Slytherin Born

Chapter 13

Audrey lay belly down in the meadow; she could care less about any possible grass stains on her jeans or shirt. She fiddled with her wand sending fallen leaves dancing into the air a small smile on her face. Percy was going to be late in exactly four minutes, not that she was keeping track.

“I’m sorry, Fred and George were following me and talking about how I was supposed to give you their presents before I gave you mine.” Audrey turned around, her smile growing as she saw the trio of presents in Percy’s hands. “I almost got caught by Filch too.” Percy sat down next to her, lining the presents up.

“At least you made it. How’s studying been?” Audrey moved into a sitting position and brushed off the bits of grass from her shirt.

“Good. You kept up with studying?” She nodded and reached towards the presents. “Not yet, close your eyes first.” She frowned but closed her eyes anyway. There was a rustle of fabric and she raised her eyebrows.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Percy chuckled and his face covered her eyes.

“Not what you think I’m doing.” Audrey shook his hand off and sighed. “Almost done, just a few more. Okay, on three you need to open your eyes.”

“Don’t count backwards from three, I hate it when people do that.” Percy sighed and kneeled down in front of Audrey, rolling his eyes.

“One, two, three.” She opened her eyes and gasped. Spread out before them was a picnic, with a red and white checkered blanket, a basket, plates, silverware, cups and food. The boxes that Percy had brought with him were opened and lying in the middle of the sheet.

“Those weren’t my presents? Where are my presents?” Percy chuckled again and motioned her to sit across from him.

“You get one each meal. Fred’s at breakfast, George’s at lunch and mine at dinner.” Percy pulled out three boxes similar to the ones from before and sat them down next to him. “So don’t get any ideas, they won’t open until they’re supposed to. So start your decision on what you want for breakfast. After you finish you get Fred’s present.” Audrey sighed again; looking at what Percy had set out for breakfast.

“You brought bacon, correct?” Percy nodded, uncovering a plate filled to the edge with bacon. Audrey reached for it, grabbing a handful and placing it on her plate. She put some eggs and waffles on her plate as well, adding syrup to her waffles and pouring herself a glass of juice. “Thank you Percy. I’m sorry I doubted you.” She smiled and leaned forward, kissing him. “Get to eating, I want to see what Fred got me.” Percy snorted and began to fill his plate as Audrey demolished her eggs and waffles.

“Are you going to marry your bacon or eat it?” Audrey looked up from the piece of bacon she had been staring at, smiling. She took a bite and then shoved the rest of it into her mouth. “Nutter.” He smiled and started to eat his own breakfast, much more calmly than the girl sitting across from him.

“Better than a ‘prat’. At least that’s what I hear.” She rolled her eyes and finished off her plate of bacon, smiling. Percy glared slowly eating his breakfast. “Hurry! I want to open my presents.” Audrey whined, looking at the boxes.

“Finish your juice.” Percy smirked as Audrey frowned down at her glass and took it in her hand, swirling it in the cup. Groaning she downed it and looked over at Percy’s plate.

“Do you want me to help with finishing that off?” She smiled and reached her hand out; recoiling with Percy lightly hit her hand with his own. “Hurry up! Presents are waiting Percy. I love you and all but I want my presents, you’re already torturing me with this one present per meal thing so hurry.” She groaned, falling back, her hair spread out around her on the grass.

“Here, stop whining.” He threw the blue box at her and her hand went up, catching it, her green eyes still on the sky. “Nice catch.” He smiled and watched as she began to tear away at the paper.

Her smile widened as she watched the small display of red and green fireworks that appeared when she opened the box. When it was done she reached in and pulled out a wire butterfly. Percy appeared next to her, chuckling.

“He wasn’t lying when he said he was going to have fireworks turn into a butterfly.” Audrey chuckled as she turned it over in her fingers.

“He does this for me every year. He made something shot out and gave me an animal made out of wire. This, by far, is my favorite.” She sat up and leaned towards Percy. “When’s dinner? I can’t wait to see what you got me.” Percy smiled, grabbing her hand.

“You’ll just have to wait.” Audrey swatted him playfully and kissed him
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