Slytherin Born

Chapter 25

Audrey woke early the next morning and dragged her Charms book out from her trunk, set it in her lap and opened it up to the middle, looking at the picture Percy had gotten her two years ago. She watched again and again as her mum and dad moved around in the picture, lovesick grins on their faces.

“Were Percy and I like that? Were we that happy with each other?” She trailed her nail around the edges of the picture.

“Yah, you were pretty happy when you weren’t having issues with your secret boyfriend. Now you just seem to be going through the motions. Are you sure you made the right decision in breaking it off with him?” Audrey jumped at the sound of her cousin’s voice and looked over at him. “Weasley made you happy didn’t he? Why’d you break things off with him Audrey? Did he not view the world through rose tinted glasses?” Audrey sighed, patting the bed so that Draco could take a spot next to her as Lucy jumped up on her other side, giving a small meow.

“Percy did make me happy Draco but he didn’t seem to appreciate his family the way he should. He ditched them and is refusing to do anything about it. I’m not sure if we’ll ever get back together.” Draco grabbed her hand and squeezed it, giving a strained smile.

“Well, if you ever do get back with him, I’d love to meet him. Make sure he deserves you.” Audrey chuckled, shaking her head. “I’m guessing he gave you the ring you put on Lucy’s collar?” Draco took his cousins silence as a yes and continued. “So, those are your parents?”

“Yeah. They look so happy despite the fact that they were in opposing houses.”

“Like mother, like daughter, right?” Draco smiled and put the picture in his hand. “Why don’t you just get back together with him? I don’t think your mum would want you to go through stuff like this. You made a mistake when you dated Flint during your second year, which was really funny when he tried to get back with you. Maybe Weasley’s your way of making up for all that. Two years, Audrey. You lasted two years with the guy, if you didn’t get … intimate, that’s the longest I’ve ever heard of a Malfoy or a Black being in a relationship with their clothes on.”

Audrey snorted and put the picture back in her Charms book. “All we did was snog Draco, don’t worry.” Draco’s cheeks took on a pink tinge and he scratched the back of his head. “I am after all, half Elian. Let’s head down to breakfast, kid.” Draco nodded and waited patiently for Audrey to change clothes and collect her schoolbag.

Audrey settled in next to Draco and piled her plate with breakfast. The twins caught her eye; she usually never came down to breakfast. They shared a look before looking back over at her; she was smiling as she listened to one of Draco’s friends talk.

“And you didn’t stop him? Blaise, you should know better than to let Draco do stupid things by himself. He told you about the time Granger hit him in his third year didn’t he?” Blaise nodded, smirking. “Did he ever tell you about when he was five?” It was Audrey’s turn to smirk when Blaise shook his head. “Well we were hanging out with Daphne, Astoria, Montague and Adrian, right Draco? So, I was arguing with Montague about I don’t know what, Adrian was pushing Daphne on the swings and the next thing we all know Draco was hanging from a tree by his ankle, Astoria glaring up at him. Daphne was super excited because it was the first magic she’d done and she was only three, but the funniest part was when Draco was trying to get down. He was yelling and causing a huge ruckus with the leaves, Aunt Cissy came out to see what was going on and she started freaking out when she found me climbing the tree to help him down. She got us both down and when she figured out that Astoria had put him up there she asked him what he did. Do you really want to know what he did?” She’d gained the attention of Crabbe, Goyle, Montague, Adrian, Theodore, Pansy and Daphne and watched as they all nodded.

“Yes.” “No!” Blaise and Draco spoke at the same time and Audrey looked over at Daphne and winked as her eyes slid over Pansy.

“He tried to give her a kiss because he thought she was cute.” Audrey winked and Blaise, Montague, Adrian and Theodore started chuckling. “Of course, Astoria doesn’t remember, right Daphne?” Audrey put a piece of bacon in her mouth.

“No, but she knows she doesn’t particularly like Draco for some reason. I’ve asked her if she’d let him ever kiss her and she said that she’d put him in the tallest tree closest before she allowed that to ever happen.” Daphne smiled and everyone started laughing, excluding Pansy, Crabbe, Goyle and Draco.

“Any embarrassing stories about Audrey?” Theodore leaned forward trying to smother his laughter with coughs.

“You mean other than dating Flint? No.” Audrey answered herself and Draco nodded with a frown on his face. “I know how to make sure no one ever sees myself doing embarrassing things, unlike the majority of this group.” Green eyes slid over Montague, Adrian, Theodore and Daphne with a teasing glint. “Besides Draco knows that I’d never forgive him if he told anyone my secrets, we’re to close for that.” Draco smirked and started gathering his stuff.

“We should be getting to -” Draco cut off when the Daily Prophet landed in front of Audrey. He saw his mother’s familiar handwriting written on an envelope and followed Audrey out, a worried look on his face. “What did mother say?”

“Give me a minute.” Audrey shot a look at Draco as she began to read the letter, her face turning a slight shade of green and her steps faltered. “She broke out. Aunt Bella broke out Draco. This is bad, terribly bad.” She handed the letter to Draco and ran a shaky hand through her hair. “You can keep her out of your head, right? I don’t want to have to teach you, it’s not very pleasant.”

“Yah, but Audrey, what are you going to do when you decide to start your floral shop? Aunt Bella didn’t want your mum to do it, why would she let you? What if she finds your picture?” Draco watched with concerned eyes as her face darkens as she growled.

“There’s no way Aunt Bella will stop me from making that floral shop happen, but I think I might have to send the picture to someone I trust for safe keeping.” Audrey sighed when she realized the only person who she could send the picture to and they weren’t exactly on speaking terms. “I’ll see you at lunch, I’m sending the picture out. Keep calm and we’ll talk about it later and don’t acknowledge the paper tomorrow, don’t even pick it up.” Draco nodded and shoved the letter into his pocket.

“Tell Percy to keep it safe and put it in a frame.” Draco grinned when Audrey glared at him before she left.

Percy had decided to take a day off of work, for the first time in his life he was not going to do anything but sit and do nothing. He wanted a day to recuperate after the break up. He flicked the page absentmindedly of his book when a tap started at his window. Glancing over he saw a familiar owl carrying a small bundle; he walked over and grabbed the package sending the owl off without a second thought as he pulled off the letter.

You’ll look after this won’t you? With Aunt Bella and several other Death Eaters on the loose I can’t chance that it could be destroyed. I will be taking this back when it’s safe though, thank you Percy. I’m trusting you with this. –Audrey

He untied the package and smiled down at the picture he’d gotten her two years ago. Setting it on his side table he sat back down and grabbed a nearby frame, taking the picture out and placing the picture of Cassiopeia Black and Liam Elian into it.

“Good to know she trusts me at least.” Percy mumbled, running a hand through his hair before going back to his book.

It seemed to Audrey she should have sent one more picture to Percy, but she couldn’t part with it. It was from last year, a picture of her, Fred and George at the Yule Ball that she had dragged Percy into with a smile on her face. Fred and George were rolling their eyes when Percy tried to walk out of the picture but he was forcefully pulled back in. She chuckled and stuck it in her pocket, that’s something she’d keep for herself and on her person at all times even if she had to shrink it and put it in a locket. She sighed and opened the door to walk into potions, several minutes late, taking a seat next to Adrian and Montague and winking at them when Snape glared at her.

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