Slytherin Born

Chapter 30

Audrey woke up around noon with three owls staring at her. One her own, Hermes and the Malfoy owl, Artemis. Stretching quickly she sat up and handed Hermes the package containing Percy’s clothes and watched him fly off. Grabbing the letters from Artemis and Hop-Skip she handed them some treats before reading them. Aunt Cissy’s letter was one more concerning the fact that she wanted to see Audrey as soon as possible and talk to her about her decision to leave school without telling her first. The other was Draco just informing her that she had left Hop-Skip in his dorm room. Grabbing two sheets of parchment Audrey started her letters back to Narcissa and Draco, rolling her eyes as Artemis gave her a nip before flying off with her letter.

“You’ll stay with Draco until the end of the school year won’t you Hop-Skip? I need someone to watch that idiot for me.” The Gray gave a hoot before flying off towards Hogwarts, Audrey watched her friend with sad eyes hoping that her Bellatrix wouldn’t go looking for her after she finds out that she had left school.

“Audrey, are you up?” Fred knocked on the door and opened it soon after to see Audrey sorting through her clothes. “Once you get dressed do you want to help George and I unpack the shop or are you going to head to your shop and start ordering flowers?”

“I can help you guys unpack and order flowers at the same time Fred. I’m a girl; we’re good at multitasking. I’ll be down in a few minutes, promise.” Audrey smiled before motioning for the boy to shut her door so she could change.

An hour later most of the products were on the shelves and Audrey had a months worth of flowers ordered. The trio had agreed to sponsor each other’s businesses and were headed to a Muggle restaurant for lunch. She knew that they wanted to ask her about where she had been last night, but were refraining from it so as to keep on her good side for the day. Though, she was in a better mood than she usually was but they passed that off as just contentment for finding a shop. Audrey paid for the meal and followed the twins back to their shop to finish putting up the last of the products.

Draco had sent multiple letters to Audrey via Hop-Skip detailing how school was going and O.W.L.s was going slowly. How Umbridge tried to sack Hagrid but he disappeared into the woods. But that next day Audrey woke to a patronus floating through her window and followed it into the living room, knocking on the twins doors as she went.

“Sirius is dead and Voldemort has revealed himself publicly. Stay safe.” Audrey’s eyes widened and she looked over at her friends, before heading to her room in a hurry she began to throw her things into her trunk and calling for Lucy.

“Audrey, what are you doing?” George stood in the doorway, blocking Fred from coming in and Audrey from leaving.

“I’m moving into the flat above my shop. I need to get everything ready. Besides, Aunt Cissy has been wanting to see me and I most certainly can’t have her coming here, Aunt Bella might come along and I just really need to leave George.” Audrey grabbed Lucy and put her in the crate she’d bought a few days ago, pushing passed the twins she made it out of the shop before she felt a hand grab her trunk.

“That’s not what you’re doing Audrey.”

“Let go Fred.” She felt him grip tighter and removed her hand to smack his away before apparating to her flat.

Three days later Audrey got an owl from her aunt notifying her that she’d be arriving shortly and to make sure no one was around, which was kind of pointless seeing as everyone was holed up in their houses in fear that Voldemort would come after them if they so much as even opened the door.

“Audrey! You look well!” Audrey turned from where she was sorting out the different carnations and smiled at her aunt.

“Aunt Cissy! I’m so happy to see you, it feels like forever.” Smiling, Audrey set down the flowers and picked up Lucy who had been staring at the flowers intently ever since they were brought out.

“I hope you don’t mind but I had a tag along.” Narcissa whispered before looking behind her, Audrey followed her gaze and gave a strained smile.

“Aunt Bella! This is a surprise, you look great.” For someone who’s escaped Azkaban. Audrey squashed that thought quickly even though she could keep her aunt out of her head she preferred not to think badly about Bellatrix in any kind of proximity to her.

“Audrey, you look beautiful.” Bellatrix hugged her niece briefly, avoiding touching the cat in her arms. She looked around not hiding her look of distaste as she looked back at the pair of blondes. “I’m sorry to cut my visit short but I must be off, lots of work to do. I’ll see you back at home Cissy.” Bella gave a smirk before apparating right there and scaring Lucy.

“Sweetheart?” Narcissa looked back towards a slightly shaken Audrey who was holding tightly to her pet. “I want you to pick Draco up from the station when school’s finished and I want you to keep him here for a few days. I’ve told Lucius that he’s going over to a friend’s and I just really don’t want him at home, so I’ll be trying to get him here as often as I can over the break. Can you do that for me?”

“Of course Aunt Cissy. I’d love to have Draco around; he could help me around the shop even. But why don’t you want Draco home?” Audrey set Lucy on the counter, keeping a hand on her as she looked at Narcissa.

“It’s Death Eater business Audrey and I don’t want either of you caught up in it. Especially you, not with the way I’ve raised you and I’ve wanted to keep Draco as far from it as I could but Lucius would have none of it.” Audrey reached forward and hugged her aunt tightly as she stared blankly at the wall in front of her.

The day had come where Audrey had to pick Draco up and took no time in finding him after he stepped off the train with all his things, grabbing him she apparated to her flat and hugged him close to her. After a few seconds Draco returned the hug and the pair stood like that for several minutes before Audrey pulled away.

“I hope school was good. Maybe made some new friends.” Audrey gave a strained smile as she pulled her cousins things into a spare room and paused at the dings signaling that someone had entered the shop downstairs. “Come on, it could be a customer and you’re helping me whenever you’re here.” Draco nodded not wanting to argue with her. She looked stressed and sick with worry, so he didn’t want to make it worse for her.

When they hit the shop floor Audrey paused in the doorway, stumbling slightly when Draco bumped into her not having noticed that she’d stopped.

“Percy.” Draco peered over her shoulder at the Weasley standing in the middle of the shop staring at the pair. “What are you doing in here? What if someone sees you?” Audrey moved forward finally keeping her eyes on the ginger.

“So, you’re the one she was dating. Nice to finally meet you.” Draco extended a hand towards the man. “Well?”

“Oh, um, nice to finally meet you. Properly anyway.” Percy shook himself slightly before shaking the boys hand. “If you don’t mind me asking, what are you doing here?”

“His mum asked me to watch him for a few days and he’ll be coming over every now and then over the summer to help out as much as he can. What are you doing here?” Audrey rested a hand on Draco’s shoulder, pushing him behind the cash register.

“I came to check and see how everything was going, I had a lunch break and thought why not see how you’re doing. Has anyone come in for orders yet?”

“Some brave souls not afraid of Voldemort have and I’ve got a few Muggle applications so as soon as I interview them that side will be opening and I should have a steady income coming in from that side.” Audrey smiled as she pulled some lilies from their container, setting them on the counter and giving Draco some quick instructions on how to cut them properly. “I’m going to walk Percy out, I’m sure his lunch break is running on just a few minutes. Before you start cutting the flowers could you refill Lucy’s dish?” Draco nodded disappearing into the back room as the pair left the store.

“It’s nice to see you again Audrey.” Percy smiled looking around before resting his eyes on her.

“You really shouldn’t have come here Percy, for all I know there’s people watching my store courtesy of my Aunt Bella. I’m glad you did come and all but you should get back to work. I’ll write you soon, okay? Just keep making sure my picture is safe.” Kissing him on the cheek she walked back into her store to see Draco smirking as he was cutting the flowers. “Shut up.” She pushed him to the side and began to help cut the flowers, a smile tugging at the edges of her lips.
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