Slytherin Born

Chapter 11

The day after Valentine’s Day had Fred and George pulling Audrey through the Forbidden Forest, much to her chagrin. Crows were croaking not far away and it was giving an ominous feeling to the Slytherin.

“I don’t know why I agreed to the Forbidden Forest. Can’t we go somewhere else, where people can see us if we die?” Audrey was far from the bravery if a Gryffindor and she wished her friends realized that. “I’m sure Percy would gladly bring you both back and kill you again if anything were to happen to me.” They shot glares at her, shutting her up.

“Just because you’re in Slytherin does not mean you need to lose your sense of adventure, you skip classes practically everyday. Even though Percy doesn’t like it.” George snapped as they stopped, in the middle of freaking nowhere.

“Where are we? You know how much I hate not knowing where I am!” Audrey stomped her foot, yanking her arms out of their grasps.

“We wanted to tell you our plan for the joke shop, we also need your help.” Fred scratched the back of his head nervously and Audrey smiled.

“Okay, sit and let’s begin!” She collapsed to the ground and patted two spots in front of her.

“Well, Weasley’s Wizards Wheezes is going to be in Diagon Alley and we’re hoping to have enough money before we get out of seventh year. We already know we’re not going to do a good job on our O.W.L.s, so what’s the point of sticking around for N.E.W.T.s?” Audrey nodded and looked up at the sky.

“How much money do you have now?” The twins looked at each other, making Audrey sigh. “Same amount as last year?” They nodded and Audrey moved in between them, lying down. “Watch the clouds with me. We haven’t done this in forever.” She smiled up at them before they lay down next to her. “What do you see?” Her brows furrowed as she concentrated on the clouds above them.

“I see a unicorn.” Fred spoke and Audrey turned her head to look at him, her eyes widening when indeed there was a unicorn. Standing at the edge of the tree line and staring at the trio. “Audrey, go near it. You’re the girl.” Fred pushed her to her feet and with a quick glare she walked towards it, slowly and with her hand outstretched.

“What if it doesn’t like her? You know how she is with horses.” George whispered and Audrey sneered. Fred snorted.

“Here horse-y thing. Don’t hurt me. I just want to be your friend.” You could practically hear the sarcasm rolling off each and every single one of Audrey’s words. “You just might regret it.” Audrey growled and stopped in front of it, her hand outstretched and sighed when the unicorn pushed its mouth into her palm. “See, I’m great with all kinds of animals.” She looked behind her and smirked at Fred and George who frowned.

“When did that change?” They both got up, hesitantly moving towards her with grins on their faces. The unicorn snorted and backed up, Audrey moved away just as quickly, muttering under her breath the whole way. “Oh yeah, you’re in Care of Magical Creatures.” Fred nodded.

“Totally forgot.” George spoke with sarcasm. “We need to find a way to make money, but with a certain someone’s boyfriend at school we can’t do that.” Audrey turned around, smiling.

“He’s just looking out for the Gryffindor’s well-being. Besides, you can practice on any of the Slytherins, excluding Draco.” The smile and hard glare on her face was kind of creepy since they didn’t go together. “How much money do you need? I could give you guys some.” They both shook their head, refusing her offer.

“Well be trying to get people to test things out when we start figuring out how to make everything. We still need your measurements from the summer.” Fred spoke up and slung an arm over her shoulder. “Can’t create a antidote without those measurements of yours.” He smiled and maneuvered her back towards the castle, George sling his arm around her shoulders as well.

Audrey ducked out from under the twins’ arms the minute the entered the Great Hall and dismissed herself to the kitchens, a huge smile on her face. “Don’t forget to study!” She called before Fred and George disappeared, rolling her eyes she walked quickly to the kitchen, her smile getting bigger.

She tickled the pear for two seconds before rushing through the door, smiling when she saw Dobby. The elf smiled and ran up to her, tray of sandwiches in hand.

“Is Master Percy joining you tonight?” Audrey frowned looking over where they sat.

“He was supposed to have been here by now. Was he here earlier, Dobby?” The elf nodded and frowned. “Why’d he leave?”

“Dobby can not say. Master Percy asked Dobby not to tell you, but he left a note for you.” Dobby extended a finger and Audrey walked over to her chair, picking up the parchment and opening it.


I’m sorry, but Professor McGonagall wanted to see me. It’s about in opening in the Ministry; I have to study for N.E.W.T.s so I can get the opening. I really wanted to stay and talk with you but she wouldn’t hear of it, I had to go. I’m sorry, but you’re birthday’s coming up soon, I’ll plan something special. Again, I’m sorry.


Audrey set the paper down, closing her eyes tightly and collapsing in her seat.

“Miss Audrey, do you want Dobby to get Master Fred and Master George?” Audrey nodded and covered her face with her hands, flinching slightly when Dobby disappeared with a crack. She stayed like that for several minutes, her body shuddering slightly as she fought back tears, angry with herself and Percy.

“Audrey! Audrey, what’s wrong?” Fred and George shouted in unison and rushed towards the Slytherin. She held out the parchment and George took it. “I’m going to kill him.” Audrey lifted her head, shaking it. “Audrey, he deserves to be pu-” Audrey glared, tears still brimming her eyes.

“No, you’re not going to hurt him. I’ll talk to him when I see him, he’s right, my birthday is coming up and I’ll yell at him then. I’m happy for him, it’s just I’d rather he had told me this in person.” She sighed and snatched back the letter; Fred moved forward and hugged Audrey, George joining him.

“We can rough him up just a little though, right?” Fred smiled until Audrey smacked him with the back of her hand in his stomach, his breath gushing out. “Alright then, just a scathing letter.” Audrey shook her head, smiling.
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