Slytherin Born

Chapter 21

Audrey sat down on a stump laughing as Fred and George bewitched snowballs to hit the windows on Gryffindor Tower when she saw a head of flaming red hair stick out of the window.

“Fred, George. Ron’s yelling.” They both turned towards where she pointed as they listened to Ron’s faint yells.

“I am a prefect and if one more snowball hits this window…” Audrey guffawed as George sent a snowball at his brother’s face to shut him up.

“Great job you guys. Get your prefect brother mad, lucky it wasn’t Hermione, you know that?” They both grinned cheekily, looking at each other before sending snowballs at Audrey, making her shriek as she moved out of the way, digging her wand out of her pocket. “You gits! Two on one is not fair!” She finally dug her wand out and sent a cascade of snow at the twins, laughing.

Audrey bewitched several more snowballs to fly at the twins before she ducked for cover in the school, squealing when one came flying at her and hit her in the face.

“Oh, now look what we did George. Got little Miss Audrey all wet. Should we dry her off?” Audrey swiped the snow on her face and shook her head in terror as they pointed their wands at her, smirking.

“No you don’t!” Audrey flicked her wand and caught their own in her hands, sighing in happiness.

Come December Audrey was more than ready to head home, but with one last DA meeting on the horizon, she was ecstatic. She was walking towards the Room of Requirement between Fred and George, with a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach. The trio walked in and was soon joined by Lee who smiled kindly at her.

“Okay, I thought this evening we should just go over the things we’ve done so far, because it’s the last meeting before the holidays and there’s no point starting anything new right before a three-week break-” Harry was cut off by Zacharias and Audrey sent an annoyed glare his way.

“We’re all really sorry Harry didn’t tell you, then,” Fred spoke up and Audrey snickered as Zacharias sent him a glare.

“C’mon Fred, it’s partner time.” The twins looked at one another before shrugging and George paired up with Lee. “Impedimenta!” Fred froze and Audrey, with a smirk on her face grabbed his hand and stuck a finger in his eye. He unfroze and wobbled, growling when he poked his eye. “Hah!”

“That’s not very nice Audrey, how would you like it if I did that to you?” Audrey glared and was frozen.

She pushed Fred into a wall and laughed when he tried to push her back, ending up bumping into George.

“Haha!” Audrey slung her arm as well as she could on the twins’ shoulders and sighed. “What do you think Harry and Cho are doing?” George pulled a disgusted face and Audrey rolled her eyes.

“Let them have their fun and let us not pry into the inner workings of how happy this could make Harry and end up in a terrible disaster. It will be quite funny when it ends up exactly how I predict it to.” Audrey smiled, detaching herself from her friends and heading towards the dungeons. “I’ll see you boys later.” She waved and skipped down the hallway.

Audrey sat by the fire, finishing up her homework and hiding her letter from Percy so that she’d be able to write it when everyone went to bed. Draco sat next to her, his Transfiguration book open in his lap. Setting down her quill she grabbed Draco’s wrist and glanced at the time. She had a sick feeling in her stomach and it wasn’t because of the time.

“Something wrong Audrey?” Draco took his hand away from his cousin and furrowed his brow. “You don’t look so good, are you sure you’re okay?” Audrey nodded, grabbing her stuff and after ruffling Draco’s hair headed towards her dorm.

“I’ll be fine, just tired. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep, all right? I don’t want Aunt Cissy to be telling me how terrible of a person for not watching you properly.” Draco snickered but nodded, turning back to his homework. “I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Good night.” Draco whispered as Audrey headed up towards the girls dorm.

The next morning Audrey woke feeling worse than ever and she really didn’t want to get up, but when her door opened to reveal Draco with a worried look on his face she groaned.

“I thought you said you were just tired.” Draco sat down next to her, laying his hand on her forehead. “You’re warm, do you want to go to the hospital wing?”

“No, I have to go to the kitchen’s. I’m meeting some friends.” Draco pushed Audrey back down, frowning. “Draco!”

“Fred and George aren’t in school. None of the Weasley’s are, or Potter, the school is devoid of their rotten presence.” Audrey glared and Draco held up his hands. “Sorry.”

“Why aren’t they here?” Draco shrugged and Audrey collapsed back into her pillows.

“Maybe I could ask mother if we could come home early, they got to, why not us? Do you want anything?” Audrey sighed seeing that Draco would not be telling her anything about her friends.

“No, just go ask Aunt Cissy if she could pull some strings.” Draco gave a small worried smile before leaving. A few minutes later an owl swooped into the room and dropped a letter on the bed before resting on her headboard. She ripped it open and sighed; it was from Fred and George.

Sorry we left without telling you anything. A snake attacked dad, we’ll send you’re present to your bedroom at Malfoy Manor. You know where to send ours, have a great break. –Fred and George

She’d sent out Percy’s letter before she’d fallen asleep last night, so she wasn’t sure if she should send another letter to Percy to tell him or not. Maybe she should just wait until she saw him on Saturday; Audrey buried her face in her pillow with a groan. If he would just talk to his family she wouldn’t be confused about what she had to tell him. Stupid Percy.

“Hey, mother’s coming to pick us up in an hour. Do you want me to pack your things or do you want to pack them?” Draco began to pull his wand out of his pocket but Audrey held up her hand.

“I can do it. Don’t worry. Just get my trunk out, then wait outside the door so I can change.” Draco drug the trunk out from under Audrey’s bed and closed the door behind him. Groaning, Audrey pushed herself up and grabbing her wand sent her things flying towards her trunk, making sure her present made it in as well, she changed her clothes. Boy was she excited to get back into bed. Audrey sighed and sent her trunk flying out the door, almost hitting Draco in the face. “Sorry.”

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