Slytherin Born

Chapter 31

August third had many people ordering on the Muggle side of Audrey’s shop and a visit from Narcissa and Draco for a quick hello.

“Michael? I’m going out to see some friends; I’ll be back in an hour at max. You’re in charge.” The boy nodded, as he was finishing up an order, she locked the door connecting the magical and nonmagical parts before heading off to WWW to see the twins. On her walk to the shop she thought about the letter she’d gotten from Narcissa about what was going on at Malfoy Manor.

She’d noticed that when Draco was helping in the shop last week that he’d kept everyone away from his left side, had only picked at the dinner she’d made and looked paler than he usually did, which was saying something. The second she walked into WWW two pairs of arms encircled her.

“It’s been a while Audrey, come upstairs it’s less crowded.” Fred whispered in her ear before leading her towards the stairs and up to their flat. “How’s business?”

“Booming on the Muggle side. How’s the Order going?” Audrey sat down on the couch, looking at the pictures set up on the coffee table.

“Good. Mum’s been asking how you’ve been. She’s worried about you it would seem.” George smirked and sat down on her left, Fred on the right.

“After only meeting me once? You’re mum is a weird one boys. Had you noticed downstairs that Harry, Ron and Hermione were missing?” Audrey furrowed her eyebrows looking at the pair.

“They probably went after your cousin, he walked by here a few minutes before you did.” Fred informed looking at the door before looking back at the blond. “Is he doing okay? He didn’t look to good.”

“Lots of things going on at manor as you can expect. With Voldemort being back and Death Eaters obviously back in action and regrouping. Not to mention Bella’s at the manor too. He got away from some of what was going on over the summer, but I’m afraid that it wasn’t enough to just spend a few odd days with me.” Audrey sighed, running a hand through her hair. “But it’s fine. I have Blaise, Theo and Daphne all watching over Draco this year and they’re reporting everything back to me. So I’ll be able to keep up to date on him even if he doesn’t send Hop-Skip back as often as I’d like.”

“We should probably get back downstairs, Audrey. Besides, I’m sure you’re needed back at your own shop. We’ll be seeing you for dinner tomorrow right?” George pulled the girl off the couch with a small smile on the edges of his lips.

“Yeah, I’ll see you guys tomorrow.” Audrey gave a big smile back before leaving WWW and headed back to her own shop.

Towards the beginning of October Audrey received a letter from Blaise that a Gryffindor had been Imperiused and had touched a cursed necklace, as well as the fact that Harry Potter thought it was Draco. The next day Draco sent a letter of his own telling her how classes were going well which contradicted Daphne’s letter saying that Draco hardly showed up to his classes. She kept Hop-Skip with her for a week before sending the Great Gray back to Hogwarts to stay with Draco.

By the time May rolled around Audrey woke from a nap to see Narcissa pacing her sitting room. The minute her aunt saw her she was wrapped into a hug and stood stiffly for a good minute.

“What are you doing here Aunt Cissy?”

“Draco’s been hurt. He’s in the Hospital Wing and they won’t let me see him. Severus said there was a lot of blood and that he could have died if he hadn’t gotten there in time.”

“Aunt Cissy, Draco’s fine now. Severus got to him and he’s fine. As long as whoever hurt him is getting punished it should be fine. Sit down, I’ll go make some tea.” Audrey ushered her aunt to the couch before running off to go start making tea in the kitchen.

Audrey was sitting on the couch with a book; Lucy curled up asleep on her lap when her alarms went off. Lucy rushed under a chair as Audrey grabbed her wand and made her way down the stairs.

“Audrey, good you are here. You’re coming with me, now.” Bella’s voice spoke from the shadows and Audrey took several steps back. “No time to dawdle, you need to come with me to the manor.”

“Why? I’m perfectly fine where I am Aunt Bella.”

“Because we need you out of the public eye so that other Death Eaters don’t kill you stupid girl.”

Audrey looked at her aunt before sighing. “Alright, let me go change out of my pajamas first.” Bellatrix gave a curt nod before Audrey raced up the stairs, grabbing a sheet of parchment off her desk and a quill.

Percy, please be up. I need you to get to my flat as soon as you get this, I won’t be here but I need you to tell Michael that I won’t be at work for a long while. I’ll contact you again as soon as I’m sure I’m safe, okay?

Snapping her fingers, Hop-Skip came soaring towards her and took the letter without hesitating before flying out the window. Changing into a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and a sweatshirt Audrey stuffed her wand inside of her boot before putting Lucy on the couch.

“Percy’s going to be here soon, don’t move from this spot, he’ll take care of you, alright?” Lucy blinked her big eyes before watching Audrey leave. The minute she stepped onto the ground floor Bella apparated them to the manor and sent her to her old room.

The Great Gray tapped at the window repeatedly trying to wake the semi-conscious boy as much as she could. Hooting she flew around to the kitchen window and pried open the pane as much as it could for her to fit through. Finally inside Hop-Skip made her way to the bedroom and began to scratch at the ginger.

“Go away.” Percy growled, grabbing his glasses and looking around until he saw the owl. “Hop-Skip? What are you doing here at this time of night?” The owl dropped the letter and flew over to the cage Hermes was sleeping in. “Shit!” Percy flew up out of the bed and began to put on clothes before grabbing his wand and apparating into Audrey’s flat. “Lucy?” The ball of fur launched herself at the man, clinging to his shirt as well as her claws would allow.

The next morning Narcissa opened Audrey’s door to find her wide-awake and staring out the window with Draco sitting on the ground in front of her.

“Hi Mum.” Draco spoke the same time Audrey said, “Hi Cissy.” Both kids looked back at Narcissa with dead eyes. “We were wondering when you’d make it back here what with all the Death Eaters around.” Draco gave a half-hearted smirk before looking back out the window, Audrey looked passed her aunt out into the hallway before returning her gaze to the window as well.

“Did either of you sleep last night?” When neither of them answered Narcissa sighed. “I’ll have one of the house elves bring breakfast up in a few minutes.” She shut the door behind her and shook her head before going back downstairs.

“Maybe if we had different lineage everything would be different. We wouldn’t be put through all these trials and tested every step of our lives.” Draco glanced up at his cousin as a tear fell down her face that she quickly brushed away.

“It’s the trials that make us stronger Draco, remember that for the future.” Audrey gave a smile that didn’t reach her eyes before resting a hand on the boys shoulder. “We’ll be fine, we’re at the center of the storm. They say that’s the safest place to be.”

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