Gibbs/Allison Series: Second Daddy

Chapter 6

Second Daddy

Chapter 6

It took Ali another three weeks but slowly she regained her health and went back to work. Unfortunately in that time the people who she and the FBI had been investigating discovered the investigation. So while Ali and Tobias went back to work the people they were investigating discovered who was in charge of the investigation. It turned out to be fairly easy for them since Tobias or Gibbs was still taking Allison into work and picking her up every day.

They watched them for several days and finally worked out the schedule of when Fornell and Allison were together. It turned out to be two weeks later when they finally made their move. The morning it was to take place they staked out Allison’s parking garage at her office. Tobias had dropped Allison off at work at her usually time but then just a few hours later, returned and went into Allison’s office. They called their associates and was told to grab them now. So as soon as Tobias and Allison exited the elevator they were grabbed and thrown into the back of their van.

Twenty minutes later both were transferred to an airplane and it took off. As they passed over the pacific office whatever they had given Allison and Tobias wore off. Tobias was the first to awaken noticing that his hands and feet were tied. Tobias managed to work free his hands and crawled over to where Allison was laying. She hadn’t moved since he’d woken up but could tell that her breathing was shallow but normal. As he gently started untied her hands she began to stir.

“Papa?” asked Ali in a very weak sleepy voice.

“I’m right here little one” answered Tobias as he checked her pulse. It was weak but steady.

“What happened?”

“I’m not sure little one but I think we’ve been kidnapped for some reason” answered Tobias as he pulled her into his arms.

A few minutes later the plane lurched and all hell broke loose as they started losing altitude and plummeted towards earth. Tobias used his body to cover Allison as parts of the plane started to break away and when they came to an abrupt halt she was ripped from his arms and thrown across the plane. The last thing Tobias saw before his world went black was Ali’s body sliding down the other side of the plane and landing in a crumpled heap across from him.


While Tobias and Allison were lying in the mangled heap of what was left of their plane the FBI, NCIS and Allison’s office were blissfully unaware until almost at the same time Director Vance and the head of the FBI received an anonymous e-mail informing them of the kidnapping of FBI Agent Tobias Fornell and Special Cyphers & Decryptions Agent Allison Grayson.

The news spread quickly and both agencies erupted into action first informing the Secretary of the Navy then starting a joint investigation into who had Agent Fornell and Allison and why. When it was discovered that Allison and Tobias were taken from Allison’s office Gibbs sent Tony, Tim and Ziva to her office along with several FBI agents. Unfortunately not much was discovered so they had Tim and Abby go over the e-mail trying to discover who sent it and from where.

MTAC was set up as central control and soon was crawling with people working feverishly trying to find out any information about where Tobias and Allison might be. It was several hours later but they finally got some information from the FAA about a plane crash in the woods of central Hungary. Director Vance quickly requested the Hungarian Governments assistant and was informed that they would have their full cooperation.

As they starting trying to triangulate the coordinates of the plane crash and start a search and rescue mission Director Vance noticed that Gibbs and all of his team where constantly in MTAC and were huddled together working feverishly.

“Why don’t you take a break Gibbs? Go home, take a walk somewhere, go get some fresh air and a coffee.” said Vance. Gibbs had been in MTAC for the last ten hours and he’d only seen him drink two cups of coffee.

“No thanks Leon, I’d rather stay until we have some news. But you guys are welcome to go.” answered Gibbs as he looked at the rest of his team. They’d all been in MTAC as long as he had and they looked exhausted.

“No thanks Boss, I’m good” answered Tony quickly.

“I’m fine Boss” said Tim then went back to the computer screen he was working on.

“Gibbs, Ali and Tobias mean as much to us as they do to you, so were staying. Well maybe not Tobias but you know what I mean.” said Ziva with a smile and a slight blush.

“I do Ziva and thank you” said Gibbs as he turned back to what he was working on before Vance had come over.

With a shake of his head Leon Vance walked back over to the rows of chairs and sat down. If his team was staying so was he. Wither they knew it or not Ali meant a lot to him as well.


It was just getting dark when Ali regained consciousness and looked around to find Tobias laying across what was left of the plane from her. She tried to moved but stopped when she felt a sharp pain in her side and looked down to see that a piece of metal was laying on her side slightly cutting into her ribs. She pushed it aside and then carefully moved to Tobias who was laying on his stomach with some debris covering him. Quickly pushing it aside she gently turned him over checking to see if he was hurt. Finding nothing she left his side for a minute to retrieve a water bottle she had seen next to her then returned and after tearing a piece of her shirt off she wet it and cleaned his face. After a few minutes he started moaning and opened his eyes.

“How do you feel papa?” asked Ali as she brushed his hair out of his face.

“Like I’ve been in a plane crash. How about you, are you hurt?” asked Tobias as he noticed the cuts and bruises on her face and hands.

“Only a little papa, mostly bruised up I think. Do you know what happened?” asked Ali as she helped him sit up against the wreckage of the plane.

“Have no idea little one, but if I know your Daddy and the other’s they will be looking for us soon. You stay here and I’ll go check out the rest of the plane, Okay?” said Tobias as he struggled to stand and catch his breath.

“Papa, I can….” started Ali but stopped when she saw the look on his face.

“Ali, I don’t know what I’m going to find and I’d really rather not have to worry about protecting you a well so stay here. I’ll be right back, I promise.” said Tobias then instinctively reached for his gun. It wasn’t in his holster or his belt so it must have fallen out in the crash or they took it when they captured him. “Ali, have you seen my gun?”

“It’s over there papa” answered Ali as she pointed to his gun lying a few feet away from him. Even though Gibbs had taught her gun safety, and even how to use a gun she didn’t like them and avoided even touching them except when necessary.

As Tobias went over and retrieved his gun he smiled then returned and said “I’ll be right back baby, don’t worry” then kissed Ali on the forehead and left to check out the rest of the plane.

He was gone about five minutes then returned carrying two backpacks and several other guns. The pilot and another man had been killed instantly and he’d found one other man in the very front of the plane and took care of him as quietly as possible. But he could tell by the clothes they were wearing and the guns they were carrying that they were part of a bigger organization and they probably needed to get out quickly and find somewhere safer. Someone would send out a search party for them soon and he needed to get Ali away from her as soon as possible.

“Sweetheart, it looks like we are going to have to get moving. Do you think you can make it?” asked Tobias as he looked at her then tossed her one of the backpacks. He had rummaged through them taking out all the dangerous stuff and noticed they were survival packs fairly well equipped.

Ali took the bag that Tobias had thrown her and stood slinging it effortless over her back. “I’m ready Tobias, lead on”

“That’s my girl, let’s get going. I want to get as far away from here as we can while there is still a little light.” said Tobias as he helped Ali exit the plane.

When they got out of the plane they noticed that the sun had almost set and the moon was just raising over the horizon. Luckily it was a full moon so there was plenty of light to see where they were going, but it also meant that they could be seen if anyone was following them.

“Which way Tobias?” asked Ali as she looked around and saw the dense forrest they were in.

“I think we need to get to higher ground and see if we can find any roads or building near by.”

“Well judging by the terrain I'd say we need to go north, so that way.” said Ali as she pointed just a little to the right.

“Well, I didn't know you were into orienteering Ali?” said Tobias as he took her arm and they headed off in the direction she'd indicated.

“I'm not, but believe it or not Rebecca and Elisa were Girl Scouts and since I was their “parent” I went with them on most of their trips. I actually think I learned more than they did” laughed Ali at the memory of her two younger sisters sitting in the meetings and talking mostly about boys.

They hiked for another two hours until it was fully dark and Tobias called a halt to their trek. In that time they had covered about three miles and had seen an abandon building about another three miles away. Ali had wanted to keep going but Tobias had insisted on stopping since the ground was getting rougher and they both had nearly fallen twice.

So reluctantly they had stopped and taken the chance on building a small fire to keep them warm. It hadn't been that cold when they first started but as the sun set the wind was picking up and the temperature was dropping. Ali quickly gathered some twigs and sticks never going to far out of Tobias' sight while he made a sort of lean-to out of their blankets. After the fire was lit they huddled together trying to stay warm until finally Tobias took off his jacket and put it around Ali pulling her closer to his chest.

“I love you papa, and daddy will find us soon” whispered Ali sleepily as she snuggled against his side and closed her eyes finally slipping into a fitful sleep.

Tobias looked down at the woman in his arms and smiled. Ali was back and she was relying on him to take care of her. Well he wouldn't let her down, so with a gently kiss to the side of her head he shifted his weight until she was laying beside him almost on his chest facing the small fire. As he pulled her closer she shivered for a moment then went back to sleep peacefully against his chest. With a little prayer heavenly Tobias closed his eyes and hoped that Jethro would find them soon.


It had been almost twenty-four hours and the only thing they knew was that a private plane, chartered by one of the men Tobias and the FBI were investigating had gone down somewhere in central Hungary. They were trying to triangulate the last known coordinates of the plane but since it was a private plane they didn't keep it contact with the FAA. Their flight plan had said that they were headed towards the Ukraine but had crashed over a forest in Hungary. Once getting a general radius of the planes whereabouts Director Vance had asked the Hungarian Government to send out a search and rescue team to try and find the plane. They were coordinating with them via satellite and had infrared scope searching the woods. The problem was that the forest was so dense that it was hard to see really clearly.

The problem was that if they had found the general location of where the plane crashed then so had the people who had kidnapped Tobias and Allison and there was increased chatter that they were sending some people to find them. As dawn broke on a new day Gibbs, Director Vance and the whole team were still in MTAC only leave to go to the bathroom. Ducky or Palmer supplied them with food and coffee, while Abby worked feverishly in her lab to help.


As dawn broke for Gibbs and his team the night got colder for Tobias and Ali finally forcing Tobias to leave their small shelter and fetch more wood twice. Each time Ali had woken and whimpered until he returned cuddling her in his arms once more. Just at sunrise Ali started wiggling and moaning in his arms and he noticed that she was wet. With a reluctant sigh he left Ali quickly grabbing her bag before returning to quickly change her before she got cold. Just as he was pulling up her pants Ali opened her eyes and smiled.

“Good morning little one, how are you feeling?” asked Tobias as he went over to the fire adding more wood.

“Sore, I think I'm getting to old for this primitive camping stuff” replied Ali as she sat up and stretched. Although she had laid against Tobias most of the night the ground was still hard and cold and her back was very sore.

“You and me both little one, but I'm afraid it's all we have now. Are you ready to eat and then go. I think we can make that old building we saw before noon today.” said Tobias as he dug into one of the backpacks and pulled out two energy bars and bottles of water for himself and Ali. He was going to have to watch Ali's intake of water because she only had four more pairs of her “day time” diapers left, and if she drank like she usually did that wouldn't last the day and he didn't know how long it would be before they were found. “Ali baby....” started Tobias then stopped when he say her smiling at him.

“I know papa, I've got to watch my liquid intake and be a big girl. Don't worry, I can do it.” replied Allison as she finished her energy bar then took one last sip of water and returned the rest to her backpack.

“Thank you sweetheart. I just don't want to make you uncomfortable”

“I appreciate that Tobias but right now you need Allison more than Ali. So I'll do what I have to help get us out of here, but that doesn't mean that I might not revert to Ali at night”

“I wouldn't have it any other way sweetheart” replied Tobias as he pulled her into his arms.

This would be his first long encounter with Allison outside of work and he hoped he lived up to her. After putting out the fire and cleaning up their small campsite Tobias and Allison headed towards the abandoned building they had seen. It was a hard because the terrain had gotten rough and the weather turned bad becoming cloudy and overcast.

As they covered the last mile Tobias saw that Allison was beginning to tire so he made the decision to stop and rest in the building. After making sure it was secure Tobias lead her in and laid her down in a back stale that still had some hay in it. He'd spread out the blankets and after laying Ali down, he gave her her pacifier then she covered her with his jacket then went to find something to eat. They still had several energy bars but Allison was going to need more substantial food if they were going to get out of here. The terrain was getting worse along with the weather and wasn't sure how much longer they were going to be able to go before they just had to stop and wait to be rescued.

After a comical chase in which Tobias swore he heard Allison laughing, he finally caught a couple of wild chicken which had made their home in the abandon barn. When they were killed, plucked and roasting over the small fire Tobias had build in the middle of the barn Tobias went to check on Allison. She was laying on the blanket watching Tobias as he approached and knelt down beside her.

“How are you feeling little one?” asked Tobias as he gently stroked her face.

“Better papa, and I assume you've never been on a farm before?” asked Allison as she sat up and smiled at him.

“I take it you have?” asked Tobias with skepticism in his voice.

“Not really a working farm but the Admiral sent Rebecca and I to a summer camp once that had chickens, cows and horses. It was part of our chores to help take care of them.” answered Ali with a smile. It was the one good memory she had of her siblings before things got ugly.

“I somehow never saw you as a country or farm girl Ali.” said Tobias with a smile.

“Oh I loved it, with the exception of wringing their neck. As soon as I found out where the chicken we were eating came from I wouldn't eat another bite. Spent the last four days of camp eating only peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.”

“Well I hope you won't have any trouble eating these little one. You need to keep up your strength.” replied Tobias with some concern. If she didn't eat any tonight he didn't know how long it would save.

“No papa, as a matter of fact I'm starving”

“Good, lunch should be ready in a few. Why don't you go outside and find somewhere to take care of you're business while the chicken finishes cooking. But don't go to far” reminded Tobias as he held out his hands and helped Ali to her feet.

Five minutes later Allison returned and came back over to the fire and sat down beside Tobias. He had found a clean piece of cloth and taken one of the chicken's off the fire and placed it on the cloth to cool. After a few minutes he pulled one of the legs off and handed it to Allison. As she dug in Tobias smiled at her enthusiasm then took the other leg for himself. When they had eaten all they could Tobias wrapped the rest of the chicken and the second one in another cloth and repacked it in his backpack. He gave Allison a bottle of water to clean up while he fixed her a bottle then took her back to the stale.

“Take a nap Ali, I'd like to make it a little farther than three miles before we stop again tonight.”

“But papa.....” whined Allison but stopped when she saw the look on Tobias' face.

“Allison Gibbs what did you promise me last night?” asked Tobias as he took her chin in his hand.

“That I would do what I had to to help us get out of here.” replied Allison softly then dropped her chin.

“Then take a nap, you're tired and it would be dangerous for both of us if I ended up carrying you.” said Tobias firmly but with a smile on his face.

“Yes sir” answered Ali shyly then went into the stale and laid down on the blanket.

Almost as soon as Allison's head hit the rolled up blanket that he'd given her as a pillow her eyes closed and she was drifting off to sleep. Tobias smiled as he squatted down and placed the bottle to her lips, then let go as she latched on and took the bottle herself. As he gently covered her with his jacket he stood then went to the stand at the door to watch over Ali while she slept.

It was two hours later when Allison woke up and after a quick trip outside, packed up their things and headed out again. When it got to dark for them to see they stopped again, this time having covered almost six miles, eating a cold supper of chicken then made a small fire and settle down to sleep.

Unknown to either one of the sleeping agents their pursuers had found their last stopping place and were getting closer as Allison and Tobias slept

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