Tobias’ neck he extended the second cup.

“Thank you for a wonderful day Jethro. I don’t think I’ve felt more at home as I do now with you and our little girl” said Tobias as he leaned his neck slightly towards Gibbs and wrapped his arms around him the cup still in his hand.

“We’ll this is your home Tobias, and Ali and I both love you very much.” replied Jethro as he continued to nibble on Tobias’ neck.

After a few minutes Tobias groaned and reluctantly moved away from Gibbs taking a quick sip of coffee. “How long do you think Ali will sleep?”

“Probably not long enough, so we’d better save this for later. Do you want to try and move her over or sit in the chairs?” asked Gibbs as he too took a sip of coffee.

“I think the chairs would be safer, though far less fun. We can always cuddle again after Ali wakes up.” reminded Tobias as he sat down in one of the side chairs.

It was almost an hour and a half before Ali woke again. Before the evening game had started Gibbs and Tobias had fixed turkey sandwiches from the leftover and left Ali’s in the kitchen until she woke up. They were just finishing theirs when Ali awoke stretching on the couch. As she saw them sitting in the side chairs she smiled know full well that they hadn’t wanted to wake her so they were sitting apart.

“Hi princess, feel like eating a leftover turkey sandwich for dinner?” asked Gibbs as he stood and headed towards the kitchen to retrieve Ali’s dinner.

When he returned he handed her the plate, then reclaimed his spot on the couch beside her. So far Tobias hadn’t moved from his place in the side chair and she could tell that even the short time she had been on the couch asleep had been a strain for him. They had reluctantly given up the couch to let her sleep and sat in different chairs but were dying to get their hands on each other again. So with a sly smile Ali smiled at both men then jumped up of the couch and headed towards the “play” comforter which was still on the floor.

“If it’s all the same to you Daddy, I think I want to eat on the comforter like a picnic” replied Ali as she flopped down on the comforter then placed her plate in front of her.

“Allison Desirae Fornell-Gibbs what are you up to?” asked Tobias as he stood looking down at his daughter sitting on the comforter.

“Oh come off it papa, I can tell you two are dying to cuddle. You’ve been apart what? All of an hour maybe more?” asked Ali as she turned to look at the two men behind her.

“It was actually an hour and a half baby girl” answered Gibbs with a sly smile at Tobias.

“Oh well then, there you are. You two need a cuddle fix and I don’t really feel like getting squashed so I’m giving you the couch and I’ll just stay down her where it’s safe.”

“And what makes you so sure you’re safe down there little one, we could always decide to join you?” asked Tobias as he looked at his daughter.

“Your back and Daddy’s knees for one thing, besides you’ve never purposely laid on the comforter when you had a perfectly good couch. So you two stay up there and cuddle and I’ll watch the game from down here, just try not to get to carried away”

“Ali” said Gibbs sharply then smiled as the woman had the decency to blush slightly. “Do you want a bottle now or do can you wait until half time?”

“Actually I think I can wait for the bottle but I need a change now” asked Ali shyly.

“Alright how about I change you now, while Tobias fixes you a bottle for later. We can put it in your bottle bag and you can get it whenever you like.” suggested Gibbs as he stood and went upstairs to get Ali’s supplies.

When he returned he quickly changed Ali and was just pulling up her sweatpants as Tobias re entered the living room carrying Ali’s bottle bag. They’d found it just before they went down to the beach house just after Tobias and Ali had been kidnapped and used it to hold extra bottles for Ali when she’d been playing in the patio room. That way she could get one whenever she wanted without having to disturb either one of them. It also came in handy for Ali to carry extra plastic containers of juice or water to drink at work.

Tobias placed the bag next to Ali, then taking her plate with him he reclaimed his place beside Gibbs on the couch instantly going into the other man’s arms. The rest of the night was spent with Ali laying on the comforter and Tobias and Gibbs in each other’s arms on the couch. Ali managed to stay awake until the fourth quarter this time but fell asleep before the game ended.

They left her on the comforter as they watched the news then together carefully picked her up and carried her upstairs to her room. After another quick change they gave her the remaining bottle in her bag having grabbed it as they picked her up then quickly left Ali’s room retreating to the master bed room. As promised Gibbs did indeed finish what he had started earlier and Tobias even got into the act starting a few things of his own. As they both drifted off the sleep several hours later they both had to agree that all in all it had been a most enjoyable first Thanksgiving for their little family.


As Tobias had promised he made arrangements with Emily, and she meet with Allison the second week of December. As before they met at Emily’s favorite restaurant, Emily arriving first and waiting only a few minutes for Allison. Allison came from work so she was still in full Allison mode but winding down so she wasn’t really prepared for Emily’s first statement after she sat down.

“Well you certainly don’t look like an eighteen month old to two year old little girl” said Emily. She had heard that Allison wouldn’t take flack from anyone and she wanted to see how true that was. If she buckled because she was Tobias’ daughter then she might have to rethink her evaluation, if not then she was worthy of using the Fornell name even if it was just in her heart.

“That’s because I’m not, right now I’m Doctor Allison Desirae Grayson. You’re talking about Ali, and she only comes out with my family or friends.” replied Allison as she pointedly returned the younger woman’s stare.

“I’m sorry Doctor Grayson, that was uncalled for but Dad called you his spitfire when you were Allison and I just wanted to see if it was true. I’ll understand if you want to leave now.” said Emily as she looked at the other women.

Allison looked at the young women then smiled remembering that Tobias had described her in almost the same way. She couldn’t fault the young woman for wanted to test her to see if she was worthy of using the Fornell name and hopefully she’d proven herself. She wasn’t sure exactly how much Tobias had been able to tell his daughter about what happened in the Hungarian woods but Allison knew that she would do anything she needed to for Tobias or Gibbs.

“Don’t worry Emily, I expected no less and I don’t take offense. So how about we start again. Hello Emily, I’m Allison Grayson” replied Allison as she extended her hand to the younger woman.

Emily hesitated for only a second then with a smile as she took the other woman’s hand and the rest of the meal was spent with the two getting to know each other better. By the end of the meal Allison and Emily had finalized arrangements for Tobias to pick Emily up Christmas Morning and met them at Abby’s church for Christmas Morning Mass.

As Allison paid their bill Emily gathered her things and stood looking at the older woman she was beginning to consider her sister. As the waiter left the table Emily asked hesitantly “Allison, can I ask you something?”

“Sure” answered Allison as she looked at the younger woman. There had been something on Emily’s mind the whole meal and Allison had wondered if she was going to show the boldness to ask.

“What is it like to be Ali?” asked Emily quietly then added hesitantly “I mean you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to…I was just wondering?”

“It’s alright Emily; I’m sure a lot of people have wondered how I do it but never had the guts to ask. Tobias explained my family situations to you didn’t he?” asked Allison

“Yes, just after he called you before Thanksgiving.”

“Then you know I never really had a childhood, at age ten I was expected to be the parental figure to my six younger siblings. Taking over their upbringing, education and all the household responsibilities. From that moment until they left the house I now live in for college I lost any resemblance or chance at a childhood.”

“When I’m with Gibbs and Tobias they give me a change to get a little of that childhood back. I’m no way near the helpless little baby that most people think of when they learn about Adult Infantilism, but I’m also not the responsible adult. They make all the major decisions for me but give me a say or ask my opinion in some of the little stuff. I think of them both as the father I never had, but know this. If for any reason either or both of them want out of our relationship they are free to go with no hard feelings.”

As Emily stood and listened to the older woman speak of Gibbs and her dad she knew that Allison felt a special bond with both men and didn’t mind sharing her dad with the older woman. If she was honest with herself, the older she got, she sometimes wished that she could go back to the carefree life of a child and envied the woman for finding not only one person but two who could make that happen for her, because if anyone deserved to have a carefree childhood it was Allison Grayson.

“Then I’m happy for you, and maybe sometime I could come over and spend some time with Ali?”

“I’d like that, maybe after the holidays we can get together for a weekend and you could meet Ali”

“Sound fine” said Emily but was interrupted by the honking of a car as Diana pulled up. “Oh, mom’s here, I’ve got to go. Call you later for the final arrangements about Christmas Morning Mass?” as she headed towards the front of the restaurant.

“Sure, anytime Emily” replied Allison as she waved to the young girl as she entered her mother’s car then they pulled off.

After a few minutes of contemplating the meeting she’d just had with Emily Fornell, Allison retrieved her bag and left the restaurant driving the forty-five minutes home with fond memories flashing through her mind of the times she was Ali with Tobias and Gibbs. When she arrived home both Tobias and Gibbs were in the living room watching television as she entered.

“Hi Daddy, hi Papa” called Ali as she threw herself between them on the couch.

“Hi baby girl, how’d your dinner with Emily go?” asked Gibbs. He knew that Tobias had been worried and spent the night trying to distract him. But now that Allison was home they were both dying to find out what had happen. Both men had a good relationship with Tobias’ daughter and hoped that it wouldn’t become a sore spot with the daughter of their heart.

“Oh it went fine, see no cuts or bruises and very little blood was shed” replied Allison as she held out her hands for both men to see.

“Ali!” exclaimed Tobias as he looked at the women then once he realized she was teasing them, with a look at his partner started tickling Ali until she was screaming for them to stop.

After a few more minutes of intense tickling from both men Allison screamed “Uncle, uncle. I give papa…I give” then lay panting in both their arms as she tried to catch her breath.

“Just remember that next time you try to get smart with us little one” said Tobias as he leaned over Ali and gently kissed her on the forehead.

“Actually it went better than I thought, she’s still a little bit uncertain about meeting Ali but I think we can work through that it just might take a little while and a few meetings before she’s totally comfortable with me like that.”

“Well don’t push it sweetheart, if it happens it’ll happen at your own pace. She’s got a good head on her shoulders I’m sure she’ll come around in the end” said Gibbs as he gently rubbed her back.

“I know Daddy” sighed Allison as she shagged against the two most important men in her life.

“How about we get you ready for bed then we can spend the rest of the night cuddling on the couch?” asked Tobias as he looked down at the woman leaning against him and Jethro. She looked worn out and she was afraid that everything might be catching up with her. Her office had been given several new cases recently and Ali and whole staff had been working extra hard to clear their cases before the holidays.

“Actually Papa, can I just go to bed a little early tonight. I’m really tired and I’ve had a headache since this afternoon” replied Ali as she pushed off both men and looked at them. She knew that her last statement would kick in the over protectiveness in both men and in honestly she could use some pampering right now.

“Are you alright baby girl?” asked Gibbs as his hands went automatically to her forehead while Tobias started checking her cheeks and the back on her neck.

Ali let their hands roam over her for a few minutes then gently pushed them away and sat up looked at both me. “I’m fine guys really, it’s just been a long week a work and after meeting with Emily I’m beat. How about I give you a rain check on the cuddling and we just do the bedtime routine and then bed early. That way you guys have more time to yourselves without having to restrain yourselves until I’m asleep.” said Ali with a little wink at both men.

“Allison Fornell-Gibbs, whatever do you mean” exclaimed Tobias in mock surprise.

“Yeah right papa, how about I give you two a few more minutes alone and wait for one of you upstairs” replied Allison as she gave each of them a playful slap on their leg and then headed upstairs.

As both men sat watching Allison climb the stairs, then had to smile at her boldness. In the short time they had been a couple, she had certainly had gotten to know each man extremely well and knew when they needed sometime alone.

So with a smile on his face Tobias pulled Gibbs off the couch saying. “Come on lover, let’s go take care of our little girl then get back to our previous activities. I think we’ve been given an “Ali free” pass tonight.” then with a little tug pulled Jethro towards the stairs.

Twenty minutes later Ali was showered, diapered and changed into her sleep clothes, waiting for Gibbs to bring her night time bottle. As they waited, Tobias sitting on the side of her bed he said softly. “Ali sweetheart, I wanted to thank you for meeting Emily and wanting her to be a part of our little family”

“Oh course I would papa, she’s your daughter. You’re flesh and blood, and while you and Gibbs consider me your daughter in your hearts I know there is someone who really is. I consider it an honor that you both think of me that way but I don’t want either of you to forget your real daughters.”

Before Tobias could answer Jethro re entered the room coming over to the bed and handing Ali her bottle.

“Thank you Daddy. Night Papa, Daddy. Love you both.” said Ali turning over, and latching onto the nipple closing her eyes as she started drinking the bottle.

Tobias stood looking at the woman in the bed for a few more minutes then quickly raised the bed rails and turning on her sleep music exited the room pulling Jethro with him. As Ali’s door closed behind them Tobias pinned Jethro to the wall just outside of Ali’s room latching onto his lips like it was a life line. After a few more minutes of Tobias trying to devour Jethro’s face he not so gently pushed him back trying to catch his breath.

“Tobias, what’s got into you?” asked Gibbs breathlessly as he stared at the man in front of him. He was looking at him like he was a prime piece of meat and Tobias a hungry tiger.

“You’re objecting?” asked Tobias as he started working his hands under Jethro’s tee-shirt, slowly stroking the other man’s chest.

“Hell no! Just curious as to the sudden change that’s all” replied Gibbs as he started working on Tobias’ shirt.

“Was just reminded what a special thing we have here, and wanted to show you how much you mean to me that’s all.” replied Tobias as he leaned in and started nibbling on Jethro’s neck

“Ahhhhhh… Ali. Then might I suggest we take this somewhere else before we give baby girl a show.” moaned Gibbs as he pushed off the wall then lead Tobias to the master bedroom where throughout the rest of the night they showed each other just how special they thought the other man was.

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