Slytherin Born

Chapter 29

Audrey set down a stack of pancakes in front of her friends as well as a glass of orange juice, several slices of bacon, eggs and toast. She had already eaten and was dressed in a pair of worn jeans, a tank top and a pair of trainers. Her hair was swept to the side in a loose braid.

“You’re all dressed up, what’s the occasion?” Fred asked around a mouthful of breakfast.

“I was going to go look for a store,” Audrey smiled over her shoulder as she cleaned the bowl she had used. “By myself George.” He closed his mouth and looked over at Fred.

“Okay, when should we expect you to be back?” George questioned as he cleaned off his plate.

“I don’t know. Whenever I’m done I’m sure I’ll come back.” Audrey smiled again, grabbing her jacket and opening the door. “Later.” She gave a quick wave before the door closed behind her.

“She’s up to something.” Fred nodded and gave his plate to George to wash.

Percy stood anxiously at the entrance to Knockturn Alley, eyes flitting everywhere, never staying in one place. A hand touched his shoulder and he jumped about five feet in the air.

“Oh my gosh, did I scare you Percy? I’m sorry.” Audrey said, biting back a smile as Percy glared at her. “Come on, let’s get going. People are starting to stare at you.” She tugged him back into Diagon Alley, looking at every available store they passed.

“What exactly are you looking for Audrey?”

“Somewhere I could connect to the Muggle world. But that means we also have to search for stores in the Muggle world too.” Percy nodded as Audrey pulled him along.

“There’s an open building near my flat that you could use for the Muggle world. And I saw an open building near Eyelop’s that you could use.” Audrey looked up at him.

“Let’s go check them out then!” Percy lurched forward when Audrey pulled his arm as she raced towards her destination.

The pair pulled to a stop outside the door with the ‘For Rent’ sign hanging lopsided in the window. Audrey gave a smile in Percy’s direction before opening the door and stepping inside.

Signing the last paper Audrey’s smile grew. She had her floral shop. Handing the papers to Percy she stood, motioning for Percy to stay seated as she walked over to the bar and ordered several shots of scotch. After getting her order Audrey carried it back to the table and distributed them evenly between her and the ginger.

“Drink up Percy, we’re celebrating.” Percy eyed the alcohol in front of him as Audrey threw a shot back and grabbed one. “Hurry now, I have another set coming over as soon as this ones finished and you’re drinking all of them, I don’t care about your ‘image’ no one here knows you.” Without a second more to contemplate it Percy began drinking.

By the time the pair had finished their third round of shots Audrey was a little tipsy but still well aware of everything around her. She grabbed Percy’s hand, laid down some Muggle money and pulled him outside into a side alley.

“Percy you need to concentrate so that I can get you back to your flat. Come on.” Audrey shook the boy slightly to get him at least semi conscious enough to apparate them to his flat.

“Okay, okay.” Percy groaned, pushing his glasses farther up on the bridge of his nose before wrapping his arms around Audrey. The familiar tug behind her navel, didn’t set well in her stomach and from the look she caught on Percy’s face as the landed on the stoop outside his door it didn’t sit well with him. “Come inside, I’ll get you something to drink.” Audrey glanced at her watch and sighed, following Percy into his flat, he handed her a glass of wine and collapsed onto the couch.

“Is your plan to get me drunk Percy? Because I don’t think a glass is going to cover it.” Audrey rolled her eyes before she took a large sip from the glass.

“You’re funny Audrey, real funny.” Percy shook his head, taking off his glasses as he pinched to bridge of his nose.

Honestly, Audrey did have more than one glass of wine and that’s exactly how she found herself in Percy’s bed the next morning with a pounding headache. Groaning Audrey sat up, clutching the bed sheets to her chest as she looked around the room for her clothes, last night had not gone how she’d planned but as she looked over at the peacefully sleeping Percy she couldn’t help the small grin that appeared on her face.

“Shit shit shit.” Audrey growled as she began the search for her clothes, making sure not to wake Percy as she stumbled around in the dark hoping what she was grabbing were hers. After she was dressed she gave one last glance towards the sleeping ginger and apparated back to Fred and George’s flat. Glancing at her watch she grimaced, four in morning. Creeping down the hall to her room as silently as she could she froze when she heard two doors creak open. “Shit.”

“Where have you been Audrey?” She turned around, shoulders hunched and caught in the act to answer Fred.

“Isn’t it obvious? She slept with someone, considering that those aren’t her clothes.” George shook his head, crossing his arms as the blond looked down at her wardrobe and once again mumbled a curse under her breath. “The real question is who with?” Audrey’s face had heat up about thirty degrees and she couldn’t meet their eyes.

“I found a place for my floral shop in both magical and Muggle worlds.” She tried to change the subject and almost succeeded if George hadn’t elbowed Fred in the side. “I’m just going to go back to bed and write to the guy so that he can send my clothes back, see you in the morning.” Audrey raced towards her door and almost closed it on her hair in her haste to get away.

Several hours later Percy woke with a groan to a cold bed and Audrey’s clothes scattered across his bedroom floor. Sitting up he placed his head in his hands cursing.
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