Gibbs/Allison Series: Second Daddy

Chapter 9

Second Daddy

Chapter 9

The next morning Ali woke before Gibbs and Tobias, and after climbing out of bed and changing herself she went to the master bedroom to see if Gibbs and Tobias were still asleep then headed towards the kitchen. She knew she was probably going to get into trouble for getting out of bed and changing herself but she wanted to surprise her daddy and papa so she would just have to face the consequences later. Since she'd been living with Gibbs she'd finally learned how he made his coffee after watching him several times and even gone so far as to fix up some pre-measured bags of his favorite coffee for the trip.

So as she started the coffee maker she got started on making breakfast hoping that the smell of coffee wouldn't wake Gibbs or Tobias. As she put the last plate on the large tray she had to smile at her accomplishment. She'd made them her breakfast burritos know that it was one of Gibbs' favorite breakfasts. Along with bacon, orange juice and coffee she'd made them a prefect breakfast. Carefully carrying the tray back to the master bedroom she balanced it on her knee as she quietly opened the door.

Gibbs and Tobias were both asleep in bed in tangled in each other's arms. Sometime during the night at least one of them had gotten up and cleaned them up redressing both men in their boxers but nothing else. As she neared the bed she could see that Gibbs had his arms securely wrapped around Tobias' shoulder while Tobias' arm was across Gibbs stomach. With a sly smile she carefully placed the tray on the nightstand closest to Gibbs the quickly left the room softly closing the door behind her. She didn't want to get caught in their bedroom so she retreated back to the kitchen to eat her own breakfast before the fireworks began.

It turned out to be longer than Ali expected so she was able to finish her breakfast, clean up the kitchen the retreat to the living room to watch a tape of her favorite cartoons before she heard noises from the master bedroom. Gibbs was the first to stir, the familiar smell of his favorite coffee finally penetrating his sleep fogged mind. Last night had been heavenly, with he and Tobias finally falling asleep in the wee hours of the morning after spending several hours reacquainting themselves with each other's bodies. As his head turned towards the smell of the coffee he had to smile when Tobias gently nuzzled his face against his chest and snuggled a little closer. When his eyes focused on the coffee cups he smiled and gently nudged Tobias awake.

“Tobias, wake up. I think we've had a visitor in our room this morning?” said Gibbs as he carefully moved so he could sit up against the headboard.

“Huh, who?” mumbled Tobias as Jethro's words finally penetrated his brain and he sat up looking quickly around the room.

“I'll give you three guess and the first two don't count. She's a cute little woman in “baby mode” that we are both very fond of” answered Gibbs with a smile as he reached over and picked up the closet coffee cup and took a sip. It was his favorite brand and she'd made it just perfectly.

“Ali. But when did she wake up, we didn't hear anything?” asked Tobias as he stole the cup from Gibbs and took a sip. Gibbs let him with a smile and reached for the second cup on the tray. It was also made just like they liked it black with sugar.

“Well after you rocked my world last night I doubt either one of us would have heard an earthquake if one happened.” smiled Gibbs then blushed slightly as Tobias put his cup back on the tray then took his, capturing his lips in a kiss that was passionate and soon had them both breathing heavily.

“Rocked you're world huh? I kind of like the sound of that” said Tobias as he leaned back against the headboard beside Gibbs.

“Not as much as I liked the feel of it Tobias. But what are we going to do about Ali, she deliberately broke several of our rules?” Then in a very loud voice called. “Allison Desirea Gibbs, come in here now!”

In the living room Ali had been expecting the bellow but when it came she cringed, and went slowly back to the master bedroom. She knew that if she ignored the call it would only make matters worse, and besides she'd wanted to spoil her daddy and papa, so any punishment she was given she would gladly take. They'd look so damn cute cuddled together asleep that she it would be worth a spanking or whatever punishment they gave her. As she knocked on the door, waiting for the “Come in” from Gibbs then entered slowly making her way towards the bed. As Gibbs lifted her tee-shirt he could see that she was wearing a dry diaper, clearly having changed it by herself.

“What are our rules when you're in “Ali mode”? asked Gibbs as he swung his legs of the bed and gently pulling her between them.

“That I'm to wait for you or papa to change my diaper, and I'm to do everything you or papa tell me to do.” replied Ali quietly as she ducked her head.

“Then how come you are up now wearing a clean, dry diaper?” asked Tobias as he moved from his side of the bed to sit besides Gibbs.

“Because I wanted to surprise you both with breakfast in bed and the only way to do that was to get up before you woke up and I didn't want to stay in a wet diaper because if I did I might get a diaper rash and that would make you even madder at me.” said Ali quickly all in one breath then dropped her head once more to look at her hands. She'd been standing between Gibbs legs holding her hands and slightly wringing them the whole time.

“We're not mad at you baby girl, just a little upset that you broke our rules. If you wanted to surprise us with breakfast all you had to do was ask?” said Gibbs as he gently took Ali's hands in one of his then raised her chin. She still held her eyes downcast and was sticking her bottom lip out a little.

“Really daddy?” asked Ali as she finally looked up at both men.

“Honestly sweetheart, beside you don't honestly think I'd turn down a chance to get my hands on you're daddy again do you?” said Tobias as he leaned over and nibbled on Gibbs' neck watching a light blush rise.

“Tobias.” said Gibbs firmly, then cleared his voice before speaking again to Ali. “So what do you think we ought to do about you breaking our rules baby girl?”

“A spanking.” answered Ali quietly. She knew she deserved it, and was even willing to take it but that didn't mean she had to like it. She hated when Gibbs or Tobias had to punish her and had tried really hard to be a good girl.

“And?” asked Tobias. Knowing full well that Ali would just take the punishment and do it again if she got the opportunity. If she lost a privilege along with the spanking she might reconsider before she did it again.

“Time out?” asked Ali. Although that wasn't her favorite second punishment it was better than what she knew Tobias was hinting at. He was thinking of taking away one of her privileges, and since she had so much fun at the beach house, especially playing outside on the beach she was hoping she could talk them out of that.

“Well that's a start but I was thinking more along the lines of you having to stay inside the patio room today.” said Gibbs as he looked at their little girl. Even though what she'd done had been done in love it broke their rules. And if all of them were truly going to be committed to this relationship they had to set ground rules and keep them. Not just following them when it was convenient.

“Yes Daddy” whispered Ali as she leaned into Gibbs' chest. She knew she'd messed up and she had to atone for it

As Gibbs looked down at his baby girl he couldn't have been more proud of her. She was facing up to her wrongs and taking the punishment without fussing. It made him even more prouder to call her his daughter.

“Who do you want to punish you Ali? Me or Tobias?” asked Gibbs as he gently pushed Ali away from his chest and raised her chin so he could look at her.

“Papa, I still owe him a rain check from when we were in the forrest.” said Ali then looked at Tobias and blushed as she remembered her statement to him after she'd found out he'd hit his head.

Gibbs looked over at his partner with a questioning look, then smiled as he saw the slight blush arising from Tobias.

“Uhhh..Ali sort of cussed at me when she saw I'd hit my head when I fell down the ravine. I told her that if my arm hadn't been in a sling at the time I'd have swatted her butt” said Tobias in a slightly embarrassed voice.

“Then I think you owe papa two punishments little one, so I'll let him handle this. Now go wait for us out in the living room while we eat breakfast. After we're finished, papa will come out and take care of you're punishment. Okay?” said Gibbs as he leaned forward and kissed Ali on the forehead then moved back onto the bed.

“Yes sir. Daddy, papa?” said Ali in a quiet voice.

“Yes little one?” answered Tobias as he looked at Ali. She looked so down trodden that it broke his heart to have to punish her but Jethro was right. If they were all going to be committed to this relationship their needed to be ground rules that couldn't be broken. Even in the name of love, with the exception of extreme emergencies.

“I love you!” cried Ali then threw herself into the arms of both men then ran out of the master bedroom.

“Jethro.” said Tobias as he watched Ali leave.

“We can't Tobias, rules are rules and if we are going to make this relationship work we have to follow them even when we don't like it.” said Gibbs with a slight huskiness to his voice. It hurt him just as much as it did Tobias to punish Ali but it had to be done.

“You're right of course. I just feel like a heel doing it, she only wanted to surprise us?” said Tobias with a sigh.

“And she easily could have asked to fix us breakfast while we waited in bed after we got her up. Like you said, neither one of us would have turned down a chance to go back to bed.” answered Gibbs with a mischievous look in his eyes.

“Oh you're right about that, but it still doesn't make me feel any better.” said Tobias as he reached for his coffee cup once more.

“Well don't feel to bad Tobias, she's the one that made the choice knowing full well what the consequences would be. I'm just proud of her for facing up to them without a fuss” said Gibbs as he passed a plate to Tobias and began to eat.

“So am I, I guess she really is committed to being “baby Ali” when she's with us isn't she?”

“Yes she is, and so in turn we have to be just as committed to being her daddy and papa and giving her the happy childhood that the Admiral and her family stole away from her. Unfortunately that will sometimes include punishing her. Luckily she's a smart girl and it won't happen again.” said Gibbs with a smile remembering the very first time he'd had to punish Ali. The same incident had never happened again at least not with him. He knew that Ali had pushed one of the rules with Tobias and he'd had to punish her but to his knowledge it had only happened once.

“Damn it I really hate it when you're right Jethro.” said Tobias as he started eating his own breakfast.

“Yes but you love me any way” answered Gibbs with a smile then leaned over and stole a quick kiss then continued to eat his breakfast.

“Damn straight, or slightly bent in our case” laughed Tobias as he ate.

After that they ate in peace, then Tobias got dressed and went out to the living room finding Ali curled up on couch with her “Puffalump” and pacifier. As Tobias sat down beside her she sat up and scooted over so he could sit beside her.

“I'm sorry papa” whispered Ali in her little girl voice.

“I know you are sweetheart, but you broke the rules and we can't let that go unpunished can we?” asked Tobias as he pulled her into his lap.

“No sir” said Ali softly.

“Then why don't we go to you're room and get you changed then take care of you're punishment.” said Tobias as he gently pushed her off his lap and then led her to her room.

As Tobias gathered her supplies Ali laid down on her bed and waited until he came over to the bed and leaned over her.

“Ali I'm really sorry about having to do this.”

“I know papa, but I'm ready to face my consequences.”

“Good girl” said Tobias as he gently placed a towel over his lap, then gently pulled her over his lap undoing her diaper tapes

In quick rapped concession he gave Ali ten hard swats on her bottom. Five for changing her own diaper and five for cussing at him earlier. When he'd finished she lay over his lap for a few minutes quietly sobbing while Tobias rubbed her back. After she'd calmed down Tobias carefully scooted her off his lap, turning her over and changed her diaper.

A few minutes later Ali rolled off the bed, standing in front of Tobias with her head downcast. Tears still streaming down her cheeks.

“Now are you ready for the rest of you're punishment?”

“Yes papa” answered Ali with a little sniffle.

“Then go stand in a corner for ten minutes” said Tobias solemnly.

As Tobias watched Ali slowly walked towards a corner, Jethro entered the living room and watched as his lover and partner struggled with having to discipline their little girl.

Quietly coming up behind him he wrapped his arms around Tobias' waist pulling him against chest. “Let's go sit on the front porch until her corner time is up.” whispered Gibbs into Tobias' ear then led him out onto the front porch.

After spending Ali's ten minute corner time cuddling, Tobias re-entered the living room to find her standing with her face pressed against the corner still silently crying. As he turned her around she wrapped her arms around his waist rubbing her face against his shirt.

“It's alright little one, it's over now.” whispered Tobias as he gently kissed her head. “What do you want to do now sweetheart? Read a book or work a puzzle on you're play comforter?”

“Can I lay on the comforter but watch a movie on my iPad, papa?” asked Ali

After Gibbs and Ali's first visit to the beach house Gibbs bought an extra queen sized mattress for the patio room, so when Ali had to stay inside she could lay down and play if she wanted to. So as Tobias and Gibbs were moving the mattress from the extra bedroom, Ali retrieved what she needed to spend the rest of the day in the patio room.

After Tobias had finished spreading the comforter, Ali laid down cuddling her “Puffalump” and turned on her iPad. As Gibbs came over to Ali, she rolled on her side and smiled as he handed her a bottle. Tobias placed an extra pillow behind her shoulders then gently rubbed her back as she drank her bottle. Twenty minutes later Ali finished her bottle and Gibbs took her bottle and gently placed her pacifier in her mouth.

“You stay right here baby girl and you're papa and I will be in the living room. We're going to leave the monitor right here encase you need us okay?” said Gibbs as he stood up and placed the monitor on the coffee table near the mattress.

“Love you Daddy, Papa” mumbled Ali around her pacifier as she turned halfway on her stomach and started watching the movie.

“Love you too little one” whispered Tobias as he gently kissed her then together with Gibbs walked into the living room.

The two spent rest of the day cuddling on the couch watching television, at lunch time they called Ali into the dining room for lunch then changed her diaper and let her take her nap on the mattress in the patio room. When she awoke nearly three hours later Gibbs changed her then after a light snack Ali played with one of her Lego sets. The patio room started cooling off after dark so Gibbs and Tobias moved Ali into the living room and she spent the night cuddling between them on the couch. When it was bed time Ali went quietly upstairs with both of them to take a shower, change her diaper then get ready for bed. As Tobias finished changing her diaper and tucking her in Gibbs entered with her night time bottle and handed it to her.

“Night baby girl, and don't forget that we both love you no matter what” said Gibbs as he kissed her on the forehead.

“Night little one. Sweet dreams” said Tobias as he pulled up the bed rails then after turning on her sleep music left the room.

When they were both settled in bed Gibbs' pulled Tobias close to him. “What's wrong Tobias, you seam worried?” asked Gibbs as he gently started stroking his chest.

“I am worried Jethro, about Ali. Are you sure she's going to be alright? She seamed awfully subdued after her punishments were over.” answered Tobias with a sigh. He was worried that Ali thought they didn't love her anymore because they'd had to punish her.

“She'll be fine Tobias. Ali is always quiet like that for a while after she gets punished. She's afraid that we don't love her anymore and will leave.”

“I....You...We...we wouldn't do that to her Jethro. How can she think that!” exclaimed Tobias, then started to get up and go back into Ali's room to reassure her that they weren't going to leave.

“I know that, You know that, and so does Ali Tobias. But all her past relationship have ended when they either found out about her Adult Infantilism or tried to punish her for something they thought she'd done wrong. He hardest thing for Ali to except is when someone is disappointed in her and because she broke one of our rules and we had to punish her she feels she's let us down.” explained Gibbs

“But that's the farthest thing from the truth. I couldn't be more proud of her for acknowledging that she'd done something wrong then taking the consequences without fussing or complaining.” replied Tobias honestly.

“I feel the same way Tobias, but remember Ali has never had an adult figure that excepted her the way she is and loved her unconditionally. While she knows in her heart that we won't leave her, her mind keeps flashing back to all the people who left her because of Ali.”

“So what do we do?” asked Tobias as he settled back down against Gibbs' chest.

“We keep loving her unconditionally and treat her the same way we always have. It may take a few days for her to except it but eventually she will realize that were not going to leave her and then she'll return to being her bubbly old self.”

“I can do that, but when she's like this it makes me feel bad for having to punish her.”

“I know, same here. But we can't give in and break any of our own rules. Ali needs us to be strong and stick to our gun. The biggest thing Ali needs is discipline and someone to take care of her, things she had to do for herself as a young child, then for her younger siblings when they came.”

“Good she's complicated. Have you ever considered just throwing in the towel and leaving?” asked Tobias honestly.

As Gibbs looked at his lover at first he was angry at Tobias for thinking about giving up on Ali, then after some honest soul searching he realize why he had asked what he had. Yes Ali was a challenge, a complex little girl trapped inside an adult woman. But the special moments, when she laughed, when she called him daddy, when he watched her play with the uninhibited freedom and joy of a child made all the complex things worth while. They were both exactly what Ali needed and even if this relationship didn't work out he was going to stay with Ali no matter what. Because she was a Gibbs, and Gibbs' didn't leave anyone behind.

As Gibbs once again started rubbing Tobias' back he answered honestly “Of course I have Tobias, just the same way you considered leaving Diana several times before you two actually broke up. I wouldn't be human if I said other wise but it's the little things that make me stay. Her smile, her laugh, the way she throws her arms around me and calls me daddy. After having that for almost ten years now I don't think I could, or would even want to go back to the way I was before.”

“You know I feel the same way and I haven't know her for near as long.” sighed Tobias.

“I told it, it's that damn “Ali mode”. She's just too damn irresistible.”

“Just like her daddy” said Tobias as he crawled on top of Gibbs, claiming his lips then proceeded to show him just how irresistible he was.

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