Slytherin Born

Chapter 3

Audrey tickled the pear quickly with her long nails, walking in she sighed. She smiled at all the elves, Percy following closely behind her. “Where’s Dobby?” A crack to her right had her turning and her smile grew. “Dobby!” She kneeled down and hugged the elf, his bright green eyes watery. “I like the socks.” Audrey pointed at them, causing a slight pink tinge to rise onto Dobby’s cheeks.

“Who’s your friend Miss Audrey?” The pair looked over that the boy in question, who was looking at several elves carrying plates of food.

“Fred and George’s brother, Percy. He’s Head Boy of Gryffindor, he’ll be leaving this year, woohoo!” At this Percy looked over at Audrey and narrowed his eyes. “Who said that?” Audrey looked around, a perplexed look on her face. She stopped and continued smiling. “Do you have time to make me a sandwich Dobby? I don’t mean to intrude but I’m starving.” Dobby nodded, his ears flapping in his face.

“Would Mister Percy like something as well?”

“No thank you Dobby.” Percy gave a small smile before sitting down, Audrey joining him shortly after sharing a few more words with the elf. “How do you know Dobby?” Audrey snorted and shook her head.

“I live with the Malfoy’s remember? Dobby used to be their house-elf. Not mine though, my family has their own house-elf.” Audrey looked over at the boy, nodding when he motioned for her to continue. “Black. That’s my last name. My mum is the youngest sister of Andromeda, Bellatrix and Narcissa. But her mum gave her to her aunt to take care of because she wasn’t very fond of her. My mum had me right after she graduated from Hogwarts and died shortly after, leaving me to be taken care of by Narcissa. It wasn’t all bad, until Lucius discovered I was being kind to Gryffindor’s.” Audrey changed her gaze to the ceiling, her legs swinging back and forth.

“Is that why you’re different from other Slytherin’s?” Percy looked at her and she nodded in return.

“Miss Audrey your food.” Dobby came back, two plates of sandwiches in his hands. He set both on the counter between the pair of students before disappearing.

“Class starts soon, we should probably leave soon.” Percy looked at his watch as Audrey slid one of the plates towards him.

“Eat. You can miss one class Weasley.” The fifth year smiled, knowing she was hitting a nerve there with the older boy. “The twins still have class after this, besides, it’s just History of Magic. No one wants to listen to that damned ghost drone on and on.” Audrey waved her hand dismissively and took a bite of her sandwich.

“But all your classes are important for your future Audrey.” Percy looked at the sandwich in front of him, taking a small bite of the sandwich. “Don’t you want a bright future?”

“I’ll pass it all anyway. I’m pretty smart you know.” Audrey pointed her sandwich at the Gryffindor before taking another bite. “You could use with a little less class Percy. From what I’ve heard, you could use it.” Percy glared at Audrey finishing off his sandwich, standing.

“Are you going to come or not? I can always give you a detention.” Audrey snorted, taking a bite of her sandwich once more, humming to herself as she chewed.

“Nah, it’s Binns. I’ll sleep anyway, I have more important things to do then learn about goblin wars.” Percy stood there, listening as the bell rang. “You’ll be late to class.” The girl in front of him sang as she wiped her hands off on her pants.

“You’re really not going.” Percy stared at her, shifting his weight from foot to foot.

“I told you I wasn’t. Now are you going to be late to class or skip?” Audrey spoke after the bell rang, signifying that Percy would now be late.

“I guess I won’t go this one time.” Percy sat back down, causing Audrey to smile.

“Do you want to help me with my Charms homework then?” She pulled out a book, a scroll of parchment, a quill and ink. “I would have asked Fred or George but they don’t like helping me with homework a month in advance.” Percy stared at her once again, amazed that his brothers would be friends with someone who seemed to take her studies so seriously but was so lax as not to come to class. “Fine, I’ll figure it out myself.”

Percy shook his head and moved his stool closer to Audrey. “Let me look at it.” She smiled, sliding the parchment over towards him.

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