Taehung's P.O.V

I ran through the house and up the stairs in tears, trying to find any sign of Jungkook.

But there was nothing.

He really did it. He left me.

He took all of his things and left while I was at work.

I collapsed to the floor, my knees not able to support my weight anymore. I cried. And cried. And cried some more.

I don't even know what happened between us. Last night we were totally fine.

He came home from work. He cooked us dinner because he won't let me into the kitchen anymore. We ate on the couch next to eachother, watching the Masked Singer. Then we went to bed at around 9.

We even had breakfast together this morning.

What happened in the last six hours that I didn't see him?

I would still be at work if it weren't for Ungjae. He told me that Jungkook told him he was leaving everything behind to start a new life in Seoul.

Wasn't Daegu good enough? Wasn't I good enough?

I'm brought out of my thoughts when I hear the door open and close.

Who could that be? I lived alone now.... right?

I hear footsteps coming up the stairs and I scoot myself into a corner, trying to make myself small. I have no idea who is coming.

Then a man steps in my room and looks at me confused.

How is this even possible? I-I thought he.....

"Babe?" Jungkook asks, squatting down infront of me, "What are you doing in the corner? And why are you home so early?"

I can't believe my eyes.

"W-What are.... what is happening? I'm so confused!" I say as I bury my face into my knees.

I don't even know how to explain this. I thought he left. Nothing is in the closet. He took out all of his bathroom supplies. His shoes are gone too.

"Taehyung. What are you confused about? And... why are you crying?" he asks worriedly as he pulls me into his arms.

I can't help it. I fall into his embrace and wrap my hands around his arms. I want to make sure he is acctually there.

"E-Everything is gone!" I cry out.

He brushes the hair out of my face to look into my wet eyes and leans down to give me a small peck on the nose.

"What's gone, love?" he asks in a soothing tone.

I look around the room, "Your stuff!"

He looks up and when he realizes what I am trying to tell him.

"Oh baby, I got new stuff! I got new shoes, new hair supplies.... oh! And I got this really cool face cream I want us to try. I also took my clothes to the wash," he replies with a chuckel.

I look up at him and confusion and happyness. My Jungkookie didn't leave me!

"B-But... why did Ungjae say you were going to Seoul to start over?" I ask helplessly.

His smile brightens and it allows me to see his cute little bunny teeth.

"I told him that I want to go on a trip to Seoul with you and I need new stuff for that. That is why I got all that stuff," he tells me.

I smile up at him and laugh at my stupidity. I f you think about it, there really was no reason for him to have left me. And I guess I took Ungjae's words wrong.

Jungkook helps me up and we walk down stairs to look at all the new stuff he got.

"I decided we will get your new stuff this weekend. I thought you would like to pick it out yourself," Jungkook says as he shows me some new Puma shoes.

I nod gratefully and pull him into a much needed hug.

"I love you, Jungkook," I say into his shoulder.

I feel his arms snake around my slim waist and his head rest on top of mine.

"I love you more," he replies.

"No, I do," I argue.

"No, I am pretty sure I do,"

"No, I am pretty sure that I do,"



I pull back and push our lips together before he can reply.

In my opinion....

I think I love him more.

Okay.... so that was the first story!!! How did you guys like it? It wasn't really that good in my opinion but... whatever!

I purple you!

And if no has said this to you yet, you are all perfect in your own ways.

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