Slytherin Born

Chapter 28

The flat was dark and there seemed to be no sounds coming from Fred or George’s rooms, giving a small sigh Audrey shut her bedroom door behind her and pulled her hood farther over her face as she snuck out. Making her way quickly through the streets Audrey clutched her wand tightly in her hand.

She heaved a huge sigh when she pushed open the back doors of the Leaky Cauldron to find it practically empty despite Tom and a man in the corner. When she looked over towards the corner the man stood and motioned her towards him. Audrey walked quickly towards him and threw her arms around his neck, burying her face in his chest.

“What am I going to do with you Audrey? You’re a mess, Fred and George should be paying better attention to you.” She backed up a step and gave a small smile.

“Take me away and never leave my sight?” Percy cracked a smile and pulled her down into the booth next him. “See the light and fix things with your family would be nice to.” He sighed and squeezed her shoulder as he pulled her closer.

“You know I can’t do that.” She hit him on the thigh halfheartedly.


“I’ll probably do it at the last minute. But I will fix things with my family Audrey. I promise.” Percy kissed the top of her head, rubbing her arm. “Now, do you know what’s going to happen with your family since you left school and from what I can tell, aren’t coming back. Especially with your aunt back.” Audrey sighed and snuggled in closer to Percy’s side.

“I’ll be searching for a place to set up my floral shop, so maybe she’ll be able to see me then, if I don’t get killed first. But, I should be going soon. Fred and George said they’re going to be waking up early to start setting up their shop. It’s going to be great Percy, in this darkness this is what the wizarding world needs.” Percy gave a small smile, happy that Audrey couldn’t see his face or she’d force him back to Fred and George’s flat. “I should get going, I don’t want to walk in and have them waking up to find me walking back inside. I’ll owl you the address of the floral shop when I find it.” Audrey disentangled herself from Percy and stood, moving towards the back door.

“Let me walk you back, it’s the least I can do since you walked here yourself. Come on.” Percy wrapped his arm around Audrey’s shoulders and led her to the door. “How’s Lucy been? Is she settling well so far in Fred and George’s flat?” Audrey glanced up at him, giving a small nod.

“Yeah, she is.” They walked in silence almost the whole way when Audrey pulled her jacket tighter around herself.

“Here.” Percy handed her his jacket and they stopped just a block away from the shop. “Take it Audrey, your jacket’s to thin.” Audrey took the jacket tentatively and shrugged it on, pulling it tight around her. They started walking again Audrey’s hand moving over to grab Percy’s out of habit, neither taking notice.

The pair stopped in front of the soon to be joke shop and Audrey looked up at the windows, eyes widening when a light flickered on. She nudged Percy into the shadows just as the window opened and Fred peered down, half asleep.

“Audrey? What are you doing outside? You should be sleeping.” Audrey gave a faint smile and nodded.

“I just needed some fresh air Fred, I’ll be right up. I’ll even cook breakfast in the morning if you want me to.” Percy looked between her and his brother and gave a small smile.

“Alright, just get upstairs and go back to bed. It’s two in the morning Audrey.” Fred closed the window and the light shut off. Audrey turned back around and sighed.

“I guess I should go up, make sure we have something to use to make breakfast in the morning. I’ll see you once I get my shop Percy. Stay safe and think on how you’re going to make up with your family.” Audrey gave Percy a quick kiss on the cheek and went into the shop, locking it behind her before disappearing into the darkness. Percy’s smile grew and he backed up as a light turned on upstairs and a window opened. “Do you want to search for a shop with me tomorrow or are you going to be busy at work? I need someone to keep my eyes off of the fact that I just left my cousin and the twins won’t help with that. So, what do you say?”

“Why not? Tomorrow’s my last day off, so where should I meet you?” Audrey bit her lip, frowning.

“Knockturn Alley? Just as a meet up place. Right at the meeting point.” Percy nodded and disapparated home, leaving a huge smile on Audrey’s face. Glancing up at the sky Audrey shut her window and joined Lucy on the bed, falling asleep.
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