Slytherin Born

Chapter 26

Valentine’s Day came by in a blur with Audrey hanging out with Fred and George and dividing her time between the twins, Draco, Montague and Adrian. It was quite exhausting on days she spent with both the twins and Montague and Adrian. Both pairs liked to tease her and treat her like a little sister, even though she was older than all four of them. She happily received a copy of the Quibbler from Luna and hid it as again Umbridge put out yet another Educational Decree. Boy was the power going to her head.

“Audrey, you’re not going anywhere tonight that will get you in trouble, right?” Audrey looked up from her homework towards Draco who was tugging playfully on Lucy’s tale as she batted her paw at his hands. “I don’t want you getting in trouble.”

“If I do, I can disappear real quick Draco. No one will even know I was there. Why?” It was the first DA meeting in a while and she hadn’t had the time to see the twins to give them their birthday presents.

“Umbridge is having the Inquisitorial Squad searching for Potter’s group and I’m pretty sure you’re part of it. I just don’t want you getting in trouble.” Audrey bit her tongue to keep from speaking and instead rolled her eyes.

“Whatever Draco. I’ll be fine, talk to you tomorrow.” She ruffled his hair and took the two boxes she had gotten for the twins.

Audrey watched with excitement as Fred and George opened their presents discretely away from the rest of the practicing group. She conjured her patronus having waited until the twins had at least gotten it twice; she smiled when a snake slithered towards them both.

“That’s still really creepy Audrey.” Fred smiled at her as he looked at his present. “This is great.” She had given them both scrapbooks that covered all seven years at Hogwarts when she heard the door open. She spotted Dobby and stiffened, this could not be good. She noticed how shaky he was and tightened the grip on her wand and sighed when sighed when Harry began to restrain the elf. She looked over at the twins, her eyes wide with fright and started edging towards the door with them behind her.

“I have to get out of here, I promised Draco I wouldn’t get caught.” They nodded and jumped when Harry shouted at them. She got to the door before anyone else and ran towards somewhere, anywhere she knew Umbridge wouldn’t send the Inquisitorial Squad to look for DA members. She slowed to a walk when she passed the Headmasters office when she ran into someone; startled she looked up hoping it wasn’t an Inquisitorial member.

“Percy!” Percy looked down at her, brown eyes wide “What are you doing here?”

“I came with the Minister, what are you doing in the halls? Audrey you’re not part of Harry’s group are you?” Percy groaned as Audrey looked at the ground. “Umbridge should be coming back soon, I was just checking the halls, and you should go. You don’t need to get in trouble, with Bellatrix escaping Azkaban; you don’t need any more trouble. You’re pictures safe too.” Percy gave a tight smile before pushing Audrey towards the Slytherin dorms. “Go!” He hissed before walking into the Headmasters office.

The next morning Audrey was walking down the hall with Montague and Adrian when she saw the first of them. She groaned and stopped to read one.

“This is terrible.” Both boys stopped beside her and frowned. “She’s taking over the whole school and she doesn’t even care if we learn anything. It’s pathetic.” Audrey turned around and rummaged around in her school bag, looking back at Montague and Adrian she gave a small smile. “I have to go do something.” With a wave she headed towards the kitchens where the twins were waiting for her.

“Sorry it took me so long. I had to ditch Montague and Adrian, but here’s my contribution to lunch.” She handed George a bag, looking over at Fred. “You’ll both be careful won’t you? You said you’d quit on the twenty-seventh and I’m holding you to it.”

“We will, we know exactly how we’re going to leave school too. We’ll also be looking for a nice building for your floral shop, when you send us the money for it we’ll start redecorating what little you told us to.” Fred smiled, throwing his arm around Audrey’s shoulder. “Let’s get to class, then we get to enjoy lunch.” Audrey smiled back and linked her arm with George so that they headed towards together.

Come lunch Audrey could not find Montague and she soon found out why when she asked George. They had apparently shoved him into a Vanishing Cabinet; she rolled her eyes at them before winking when she saw Fred pull out a firework. Walking away she grinned when the first explosion went off. She watched as people were running and laughed as she watched the display that the twins were pulling off around her. She was in stitches by the time Umbridge attempted to send a Stunning curse at one and it only exploded further. A hand gripped her arm and she was behind a tapestry Fred and George grinning at her.

“Wonderful, isn’t it?” She nodded and looked over when she saw Harry enter, backing up into the shadows.

“Can’t wait to see how you leave, but I will miss you both.” Audrey whispered in Fred’s ear before walking down the corridor and took the turn that would take her to her next class.

She sat next to her window laughing at all the fireworks flying around the school that night; her face hurting by the time Draco joined her at the window.

“Aren’t the twins great? I provided them with the Catherine Wheels, did a good job with them right?” She turned around to look at him and frowned. “What’s wrong?”

“You’re names on that list and Umbridge is trying to find out who you are. She can’t find an Audrey Featherstone anywhere in this school and now she’s looking at all the Audrey’s in school!”

“I highly doubt she’ll suspect that a Slytherin would be part of Dumbledore’s Army, Draco. Now if she figured out I’m friends with the twins, then we might have a problem.” She rolled her eyes and picked up her potions book.

“Besides I didn’t write the name, Fred did. If need be I’ll leave school with Fred and George and then I won’t get punished. But that’s only if she’s getting close. You’ll tell me if she starts looking in Slytherin for Audrey Featherstone, right?” Draco looked apprehensive but nodded anyway. “That’s good, now it’s time for bed, we still have class. Do you just want to stay here instead of having to go all the way back to your dorm? You look like you’re about to fall asleep right here.” Draco gave a small smile and climbed into the bed. “Last time you’ll be able to do this, you’re getting to old.” Audrey smiled and climbed in next to him, pulling the blankets over her head and turning out the lights. “Good night Draco.” She sighed before closing her eyes and falling asleep.

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