Gibbs/Allison Series: Second Daddy

Chapter 8

Second Daddy

Chapter 8

The next day Gibbs let Tobias and Allison sleep late, making arrangements to get the beach house ready for their next arrival. He called Rachael and Todd Peters and asked if they could find someone to clean the house and get it ready for their arrival later the next day, then started making a list of things that they would need to buy once they got down there. He and Ali had decided after their last visit that it might be easier if they went ahead and re bought most of her baby things for the beach house keeping her personal stuff (ex. bottles, nipples, pacifiers and such) in a plastic box when they weren't there. So as he got online and ordered her bed rails and baby monitor he also made arrangements to have a security system installed at the beach house.

Just after nine-thirty he went to check on Ali finding her still asleep, but met up with Tobias as he was coming out of their bedroom.

“You didn't have to let us sleep so late Jethro” said Tobias as he stretched then went into Gibbs' arms. He looked so cute with his rumbled hair, crumpled tee-shirt and his sleep pants hanging low on his hips.

“You needed the extra sleep Tobias. How are you feeling?” asked Gibbs as he wrapped his arms around the man and started leading him downstairs. In the kitchen he poured Tobias a cup of coffee and put it on the island in front of him as he sat down.

“Much better, shoulders still a little sore but not bad” replied Tobias as he took a sip of his coffee and sighed.

“Do you want a pain killer?” asked Gibbs as he headed toward the cabinet where they held the medicine.

“Nay, I'm good.” answered Tobias then at the look Gibbs gave him added “But I could use some Tylenol"

“I thought as much here” said Gibbs with a laugh as he handed him two pills.

“So how's Ali doing?” asked Tobias as he looked at the other man. He knew Jethro and she had to be ok or he would have Ducky here checking her out or taken her right back to the hospital.

“She's fine Tobias, I just think she's just exhausted. I've been making plans for us to go to the beach house later tomorrow”

“You think she'll be alright traveling, it's a long trip” reminded Tobias

“She'll be fine Tobias, she sleeps most of the trip anyway. So how about you? Think you're up for two weeks of beach house pampering?” asked Gibbs as he came back over and wrapped his arms around Tobias' shoulder.

“Sounds really nice. I'm looking forward to spending time with you and our little girl” responded Tobias as he turned in Jethro's arms, leaning in and capturing Jethro's lips with his own.

As Tobias' and Jethro's lips met they heard a mumbled very sleepy “papa, daddy” from the monitor sitting on the kitchen counter.

At Tobias' sigh Jethro released him and gently kissed him on the head. “Stay here and finish your coffee Tobias, I've got Ali this time”

“Thanks Jethro” said Tobias as he turned around and reclaimed his discarded coffee cup.

Gibbs quickly climbed the stairs entering Ali's room to find her struggling to sit up.

“It's alright baby girl, Daddy's here.” said Gibbs as he lowered the bed rail then laid her back down then sat down, sitting on the side of her bed.

“Where's papa, is he alright?” asked Ali again as once again tried to sit up.

“Hold on baby girl, let's get you changed then you can go see papa” said Gibbs as he once again laid her down then quickly got her supplies and changed her diaper.

After he returned from the bathroom Gibbs helped Ali stand then together they walked slowly downstairs and into the kitchen. As soon as Ali saw Tobias she moved away from Gibbs and ran into Tobias' arms. She was almost to him but stopped as soon as he turned and she once again saw his shoulder in a sling.

“Are you alright papa? I had a dream that we were in a plane that crashed in a forrest.” said Ali as she slowly came over to him and placed her hands on his face.

“It wasn't a dream little one. We were kidnapped three days ago, then involved in a plane crash in hungarian forrest.” replied Tobias as he put his left hand over her's.

“I remember now. They were chasing us and shot at you, and you feel into a ravine hurting your shoulder. Then I.....then I shot someone” said Ali as she crumbed against Tobias' chest crying heart wrenching sobs.

“It's alright baby girl, you did what you had to do to protect your papa.” said Gibbs as he wrapped his arms around both Ali and Tobias holding both the two most precious people in his life.

A few minutes later Ali stood up, wiping her eyes with the bottom of her tee-shirt. At this small action both Tobias and Gibbs smiled. At times like this Ali just wormed her way deeper into both their hearts, making her the second most precious thing to both men.

“I won't be charged with murder?” asked Ali in a small voice.

“No baby girl. Director Vance took care of everything.” said Gibbs

“Daddy, can we go somewhere? The beach house maybe, I know it's a little early but....” said Ali as she laid her head on Gibbs' chest.

“Already taken care of little one.” said Tobias as he stood and came over to rub Ali's back. “Jethro's made plans for us to head down tomorrow.”

“Thank you Daddy” whispered Ali as she closed her eyes.

“You're welcome baby girl. Now what do you want for breakfast?” asked Gibbs as he looked down at the woman in her arms. At her small nod no Gibbs said firmly “Allison”

“How about I fix you some warm cereal. How does that sound little one?” asked Tobias as he gently moved her face away from Gibbs' chest so they could see her.

At her nod yes Tobias gently leaned down and kissed her on the forehead then looked up at Gibbs. “Why don't you take her into the living room while I fix her breakfast. She can eat in there then we'll figure out the rest of the day later.” said Tobias then started fixing Ali's breakfast.

As Gibbs watched Tobias work in their kitchen he smiled then silently moved Ali into the living room. After settling Ali on the couch he made a quick trip upstairs retrieving her pacifier and “Puffalump” duck. Returning he gently moved Ali into his arms, placing her pacifier in her mouth and her “Puffalump” in her arms. Ali smiled, snuggling against Gibbs' chest. When Tobias returned ten minutes later he placed the tray on the coffee table then went over to them and placed a hand on her forehead.

“She ok?” asked Tobias as he looked at Gibbs

“She's fine Tobias, just probably a little weak from not eating in a while. Speaking of which, you need to eat too” replied Gibbs as he looked at his lover. It had probably been at least twenty-four hours since either one of them had eaten, and although he looked a little better than Ali he still needed to eat.

“I know, I made an extra bowl for myself. Do you want to take care of Ali while I eat?” said Tobias as he picked up a bowl then sat down beside Gibbs and started eating.

Gibbs smiled as he gently moved Ali out of his arms and reached for the second bowl. Ali stayed up for about thirty seconds then she was once again leaning against his side. “Ali baby, you're going to have to sit up at least a little bit so you can eat.”

“Not hungry daddy” mumbled Ali around her pacifier.

“Allison Desirae Gibbs we talked about this before. You need to eat so sit up or I'll start feeding you” said Gibbs firmly in his don't mess with me voice.

Ali opened her eyes looking over at Gibbs then gently pushed off Gibbs' chest and took her pacifier out of her mouth.

“Good girl, now eat then you can have you're bottle and go back to sleep if you like.” said Gibbs as he took Ali's pacifier from her then handed her the bowl.

Ten minutes later Ali handed her bowl back to Gibbs and curled against his chest as he handed her the bottle. Tobias smiled as he placed his bowl back on the tray then stood up and returned them to the kitchen. The rest of the morning was spend to the couch with Ali sitting between Gibbs and Tobias. Ali cuddling against Gibbs' left side and Tobias leaning against his right.

After a light lunch Gibbs carried Ali upstairs, changed her diaper then putting her down for her nap. While Ali slept Tobias and Gibbs finalized the plans for their trip then spent the time cleaning and packing so they could leave just before lunch the next day.

When Ali woke Tobias went up to change her then helped her downstairs. She was feeling a little better so after a light snack they let Ali lay on her “play” comforter working on a puzzle while Gibbs and Tobias finished up getting the house ready for them to leave. They'd left the baby monitor on the coffee table so they could listen for Ali's call.

By dinner time the house was clean and ready to go and everything was packed and in Tobias's car. Since he had the bigger car they'd planned on taking it, letting Ali lay on the second bench seat while Gibbs and Tobias were in front. After dinner they found a game and spent the night cuddling on the couch until at Ali's bedtime Gibbs carried her upstairs and together Gibbs and Tobias got Ali ready for bed. After showering, changing Ali's diaper and putting her to bed. Gibbs and Tobias spend a few more hours sitting on the couch simply holding each other until Gibbs lead a very sleepy Tobias back upstairs to bed and together they slipped into a peaceful sleep know that their little family was once again together and safe.


The next day dawn clear and fairly warm so after letting Ali sleep until eight-thirty then went in to wake her up. Tobias entered Ali's room, finding her sleeping peacefully. Last night he and Gibbs had to go into Ali's room twice because of bad dreams so he was glad that she'd gotten at least a few hours sleep. He hoped Gibbs was right and she would sleep most of the trip down to Chesapeake Beach. As he stood over her he wondered once again how he'd been so lucky to have both Allison and Jethro in his life. Ali turned on her side, then stretched as she opened her eyes and saw Tobias standing over her.

“Morning little one. Are you feeling better?” asked Tobias as he gently pulled her pacifier out of her mouth.

“Yes papa, I”m still a little tired but I feel better” replied Ali as she extended her arms towards him.

Tobias quickly lowered the bed rail then leaned down and wrapped his arm around her neck. “I'm glad little girl. Are you sure you still want to go to the beach house we could always just stay her and....” said Tobias then stopped as he looked at Ali's face. She had her little girl “please daddy” look on her face and Tobias relented. He really didn't know how Jethro put up with her when she got that look on her face. “Alright, alright little one. We'll go.”

“Thank you papa. You'll love it there I promise” said Ali with a smile as she laid still so Tobias could change her.

Tobias quickly took care of her then Ali scrambled into the bathroom and a few minutes later they were both heading downstairs. As they entered the kitchen Ali bounced over and grabbed Gibbs around the waist.

“Morning baby girl, you ready for breakfast?” asked Gibbs as he placed a plate of food in front of Ali.

Quickly sitting down Ali dug into her food so fast that Tobias came over and took her plate away from her remarking “Slow done little one, I'd hate for you to get car sick later on” At her sly nod Tobias smiled then replaced her plate and Ali ate at a slower pace.

After breakfast was eaten, the kitchen cleaned and everything put away Ali packed a small bag with things for her to do in the car while Tobias and Gibbs got dressed. Twenty minutes later Gibbs was pulling away with Ali happily laying in the backseat watching a movie on her iPad while Tobias was in the front seat with Gibbs. They'd packed a small ice chest with several bottles and snacks for Ali, along with a picnic lunch so they didn't have to find somewhere to stop. After stopping twice to change Ali they made it to Chesapeake Beach in record time.

After the second stop they decided that it would be best if they went ahead and stopped at Walmart and the Peter's General Store first. Picking up there groceries and items before they went to the beach house that way they could let Ali spend the rest of the day in total “Ali mode”. As they pulled into the Walmart parking lot just on the outskirts of the seaside town of Chesapeake Beach Tobias turned in his seat and looked back at Ali. She was asleep again with her sleep music gently playing beside her.

“Are you sure we can't come back and get the stuff later Jethro, she's still asleep” asked Tobias then smiled as he looked again and saw Ali looking back at him.

“No I'm not, papa” mumbled Ali around her pacifier.

“I told you she'd wake up as soon as we stopped Tobias” said Gibbs with a smile as he looked in the rear view mirror at Ali. She was laying on the backseat, her legs spread apart with a clearly wet diaper. “Besides I think someone needs changing again.”

“I'll get her Jethro” said Tobias as he opened the back door, climbing in to change Ali. After a few minutes Tobias back out and Ali emerged dressed in a sleeveless shirt and a pair of shorts.

“Ready to go princess?” asked Gibbs as he grabbed her hand and they headed into the store.

As Ali looked back she stopped short, seeing Tobias not following them went back to the car and took his hand. “Come on papa. No one knows us here, so you don't have to worry about word getting back to anyone in D.C.” then literally pulled him back to where Gibbs was stand then dragged them both into the store.

An hours later Tobias, Gibbs and Ali headed back to their car with a cart full of bags and loaded them quickly then headed into town to get the food. On the drive down Gibbs told Tobias about the Peters and he was a little leery in meeting them. His relationship with Jethro was still new and not known by very many people. Although he felt secure and confident with the people who knew, it was safer in their business to not broadcast personal information.

As if sensing his apprehension Gibbs took his hand off the wheel and placed it over Tobias' which was laying on the arm rest. “Don't worry Tobias. They've accepted Ali so I'm sure they'll have no problem with us.” said Gibbs softly as he gently patted his shoulder.

As soon as Gibbs stopped the car Ali bounced out of the car and running happily into the Peter's General Store calling. “We're here, we're here Mrs. Peters!”

A few minutes later a silver haired couple came out of a small office in the back, throwing their arms around the woman. “Ali. Oh welcome back little one! You look wonderful!”

“Ali baby, don't choke them to death while you're saying hello” remarked Gibbs as he lead Tobias over to the couple and extended his hand to the older man.

“Sorry Daddy. Mr. and Mrs. Peter's this is my second daddy or “papa”, Tobias Fornell.” said Ali as she pulled Tobias away from Gibbs and in front of the couple.

“Well welcome Mr. Fornell” said Mrs. Peters as she released Ali and took Tobias' hand.

“It's Tobias, Mrs. Peters” responded Tobias with a smile.

“Then it's Rachael and Todd, and I hope you're alright?” said Rachael Todd indicating Tobias' shoulder. He was still wearing the sling, but had finally been able to give up the pain killers.

“Just a little accident on a recent trip Ali and I were on but I'm healing quite nicely thank you.” answered Tobias as he released his breath. They seamed to be a very excepting couple and he was glad because he was proud of both Ali and Jethro and really didn't like to hide his relationship with them.

“Well that's good, and you will be happy to know that I was able to find a couple of ladies that agreed to clean the beach house for you whenever you need them to.” replied Rachael Peters as she started pulling Ali towards the small office in the back of the store.

“Thanks Rachael, just give us their name and address and I'll send them a check” replied Gibbs as he watched the older lady lead Ali into the office.

“I'm afraid you've lost her Jethro. She's really missed Ali since she was last here. Your little one is all she's talked about since you both left.” laughed Todd Peters “Let us know when you're done and we'll help you check out again” then he followed his wife back into the office.

“How does she do it Jethro?” asked Tobias as he followed Gibbs to get a cart and then headed off to get the groceries.

“It's her “Ali mode” Tobias. You just can't help but love her, she's just so damn cute when she's Ali”

“That she is Jethro, that she is” smiled Tobias as he followed Gibbs.

They were about halfway through with the groceries when Ali came bouncing out of the back office running up to Gibbs and Tobias as they were selecting the fresh fruits and vegetables.

“Daddy, Papa! Mrs. Peters says there's a fair in town for the next two weeks, can we go please....please!” cried Ali as she slightly bounced on the cart that Tobias was pushing.

“We'll see little one, but remember what the doctor said. You're supposed to be taking it easy for the next two weeks until your ribs heal” reminded Tobias as he put his hand on her arm and stopped her from bouncing.

“Oh I'm sorry Jethro, Tobias. I didn't know she'd been hurt to. Maybe you should wait and go when they come back in the summer little one.” said Rachael Peters as she came over to the trio.

“No please Daddy, Papa! I'll be good and rest until we go I promise. Really I will please....please!” cried Ali as she grabbed onto Gibbs' arm and started to bounce again.

“See what I mean, just to damn irresistible.” said Gibbs with a smile as he looked at his grinning partner. “ Alright Ali, If you promise to take it easy and do everything Tobias and I tell you to. We'll see about going to the fair before we leave”

“Oh thank you Daddy! Thank you papa!” cried Ali as she threw herself at each man wrapping her arms around their necks.

“Ali be careful little one, you don't want to hurt you're papa's shoulder now do you?” said Rachael as she came over and gently pulled Ali off of Tobias. “Now why don't we make a start on this first cart while Jethro and Tobias finish up.” then took the cart from Tobias and started pushing it towards the cashier.

“Now I see what you mean Jethro, just to damn cute to resist. Even for the big tough Leroy Jethro Gibbs.” whispered Tobias with a devious smile on his face.

“Oh I'm not the only one she has wrapped around her little finger Tobias Fornell so just be careful yourself.” replied Gibbs in an equally quiet voice as he leaned in for a quick kiss then left.

“Damn it. I really hate it when your right Jethro” said Tobias as he followed Gibbs quickly finishing up their shopping.

When the groceries were paid for and loaded in the back of Tobias' car they all climbed in and with enthusiastic waves from the Peters headed towards Allison's beach house. It was another forty-five minutes before they pulled into the drive way and by that time Ali had calmed down and was getting sleepy. As they stopped the car Gibbs and Tobias looked back to see that she'd ended up curling up on the back seat with her pacifier in her mouth, clutching her “Puffalump”.

“Do you think we ought to wake her or just let her sleep until we get everything inside.” suggested Tobias. She looked so peaceful asleep that he hated to wake her.

“Let's check her and see if she needs changing then decide what to do.” said Gibbs as he opened the door and crawled in.

As predicted Ali was indeed wet so with Tobias' help Gibbs quickly changed her then left her laying on the back seat as the two of them carried the groceries inside the house. Over thirty minutes later Gibbs and Tobias had all of the groceries, bags and suitcases in the house and Gibbs came out to get Ali as Tobias put their suitcases in the master bedroom.

The house was indeed clean and everything was ready for them so Gibbs was able to just put Ali on the couch while he and Tobias put up the groceries. After everything was put away they started a light dinner, only waking Ali when it was ready. As Gibbs set the table Tobias went in and woke Ali, smiling when she stretched nearly falling off the couch.

“Sorry papa, I guess I was more tired than I thought.You should have woken me up, I would have helped” said Ali as she looked around noticing that everything was already put away.

“As you said little one, you were more tired than you though and you needed you're rest. Besides remember what we said about the fair” reminded Tobias gently.

“Yes papa” said Ali softly

“Dinners ready Tobias, Is Ali awake?” called Gibbs from the dining room.

“I'm coming Daddy” called Ali then bounced up off the couch, kissing Tobias on the cheek then heading into the dining room.

“What was that for little one” asked Tobias as he followed Ali

“For just being my papa and loving me” replied Ali as she kissed Gibbs then sat down and started eating.

With smiles on their faces Tobias and Gibbs sat down and started eating. After dinner was finished Ali insisted on clean up the kitchen since they'd cooked, so while Ali cleaned up Tobias and Gibbs sat on the couch flipping through the channels trying to find something to watch. Finally settling on a repeat of an old baseball game, neither noticed when Ali entered the room and wormed her way between them. When she'd settled down they looked down to see that she'd gotten her pacifier and “Puffalump” duck from the chair and was laying against Tobias with her eyes closed again. As he leaned over and kissed the side of Ali's head, he smiled then leaned a little farther capturing Tobias' lips with his own. The kiss lasted until they heard a small moan from Ali, then with great reluctancy Gibbs broke the kiss and settle Ali more comfortably against his side.

The couch cuddling last two more hours then Gibbs carried Ali to her bedroom and got her ready for bed. When he returned to the living room he found Tobias had already cleaned up the living room and with a smile on his face headed towards the master bedroom.

Tobias was waiting for him on the bed wearing only his boxer shorts and a smile. Slowly Gibbs undressed making a show for Tobias and enjoying watching the man squirm on the bed. When he to was wearing only his boxer shorts he advanced on the bed only to be pulled down and flips so the other man was laying on top of him skin to skin.

“Mighty anxious about something aren't we Tobias?” smiled Gibbs but then was stopped from saying anything else as Tobias' lips descended on him and literally kissed this breath away.

As Tobias broke the kiss he looked down at the man underneath him with lust in his eyes, and felt his love for the man swell along with another part of his anatomy. “Damn straight I am Jethro. You can't kiss me the way you did out there and not expect pay back.”

“Well I guess you're right Tobias, and just so you know. There's nothing straight about either one of us” stated Gibbs but any further reply was cut off as once again Tobias' mouth descended on Gibbs lips and his hands begin to travel down the well known terrain of his body.

After that all coherent thought, and the ability to talk were gone from both man as they danced the dance of love and reacquainted themselves with each other after after the long absence and strain of the last three days.

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