Slytherin Born

Chapter 17

“You’ll tell me how Harry’s trial went, right?” Audrey asked as she leaned her head against Percy’s shoulder, looking at the crumbs of the scone she had ordered. “Muggle café’s are so weird. But they’re private.” Percy chuckled and kissed the top of her head.

“I’ll tell you as soon as I know. How’s life at Andromeda’s?” Percy smiled, looking across the café with curious eyes.

“Awkward. Whenever Tonks sees me she just about melts me with her glare, she’s not very fond of me still. Oh, you know how we can’t see one another until the first Hogsmeade trip? I have your birthday present on me. Happy early nineteenth birthday!” Audrey put a green wrapped box onto the table and pushed it towards him, her smile growing.

“It’s not a quill set is it? I still haven’t finished through last Christmas’s.” Percy smirked causing Audrey to elbow him in the side. “It’s a scarf, just like yours!” He pulled out the red and green scarf, his smile huge as he traced the emblems of the two houses.

“Well, technically it’s not. One, I knitted it so it’s not as good as the one George made me. Two, the pattern’s different. And finally, it’s got a spell on it so that I can find you in case anything happens in the future.”

“Is this about the reason you moved into Andromeda’s?” Audrey nodded as she watched Percy wrap the scarf around his neck. She reached into his pocket, grabbed his watch and looked at it.

“I have to get home, write me about Harry’s trial. I’ll see you soon.” Audrey stood, kissed Percy and walked out the door after leaving a tip on the table.

“Aunt Dromeda, I’m home. Do you think sometime before school starts I could go down to Sirius’ place and spend some time with Fred and George? Tonks could watch me and make sure no one finds out I’m there.” Audrey pouted as she dropped her jacket on the living room chair. Her aunt looking up from the cookbook, her dark eyes sparkling as she smiled. “Please?”

“I’ll ask Dora when she gets home and send a letter to Sirius to see if it’s okay. Dinner will be ready in a bit, could you go get Ted from the garden? Dora just got back and he’s talking to her, go on.” Andromeda shooed Audrey towards the back door as she bustled off towards kitchen.

“Uncle Ted? Tonks?” Audrey poked her head out the back door before stepping out and heading towards the two figures a few yards away. “Aunt Dromeda says dinner will be ready in a bit, so come inside.” Tonks turned around, giving a small smile and her bright bubblegum pink hair darkening a shade.

Audrey flipped through Witches Weekly, having already been through the issue twenty times since it had arrived four days ago. Andromeda was trying to talk Tonks into taking her to the next Order meeting and it was taking quite a while for her cousin to agree. A slight knock on the door had Audrey stuffing the magazine under her bed as the door opened to reveal Tonks with a small smile on her face.

“Audrey, we can go when Harry has his hearing. It’ll be the safest time because everyone else will be busy worrying how it’ll end up. Fred and George are excited to talk to you in person. They told me that they have products that you need to evaluate.” Tonks chuckled and walked over to the bed. “What made you become friends with them in the first place?”

“That’s a fun story. It was the weirdest meeting of my life; we were on the train first year on our way to Hogwarts.” Audrey smirked, looking up at the ceiling.

Audrey pushed through the crowd of what might be her future housemates, her green eyes dark as people elbowed her aside.

“Watch it!” She had finally broken through the crowd only to run face first into a boy, causing them both to fall over. “What’s your problem?” Audrey pushed herself up, shaking her blond hair out of her face and looking at the brown-eyed boy.

“That hurt, you should really watch where you’re going.” He got up and turned to look behind him. “Fred who caused the fall?” An identical boy walked over and looked Audrey over.

“She did.” Audrey raised an eyebrow, crossing her arms and looking in between the two boys. “Come on George, let’s go.” They turned away and Audrey followed after them, grabbing George by the shoulder and turning them around.

“Hey, where the bloody hell do you think you’re going? You have no right to talk to me like that, you don’t even know me, and you ran into me.” Audrey pushed him into the side of the train, a glare on her face.

“Get off of me.” George glared right back, Fred looking over the two and rolling his eyes. “Seriously, get off.” George pushed her away only to receive a punch in the gut. “What was that for?”

“You pushed me, boys aren’t supposed to hit girls.” Fred laughed and Audrey turned to look at him, a smirk on her face.

“What’s your name?” Fred smiled in return.

“Audrey Elian. What’s it matter to you Fred?” The twins exchanged a glance, smiling.

“You can tell the difference between us?” Audrey nodded, raising an eyebrow in confusion. “Not even our mum can tell us apart.” Fred held out his hand. “I’m Fred Weasley and this is my twin George, how about you and I be friends Audrey?” Audrey looked at his hand, taking it with a smile.

“I’d love it. I make no promises with George though.” Fred and Audrey looked over at George who was frowning.

“It took a whole week for George and I to become friends. He was hesitant when I was sorted into Slytherin, but I don’t blame him.” Audrey shrugged, falling back on the mattress and smiling over at Tonks. “So we’ll be going when Harry has his trial, how long until the trial?”

“Four days, you’ll get to see Fred and George in four days.” Tonks stood and turned off the light before closing the door, engulfing Audrey in darkness.

Four days later Audrey burst through the doors of Grimmuald place and ran up the stairs, following the instructions Tonks had told her to find Fred and George’s room. Once she found it she threw the door open and launched herself at the two boys in the room, a smile on her face.

“Audrey! What are you doing here? I thought we were waiting to see you until after Harry’s trial.” George chuckled, pushing the blond onto Fred.

“After he left for the trial. That’s when I was coming over. Have you guys gotten into any of the Order meetings?” Both gingers shook their heads, eyes darkening. “I’ll eavesdrop, then we’ll get to me over looking what you’ve made. Okay?” The twins nodded and they exchanged a grin as she called Kreacher into the room, explaining what she wanted him to do.

“Yes Miss Audrey, come with me.” Kreacher grabbed Audrey’s hand and after sending a quick wink at the twins she was gone.

“Are you sure that we can trust having Audrey here? What if she let’s the other’s see her? Everything will be going every which way then.” Audrey looked over at Kreacher, a question on her lips.

“Master Sirius.” Kreacher answered and Audrey leaned closer to the door.

“Please Sirius, she hasn’t let anyone know she’s friends with them in the first place, Audrey isn’t going to get caught. She’s in Slytheirn.” Tonks spoke up and Audrey smiled. “She’s been stuck at my house except for the weekends when she goes out to see her boyfriend.”

“She has a boyfriend? Who is it? Do Fred and George know?” Molly, Audrey cringed and pressed herself closer to the door.

“Miss Audrey, you’re friends are waiting.” Audrey turned around, sighing and took Kreacher’s hand.

“What did you hear?” George asked when she landed in their room.

“You’re mum is probably going to ask you who I’m dating next time she sees you. Now, where are those Skiving snack boxes I was supposed to look at?” Fred turned around and began pulling boxes out from underneath his bed. “They probably knew I was there. Besides, I heard there was a lot of housecleaning done, hope you pair had fun.” Audrey grinned and opened a box, examining it. “What exactly are these supposed to do?” Fred and George moved in closer and began to explain every single one.

“I heard Ron became a Prefect, bet that made you guys happy.” Audrey teased as she sat down next to George. “Draco became a Prefect too, this is going to be a fun year. Considering who are DADA teacher’s going to be.” Fred and George exchanged a glance and looked towards her, mouth’s open to ask a question. “No, I can’t tell you guys. Like last year, it’s Ministry stuff. Percy said I can’t say anything to you guys.” Fred snorted and crossed his arms over his chest. “Don’t give me that, if I had been told by Lucius I would have said something, but he didn’t tell me because I haven’t seen him since I left the house at the beginning of break.”

“Fine.” George sighed and slumped down in his seat.

“You’ll see soon enough. I just hope you don’t do anything stupid, it’s your last year, don’t need to be kicked out before we sit N.E.W.T.s it would be a waste of education.” Audrey glared at them both.

“Now you’re sounding like Percy. And you’ve only been seeing him on the weekends.” Fred made a face and Audrey through a piece of balled up parchment at him.

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