Slytherin Born

Chapter 2

The next morning Audrey was walking to Herbology with Fred and George. They were complaining about how unfair Percy was being that morning and how lucky Audrey was that she was an only child.

“I have a cousin you guys. I live with him, so it’s not like I’m actually an only child. My cousin acts like he’s older than me, but he’s two years younger and acts like he knows everything. Now, lets hurry and get to class.” Audrey pushed the two boys through the door and caught a glimpse of another red haired boy before she followed after her friends.

“Who’s your cousin?” Fred asked, his brown eyes huge with curiosity.

“Find out yourself.” Audrey retorted and went and sat down next to a fellow Slytherin as Fred and George took their seats at the back of the class.

It had been rather hard to concentrate on the lesson, as Fred and George were sending paper flying at her head, attempting to get her attention. This continued as they walked out of the classroom, frustrated Audrey shot her elbow behind her, hitting Fred in the gut. Turning she kicked George in the shin and crossed her arms, amused at the sight before her.

“You should know better than to do that you prats.” Audrey waited until they caught their breath to turn around, coming nose to nose with another Weasley. “Damn it Percy.” The blond pushed the boy away, her eyes narrowed.

“What are you doing down here Percy?” George came up on Audrey’s right, Fred on her left.

“I need a word with Audrey.” Percy’s brown eyes seemed frustrated. Audrey nodded and motioned for the twins to leave. “Why were you helping a Gryffindor? More than that, why are you friends with my brothers?” Audrey sighed and began walking forward.

“Slytherin’s are only mean when they want to be, more so to Gryffndor’s than any other house. I’m friends with your brothers because they’re bloody hilarious.” Percy stared at the girl quizzically.

“They’re not taking their education seriously. They want to own a joke shop!” Audrey stopped and clenched her hands into fists.

“I told them to do that. They’ll be extremely good at it.” Audrey looked up at Percy, her green eyes sparkling in the weak sunlight, looking more leaf green than the emerald they were last night. “Do you believe in your brothers Percy? Scratch that, do you even believe in your family?”

Percy paused to think this over, causing Audrey to roll her eyes and begin her walk towards the castle again. “Do you believe there’s good in your family Audrey? Considering you’re related to the Malfoy’s and all.” Audrey spun around, her hand going towards her wand without a thought at the repercussions.

“Insult them Percy, I dare you.” Her yew and oak wand was pointed menacingly at the ginger in front of her. “I may find my cousin annoying but my aunt Narcissa is a good woman. She took care of my mum before she was killed!” Her wand sparked a bright blue color, not leaving the tip. “I’m more dangerous than I look.”

“I believe my brothers and sister can do better than most of them are now.” Percy spoke, pushing his glasses up on the bridge of his nose. He’d answered her question. “You have a free period right now, don’t you? Why not take a walk with me?” Audrey lowered her wand a centimeter.

“I’m going to the kitchens. I promised a certain elf I’d go see him during all my free periods since he got let go. You can come if you want.” Audrey put her wand back in her robes and brushed her hair out of her face. Her quick change in emotions surprised Percy, leaving him staring at her in stunned silence. She went from completely menacing one second and harmless the next. Not waiting for an answer Audrey walked straight towards the castle, wanting nothing more than a sandwich at that moment.

“Who are you seeing in the kitchens?” Percy inquired, looking at her through his glasses. Audrey turned her head slightly and smiled.

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