Slytherin Born

Chapter 24

“How’s paradise?” George’s voice was a faint whisper as Audrey looked out the window, her hand absently running over Lucy’s puffed out fur. “Audrey, hey, is everything okay?” Audrey looked towards him, not really seeing anything.

“Yah, everything’s great Fred.” The twins looked at each other. They watched as she turned back to look out the window, frowning.

“Audrey, I’m George. What’s wrong? Is it something Percy did?” They found her sitting on a windowsill in the seventh floor when they arrived and wanted to tell her about their break.

“Audrey, c’mon. What happened? We hardly heard from you all break. Say something.” Fred sat next to her, his frown deepening as she continued to pet the kitten. “Audrey Elian-Black you snap out of it right now and tell us what’s wrong so that we can beat our git of a brother.” Audrey turned her head towards them and sighed.

“We got into a fight, that’s it. I was there when he was looking at his presents and he had me return the gift from your mum. Then I got my present which is this cute little kitten named Lucy. I left him on a sour note and I’ve been ignoring all his letters, I brought them with me they’re just unopened. I don’t want to talk to him right now.” George put his arm around her shoulders, Fred following suit. “But you do not have permission to hit him, no violence. Not unless I say so.”

“Do you have those letters so we can at least see what he wants?” Fred held his hand out hopefully and smiled when Audrey reached into her robe pocket and handed him a pile of letters. “Wow.” George grabbed half the stack and began reading, Fred doing the same.

“Percy is so whipped.” Audrey sighed attempting to block their conversation, only to be brought back soon enough by the sound of George. “Um, Audrey? I think you should read this one, it’s the latest.”

“I don’t want to read it George.” The twins exchanged a glance before George cleared his throat, Fred snatching Audrey’s wand from her side.

“ ‘Audrey, as it seems that you refuse to speak to me and I completely understand perhaps we should take a break. Please at least write me back if you disagree, I’ll wait two weeks for your answer and hope for it. I’m so sorry for what I said; I hope you’re well. Sincerely, Percy’ ” Fred slowly put Audrey’s wand at her side, both boys watching her face for the sign to run.

“I don’t know what I want. He just needs to see sense, that’s all. Fred, George what do I do?” They watched as Audrey pulled off the promise ring and laid it in her palm, frowning at it.

“Maybe a break will be good for both of you Audrey. Give you both some breathing room, just don’t give back the ring if that’s what you were thinking. Percy meant for you to have it, even if he did break any promises he made when giving it to you.” George crossed his arms over his chest while Fred curled Audrey’s fingers over the ring and smiled at her.

“Do either of you have a piece of parchment and a quill on you? I want to send one thing to Percy.” She held out her hand patiently the other working at the collar she had gotten for Lucy and slipped the ring on the fabric for now.

“What are you going to write to him?” Fred inquired as he handed the blond what she asked for. He quickly received his answer however as he watched Audrey scrawl the message with choppy letters in the middle of the page.

You broke all your promises Percy, but you are right about one thing, we need a break.

She stood, settling Lucy in the crook of her arm and walked down the hall, the twins following after several long moments.

Percy collapsed onto the couch with a frustrated sigh. It was the final day for Audrey to send him a letter and his nerves were getting to him. An owl swooped in his open window and dropped a letter on his chest before disappearing just as suddenly as it had come. Picking it up Percy held his breath when he saw Audrey’s handwriting; opening it tentatively he pulled the letter out and read the short message. He crumpled the letter and buried his face in the couch cushions. He had screwed up big on Christmas and he honestly wished he could have a do-over.

“I’m such a prat.” The confession was hardly audible but if someone had been in the flat they would have at least gotten the last word out of it.

Draco climbed up the stairs towards the girls dorms and knocked on the door at the end of the hall, opening it when he didn’t get a response to find Audrey fast asleep on her bed, tear streaks coating her cheeks as she clutched a piece of parchment in her hand. Her window was open and her covers were scattered across the floor. Sighing he walked over to her and shook her shoulders gently.

“Audrey, wake up. If you’re going to sleep you need to change out of your clothes, shut the window and curl up under your covers. Wake up.” He gave a small smile as she slowly opened her eyes, sitting up.

“What did you come up here for?” She rubbed her eyes, shuffling her feet as she went to close the window and pick up her blankets.

“You’ve seemed kind of distant the past few days and I wanted to make sure you were okay, also when you were racing up here earlier I noticed you weren’t wearing that ring you usually wear. Did something happen that you’re not telling me about?” Draco turned around as Audrey changed into her pajamas and turned back when she cleared her throat.

“Just some relationship complications, you wouldn’t understand. It’s big kid stuff, don’t worry about it, alright?” Audrey walked around her bed and wrapped Draco into a hug. “I’m fine, if anything bad happens I promise I’ll tell you so that you can hit him. Now how about Saturday we just spend the whole day together, hm? No one else, just us two and we’ll catch up on everything we’ve missed out on.”

“Alright. I’m going to go finish my homework, get some rest you look half dead.” Draco smiled and walked out the door, closing it behind him.

“Night Draco.” Audrey whispered and looking down at the note she had received when she arrived in her dorm.

All right, I promise that I won’t push anything on you. I love you.

Putting it under her pillow she went back to bed and closed her eyes with a sigh.

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