Gibbs/Allison Series: Second Daddy

Chapter 2

Second Daddy

Chapter 2

The next morning while Gibbs went to wake and change Ali Tobias showered and dressed. As Gibbs entered Ali’s room he could hear the shower running in the master bedroom and smiled. Last night with Tobias had been everything he’d hoped for. He really hoped that this relationship lasted because if felt good waking up with Tobias by his side and his little girl next door. As he walked over to Ali’s bed he could see that her sheets were in a tangle again. As he lowered the bed rail he reached over and felt her forehead.

The weather had been unseasonably cold recently and Ali had been have a lot of trouble with her allergies. He’d meant to ask Ducky to check her out but things kept happening and he hadn’t gotten around to asking him yet. He needed to ask Tobias to watch her, since she’d gotten hurt in the car accident she was more susceptible to bronchitis or pneumonia.

As he sat down on the bed, he leaned over and kissed her forehead just as he eyes cracked open. When she noticed who it was she smiled and mumbled around her pacifier.

“Morning Daddy”

As Gibbs gently pulled her pacifier from her mouth his hands lingered a few minutes on her checks. “How do you feel baby girl?”

Ali looked at him and considered lying to him but he always knew when she wasn’t truthful and it’s had been a while since he’d had to punish her.

“A little tired Daddy” answered Ali as she rubbed her face.

“Do you want to see if I can postpone my trip until you’re feeling better?” asked Gibbs.

“No Daddy, No. I’m sure I’ll be fine, beside Tobias is here and he can keep you up to date if I get to feeling worse.”

“How do you know Tobias is here, Ali?” asked Gibbs as he got up and quickly gathered Ali’s supplies to change her.

“Daddy, I’m not stupid. You’re in here with me but the shower is running in the master bedroom. So unless you snuck someone in last night that I don’t know about Tobias spent the night.”

“You’re not upset?” asked Gibbs as he came back over to the bed and sat down.

“Daddy really. All I have to say is what took you two so long!” said Ali as she sat up throwing her arms around his neck.

As Gibbs hugged her back he laughed, then said. “Tobias said you’d probably say that. Now lay back down so I can change you then you can get dressed and eat breakfast.”

“Yes sir!” said Ali with a little salute then gave a little cough as she laid back down.

Gibbs quickly took care of business then helped her up and she headed towards the bathroom to get dressed. As Gibbs exited Ali’s room he met Tobias in the hallway.

“How’s she doing?” asked Tobias as he finished buttoning his shirt.

“She’s a little tired and has a cough. Watch her for me Tobias.”

“I will Jethro, don’t worry.”

“I know you will. Oh and by the way she said to tell you what took you so long?” said Gibbs as he headed towards the stairs.

“Not much gets past that woman does it Jethro” said Tobias as he followed him downstairs.

“Nope, that’s Ali for you so get used to it.” smiled Gibbs.

In the kitchen they both had breakfast started by the time Ali bounced down into the kitchen.

“Morning Tobias” called Ali as she came over and gave him a quick hug then went to get some juice from the refrigerator.

“Oh, morning little one. Sleep well?” said Tobias as he looked at Gibbs and smiled. With the exception of snuggling close to him on the couch that was the first time that Ali had initiated contact between the two of them.

“I’m a little tired and have a slight cough. As I’m sure Daddy told you.” said Ali as she looked over at Gibbs and scrunched her face at him.

“Sorry baby girl, but he needs to know if he’s going to take care of you.” said Gibbs as he came over and kissed her on the forehead.

“Do you want me to call a doctor?” asked Tobias as he turned and looked at Ali.

She did indeed looked a little tired, but they’d played all day outside so he wasn’t sure if it was that or something more serious.

“Oh for crying out loud guys give me a break. I appreciate the pampering but I’m fine really. I’ll let you know if I start to feel worse, Okay?” said Ali as she broke away from Gibbs and stood to face the two men in her life. Over protective Gibbs was bad enough but now she had Tobias to deal with too.

“Getting kind of bossy now isn’t she?” asked Tobias as he looked over at Gibbs then nodded towards Ali.

“Sure is, what do you think we ought to do about it?” asked Gibbs as he looked back at Tobias.

“Well if it was Emily, I’d put her over my knee and spank her.” answered Tobias as he advanced on Ali.

“Tobias you wouldn’t dare. Would you?” asked Ali as she started backing away from him.

“Want to try me little one?” he answered as he continued to advance.

“Daddy?” called Ali as she looked over at Gibbs who hadn’t moved from his spot by the coffee maker.

“You started it baby girl.” said Gibbs with a smile.

“Fine, got to catch me first.” called Ali as she ducked under his arms and ran out of the kitchen.

Ali made a beeline for the living room, knowing full well that Tobias couldn’t catch her before she made it upstairs. But as she rounded the couch she was caught in Gibbs’ strong arms holding her as Tobias advanced.

“No fair Daddy, let me go!” said Ali as she playfully struggled in Gibbs’ arms.

“I’ve told you before baby girl, Daddies don’t have to play fair. Now what do you say to Tobias?” asked Gibbs as he held her a little tighter.

“Sorry Tobias” said Ali softly as she ducked her head.

She looked so cute in Gibbs arms with her chin on her chest that Tobias couldn’t help but smile.

“It’s alright little one, but know this we do it because we care about you.” said Tobias as he reached out and raised her chin.

“You do?” asked Ali a little wearily.

“Of course I do, who else would put up with two old fogies’ like us.” said Tobias with a smile.

“Well I would for one things, second b or not I love you both.” answered Ali as she pulled out of Gibbs’ arms and threw herself against Tobias. “Oh thank you Tobias, thank you.” whispered Ali against his chest.

Tobias stood there for a few seconds, then wrapped his arms around her hugging her back tightly. As Gibbs stood and watched his baby girl bonding with his possible partner his heart suddenly felt complete and he knew now that he had no problem leaving Ali with Tobias. He would take care of her the same way he would take care of his daughter Emily.

“Alight, enough of this mushy stuff. Breakfast is getting cold” called Gibbs as he looked at the two most important people in his life.

As Ali pulled out of Tobias’ arms he gave her a little swat on the bottom. “Hey! What’s that for?” asked Ali as he put her hand over her bottom.

“For getting smart, now remember that little one” said Tobias as he put an arm around her shoulder and started leading her back into the kitchen but stopped when he noticed Ali wasn’t following him. “What is it little one?”

“Tobias, I know I call Gibbs Daddy. But would you mind terribly if I called you papa? I’ll understand if it’s too soon or you…..” stammered Ali but stopped as she was once again engulfed in Tobias’ arms.

“I would be honored little one if you called me papa or anything you want.” said Tobias as he looked over Ali’s head to the man standing behind them. Love shinned in his eyes for both Ali and him and all at once he felt at home. A feeling he hadn’t felt in years.

“So now are you ready to eat some breakfast with us baby girl, then maybe you can come with us as Tobias drops me off at the airport.” said Gibbs as Ali turned around to face him.

“Yes sir! And Daddy?” answered Ali as he looked at Gibbs.

“Yes baby girl?” asked Gibbs.

“I love you!” then threw herself into Gibbs arms, then almost ran back into the kitchen to eat breakfast.

As they both stood there watching her leave, they had to smile at the way she changed between Allison to Ali. Allison was strong and confident and even a little bossy at times, but Ali was still the sweet insecure little girl that just wanted to be loved and cared for.

As they headed to the kitchen Gibbs put his hand on Tobias and stopped him.

“Thank you Tobias. For accepting Ali the way she is.”

“Well you kind of said you two were a packaged deal, and after last night…..” said Tobias with a wink.

“Yes but you didn’t have to let her call you papa, that was special thank you.”

“As I said before she’s a very special lady. And it’s kind of nice to have a grown up little girl to take care. At least with her I won’t have to fork over the money for a car or college.” said Tobias as they made their way towards the kitchen.

“Oh believe me I’ve thought of that too” said Gibbs with a smile.

“Daddy! Papa! Come on, breakfast is getting cold!” yelled Ali from the kitchen.

“Coming, baby girl….Coming, little one” called Gibbs and Tobias at the same time then smiled as they entered the kitchen to find Ali sitting at the center island eating her breakfast.

As they sat down on either side of her they smiled once again then dug into their own breakfast which Ali had waiting for them. After he’s finished eating Gibbs went upstairs to dress while Ali and Tobias cleaned up the kitchen. In twenty minutes or so the kitchen was clean and Ali and Tobias were waiting for Gibbs in the living room when he came downstairs. After loading Gibbs’ suitcase in the car they drove to the airport and stayed with Gibbs through security until he boarded the plane. As his plane was being called for boarding Ali threw her arms around Gibbs’ neck on more time saying.

“I love you Daddy, please be careful”

“I will baby girl, and I’ll call every night to check on you too. Now you listen to Tobias and do what he tells you okay?” said Gibbs as he put his hands on Ali’s face.

“I will Daddy, I promise.” said Ali as she threw her arms around his neck one more time.

“Tobias take care of our little girl Okay?” asked Gibbs as he looked over Ali at the man standing behind her. He knew that she would be alright, but he still hated leaving her. At least this time she wasn’t alone and had someone who loved her taking care of her.

“I will Jethro, you be careful yourself” answered Tobias.

“I’ve got to go now baby girl, but I’ll see you in two weeks okay?” said Gibbs as he took a step back from Ali.

“Okay Daddy, love you.” Whispered Ali in a pout then went into Tobias’ arms as Gibbs grabbed his bags and boarded the plane.

As they watched Gibbs board the plane Tobias put his arm around Ali’s shoulders then looked down at her. She was rubbing her face against his jacket trying her best not to cry. It warmed his heart that she trusted him enough to comfort her when her Daddy was gone.

“Come on little one, how about we get you to work? Or would you rather play hooky today since you don’t feel that good?” asked Tobias as he lead her out of airport.

“I want to go to work, but Papa….” said Ali then stopped.

“Yes little one?” asked Tobias as they stopped and he looked down at her.

“Can you come eat lunch with me at my office today?” asked Ali shyly. This would be the first time that he’d have been to her office in anything other than a FBI case related role. He’d known that Gibbs and the other members of his team sometimes ate lunch with Ali at her office but this was a first for him.

“I’d love to little one, but how will we explain my presence?” asked Tobias as they started walking again.

“Oh no one will noticed if one more strange man come and eats with me. They see Tony, Tim, Jimmy, Ducky and Gibbs all the time.” said Allison as they got to Tobias’ car and started to get in.

“Well I’m not sure about Ducky and Gibbs but DiNutzo sure qualifies as strange.” said Tobias with a laugh as he got into the car.

After that Tobias drove to Allison’s office building promising to bring her lunch and then pick her up that afternoon. As promised Tobias returned around eleven-thirty bringing a lunch for Ali and himself. They ate in her office and although several people stopped by trying to get a glimpse of the new man in Allison’s life no one disturbed them.

At five o’ clock Tobias returned and took her home, letting Allison change into “Ali mode” as he put away what was left of Ali’s lunch and his gun. He and Gibbs had talked about the fact that neither of them wanted a gun around her when she was in “Ali mode”. Although Gibbs had taught her gun safety and even went so far as to teach her how to shoot, they still didn’t like to think of their “baby girl” or “little one” being around guns. So Gibbs had shown him where he kept his gun locked up, as he came out of the master bedroom Tobias met Ali coming out of her room and smile. She still looked tired and he really hoped that is was a quiet night tonight. Wondering if he should maybe all Gibbs’ team and ask them not to come. But the decision was taken out of his hands at the doorbell rang. As they both headed downstairs they say Ziva standing on the porch in the security monitor that was just inside the door.

“Why don’t you let her in little one and I’ll go get us something to drink. What would you like?” said Tobias as he headed towards the kitchen.

“Gator Aid please Papa” said Ali as she opened the door for Ziva.

At her answer Tobias stopped, turning to look at Ali as she and Ziva headed into the living room. In all the time that he had been at the house Ali only asked for Gator Aid either at night in her bottle or when she didn’t feel good. He hoped that it was she was just still tired from yesterday but he had a feeling there was more to it than that. He’d have to speak to Ziva tonight and watch her closely.

As he reentered the living room he handed Ali her glass and then asked. “Ziva can I speak to you for a minute?”

“Sure Tobias. Be right back Ktantonet,” said Ziva as she patted Ali’s leg then stood up. She too had also noticed that Ali seemed a little less bubbly than herself, but wondered if it wasn’t because Gibbs had just left.

As they moved out of the living room, Tobias turned around once more then said softly. “Ziva, Ali had a rough night and still doesn’t feel that great today. Could you find something quiet for her to do tonight so she doesn’t get too worked up?”

“Are you sure she’s alright, maybe you should….” started Ziva but stopped at Tobias’ smiled and small chuckle.

“Oh she’s fine Ziva, and believe me she informed both Jethro and I in no uncertain terms.”

“Now that sounds like my Ktantonet. But yes I think something quiet would be good for tonight. I think maybe her puzzle tonight would be good, yes?” asked Ziva.

“That would be perfect. I can get the living room ready while you two are fixing dinner.” said Tobias.

“Then that is what we will do, and Tobias.” said Ziva.


“Thank you for staying and taking care of Ali for Gibbs, it means a lot to him. To all of us.”

“Nowhere else I’d rather be Ziva.” responded Tobias truthfully. For once he felt at home, and that home included Jethro and Allison.

As they returned to the living room they found Ali curled up on the couch almost asleep with her glass on the edge of the coffee table. As Tobias quickly came around to check on her Ziva moved the glass from the edge. He gently moved the hair from her forehead checking her for a fever.

“I think she must have been more tired than I thought. Why don’t we let her take a short nap her while we fix supper.” suggested Tobias as he took the blanket from the back of the couch and covered her up.

“I can fix dinner Tobias, while you go ahead and set up her “play area” said Ziva, then with one more look at the woman lying on the couch headed towards the kitchen to fix dinner.

Tobias looked down at Ali once more then leaned over and gave her a quick kiss on the forehead whispering. “Sleep tight little one, Papa’s here to take care of you.”

Forty-five minutes later dinner was ready so Tobias reluctantly went to awake Ali. The blanket was wrapped around her legs and she was a little warm to the touch but he knew she needed to eat so he woke her anyway. After a few gently shakes Ali opened her eyes.

“Papa?” asked Ali softly.

“It’s me little one, dinner ready and I think you need a change before you eat.” remarked Tobias. He hadn’t checked her but he could tell by the look of her diaper that she was wet.

“Oh okay” said Ali as she rolled off the couch, landing on her feet but almost immediately started weaving.

“You alright, little one?” asked Tobias as he grabbed hold of her arm.

“Yeah, just a little dizzy papa that all. I’ll be right back.” said Ali as she headed off towards the stairs.

Ziva had entered the living room just as Tobias was waking Ali and saw her stand up then start weaving. With concerned looks on their faces they both watched her climb the stairs and was relieved when a few minutes later she returned. As Tobias led her to the dinner table they eat quietly Ali finishing only a half of her meal before saying she was full. After dinner Tobias and Ziva retrieved Ali’s puzzle board while Ali laid down on the comforter before the fire.

The rest of the night passed quietly with Ziva and Ali working on the puzzle and Tobias fanning watching a ball game but really paying more attention to Ali. At Ali’s bedtime she went upstairs to get ready for bed calling down over the baby monitor that Tobias had that she was ready. After fixing Ali a bottle of Gator Aid Tobias climbed the stairs and found Ali already in bed curled under the covers.

As he neared her bed he handed her the bottle then leaned down and brushed the hair from her forehead then gave her a quick kiss. She felt a little warm but not overly so so he hoped that she would be able to make it through the night. With one last smile he raised her bed rail then went to the door turning on her sleep music as he left.

“Night little one, sweet dreams” called Tobias as he turned off the light.

“Night papa, love you” slurred Ali, already falling asleep.

As he closed her door he headed back downstairs to find Ziva putting back the last of the living room in order.

“Oh thank you Ziva, you didn’t have to do that”

“My pleasure Tobias, how is she?” asked Ziva

“A little warm but not too bad, I think she’ll be alright for the rest of the night.”

“Then I will take my leave, goodnight Tobias”

“Night Ziva, and thank you.”

“You’re welcome” answered Ziva then grabbed her coat and left.

After locking up the house and turning on the security system Tobias headed upstairs and once again before headed to bed checked on Ali. This time she was sleeping peacefully so as quietly as he could he closed her door then headed to the master bedroom to get some sleep.

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