Slytherin Born

Chapter 19

Audrey settled down on the stool in the kitchen waiting for Fred and George so that they could get going to the meeting. Percy’s owl had awoken her that morning with a reply letter and she was glad that he said it was okay for her to go to the thing with Fred and George so long as she met him at the Three Broomsticks later. She trailed her finger over the parchment, reading over the words again and again as the door to the kitchen opened.

“Audrey, come on. Almost everyone has left and we’re going to be late.” George grabbed the blond by her arm and pulled her out of the kitchens and into the hall. “Did Percy the Prat say it was okay?”

“Yes, Percy said it was fine, I just need to get out of there as soon as I can. I have a hot date.” Audrey sang as George pulled away a disgusted look on his face.

“Don’t talk about our brother like that in front of us Audrey. It’s revolting and I might just have to make it so you never see him again.” Fred grinned as they sat in a carriage.

“Okay, what is this meeting for? You never really did clarify beyond that someone is teaching us spells. Who is it?”

“Hermione didn’t really clarify either, but Harry’s teaching it. It’ll be fun and you can pretend to be a Ravenclaw student, you know Cho Chang she’s going to be there. She agreed to us that she’ll back you up. Your name’s Audrey Featherstone.” Audrey raised an eyebrow, frowning. “It was the only last name we could come up with at two in the morning, okay?”

“Whatever, just so long as I get out of there quick and Cho’s informed any other Ravenclaw’s to treat me as one of them.” Audrey looked out the carriage as they arrived closer to Hogsmeade.

Audrey slid into a chair next to George, Lee Jordan sitting down next to her and sending a wink at her. She shook her head when Fred leaned over to ask if she wanted anything and looked down at the floor. After a while Hermione had begun speaking and Audrey had started to nod off, the girls pauses and nerves making her a bit bored.

“-Never knew that!” Lee’s voice broke through her subconscious and Audrey opened her eyes removing her head from George’s shoulder. Everyone else began speaking, Audrey’s eyes darkening at all the noise.

“And that’s not to mention, all the tasks he had to get through in the Triwizard Tournament last year – getting past dragons and merpeople and acromantulas and things…” Cho’s voice rang in Audrey’s ears as she stretched, scanning the room, her eyes resting several times on the veiled witch. She still wasn’t paying particularly close attention to the voices she didn’t recognize, looking over at Fred she frowned at how slowly this was going.

A smile stretched across Audrey’s face as she heard Fred snarl at Zacharias, she really didn’t like that kid. She looked up at Hermione when she began to rummage in her bag for something, producing a piece of parchment and a quill.

“I-I think everybody should write their name down, just so we know who was here. But I also think, that we all ought to agree not to shout about what we’re doing. So if you sign, you’re agreeing not to tell Umbridge – or anybody else – what we’re up to.” Fred grabbed the parchment and signed his name; quickly putting her’s down before passing it to George. The twins both nodded at her before she slipped out of the crowd and back into the streets, rushing towards the Three Broomsticks. She slipped inside, rising on her toes to look for Percy. A hand wrapped around hers and pulled her into a hug, she relaxed into them and sighed deeply.

“I’ve missed you so much. I hope classes have been doing well.” Audrey rolled her eyes before pulling away. “Come on, I have a table in the back.” Percy smiled and pulled her through the crowd.

“How’s work been? You haven’t run into my uncle to much have you?” They sat down in a booth in a secluded corner.

“Work’s been great. Your uncle’s been around a few times but not enough that I’d say anything about you. I promised not to say anything, remember?” Audrey nodded as a butterbeer was placed in front of her. “What was that meeting about?”

“Secret from people who were not invited. Sorry.” Percy smiled and Audrey grabbed his hand. “You’ve talked to your dad haven’t you? Or anyone aside from Ron? They all miss you Percy, even Fred and George. I can just tell.” Audrey watched as his smile wavered and his brown eyes darkened.

“I can’t Audrey. I sided with the Ministry; I refused to believe that Voldemort is back. It’s to late to take it back, Fred and George; they’ll never forgive me for what I put our mother through.”

“But Percy, if you just go back home I’m sure they’ll for-” Percy cut Audrey off with a quick kiss to the lips. “Percy, stop trying to distract me. I’m trying to make the rela-” Percy kissed her again, fiercer with big pleading eyes.

“Please don’t make me feel any worse about what I’ve done, I’ve already been getting things in the mail from Fred and George. Terrible things, but I deserve them.” Percy rested his forehead on the blonde’s, frowning.

Audrey sighed and gently kissed him before taking a sip of butterbeer. Out of the corner of her eye, Percy checked his watch. “Is it time for you to leave already?” Percy smiled, and squeezed her hand.

“No, but I do believe it’s time for you to leave. Fred’s waiting at the door, glaring over here. I’ll see you on the next Hogsmeade visit, right?” Audrey nodded, kissing Percy once again.

“I’ll see you next visit.” She smiled and maneuvered her way through the crowd towards the still glaring Fred. “Oh simmer down and let’s go. I’m sure George and Lee are impatiently waiting for our joyous return.” Audrey turned Fred around, pushing him out the door and towards the carriages.

“You still have permission to break his heart Audrey, it’s him that’s not allowed to break yours.” Fred frowned, throwing his arm around her shoulders. “There are better people in the world than Percy.”

“I hope you don’t mean yourself Fred. You know how I feel about you.” Audrey frowned in return, looking up at him.

“Fred, Audrey. Hurry now, the carriage is about to leave.” Lee hollered out of the carriage window, George’s face appearing next to his.

“Alright.” Audrey called back before once more speaking to Fred before they were in earshot of Lee and George. “Let it go Fred, Percy can change, he changed into a prat once he can change into the Percy I know is buried somewhere deep inside that snobbish exterior. Remember that if the opportunity or a change of heart ever presents itself.” Audrey shrugged off his arm and yanked open the carriage door, sliding down next to George who smiled at her.

“How was your date?” Audrey snorted, receiving a smile from Lee.

“Great.” Fred glared at her before turning his face towards the window as the carriage set into motion.

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