Slytherin Born

Chapter 18

Audrey shot her hand out of the door of an empty potions classroom, pulling her cousin inside, her eyes dark as he straightened.

“Oh, it’s just you. What’s wrong?” Draco stuffed his hands in his pockets and leaned against a desk. Her eyes lightened and a smile graced her features as she pulled Draco into a hug.

“You haven’t talked to me since the sorting. I didn’t even get to congratulate you properly on becoming a Prefect. Here, I got it when I went book shopping, I was going to save it for Christmas but then I got wind of you becoming a Prefect and thought you deserved it.” Audrey smiled and handed him a package.

“It’s not going to explode is it?” Audrey rolled her eyes and undid the ribbon. “I can do it, impatient.” Draco smirked and took the top of the box, pulling out the snake pin. “It’s great, thanks Audrey.” He put it back in the box and pocketed it. “We should be going now, classes are starting soon.”

“Umbridge is supposed to be inspecting Tranfiguration today, don’t do anything stupid. She almost pulled George and I out of Charms yesterday. It was funny watching her mess up when she was arguing with Fred about leaving. In the end she just left the classroom. Just, don’t get caught up with her, you’ll regret it.” Draco waved her off heading towards his first class, leaving Audrey sighing in the middle of a hallway.

“Hey, did you give your ferret cousin his present? We have class, come on, Transfiguration here we come!” George locked arms with Audrey, Fred doing the same on her other side, pulling Audrey out of her trance.

“Anything interesting going on in the Gryfinndor common room?” Audrey brushed off the insult to Draco and looked down at their feet.

“Hermione told us to stop testing on first years and I feel like she’s going to be going a bit crazy this year. Worse than she did third year.” George spoke and Audrey nodded.

“You’ll tell me if Harry does anything right? I promised Tonks and Sirius I’d look out for him as best I could.” Fred nodded, opening the door for class.

“Glad of you three to join us. Take your seats.” McGonagall snapped and with a small smile Audrey walked to her seat.

“I heard Harry got detention with Umbridge again. He really needs to be more careful.” Audrey leaned back on the kitchen counter, frowning at Fred. “Think you could attempt to get something across? I told Draco to keep away from her, but I really don’t think he’s going to listen.” Fred nodded, scribbling down on a piece of paper. “Didn’t Hermione tell you to stop?”

“Shut up Audrey. I’m trying to figure out costs for everything.” Fred glared, brown eyes flashing angrily. Sighing, Audrey sat down and rested her head on the counter.

“Where’s George? He seems like he’d be more entertaining right now, heck even Percy would be nice to have around. I don’t care if he’d have me studying the whole time, you never do schoolwork unless I force you too and now you’re doing work willingly. It’s boring!” Audrey whined, glaring at Fred as he set down his quill.

“My apologies, I didn’t realize I was in the presence of royalty. What would you wish of me Princess?” Fred smirked bowing his head as Audrey rolled her eyes. “I was working through prices to pay our test subjects, we need to somehow get around Hermione finding out about it.” Audrey sat down, nodding slowly, her eyes drifting shut. “If you’re tired, we can leave. I don’t care; sleep is a good thing Audrey. Come on, let’s get you safely to your common room.” Fred pulled Audrey to her feet, practically dragging her out of the kitchens and towards the Slytherin common room.

Audrey was shaken awake and she looked up to see her common room door in front of her. “Fred, you should get back to your common room, it’s almost curfew.” Audrey detached herself from Fred, smiling and pecking him on the cheek before whispering the password. “See you later.” She waved and closed the door quickly behind her, catching the blush disappear from his cheeks just as he quickly turned around.

“Elian! Hey, Elian! Wait up I need to talk to you.” Audrey turned around, a harsh glare making its way on her face as she saw Pansy Parkinson come running at her.

“What do you want Parkinson? I don’t know where Draco is so just leave me alone.” Audrey turned back around only to be pulled back around by the younger girl. “Don’t. Touch. Me. Parkinson.” Audrey yanked her arm out of her grasp, sneering.

“No, an owl arrived for you, Draco told me to give it to you. Touchy little prat aren’t you?” Parkinson spat, handing a letter and leaving with a flip of her hair.

“Gross.” Audrey turned around and began her walk towards her Charms class, opening the letter and pulling it out. “Oh, Percy. You got around to writing. How sweet.” Audrey rolled her eyes and scanned the letter.

Audrey, You’re first Hogsmeade weekend’s coming up and I have the day off. Maybe I could steal you away from Fred, George, the joke shop preparations and your studies for a while? Write back soon with an answer. Love, Percy

“What’s that you got there Audrey?” George attempted to snatch the letter from Audrey’s hand, but she moved it into her pocket. “Come on, what is it?”

“It’s from Percy, you wouldn’t want t read it. Shouldn’t you be heading to Herbology?” George grinned as they continued to walk to the Charms classroom.

“Yes, I should. But I was going to invite you to come to a meeting that Hermione told us about. It’s at the Hogs Head; it’s to teach us actual spells that Umbridge isn’t teaching us; maybe you could sneak away from Percy the Prat for a minute or two?” Audrey rolled her eyes, pushing George away from her.

“Get to class, you’re going to be late.” Audrey smiled, walking into the Charms class.

“So glad you could join us today Miss Black, please sit down.” Audrey smiled sheepishly at Flitwick before walking over to her seat.

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