Slytherin Born

Chapter 32

“I heard you failed to nab anyone at the Weasley wedding. What did they slide through your greasy fingers Uncle Lucius?” Audrey crossed her arms as she stood facing her uncle in the hallway of the East wing where everyone but the Malfoy’s was forbidden to go. Narcissa was watching hesitantly as the pair glared at one another. “What did Potter outsmart the great Death Eaters once again?” At this statement Lucius reacted and a resounding smack could be heard and Narcissa jumped as Audrey’s head turned to the side.

“Draco, take your cousin to the dungeons I’m sure she could keep Olivander company.” Lucius growled before sweeping his cloak behind him and rounding a corner.

“Mum! Do something; Audrey can’t go into the dungeons. She can’t go down the-” Audrey placed a hand on Draco’s shoulder, her other hand gently touching her cheek.

“It’s fine Draco. Uncle Lucius just feels emasculated after he took his wand and has to take orders in his own house. If anyone has to get treated like this I’m actually glad it’s me and not you or Aunt Cissy. So let’s go, don’t want to get in trouble with Uncle Lucius now. Besides I can hold my own if Greyback decides to ever think that there might be a little girl down there.” Narcissa watched the pair take the same route as Lucius had to leave the East wing, frowning the whole time. “Plus, I want you to promise me if Potter comes here you won’t out him or his friends. He’s our only hope to staying safe in the world right now and I want you to please send a letter to Percy, I haven’t been able to. Just one telling him to be careful around work and everything alright? Be a good kid for Aunt Cissy and don’t speak out against the Death Eaters.” Draco nodded as Audrey descended the stairs into the dungeons to join Ollivander.

“Do you have any two’s Ollivander?” Audrey looked over the cards that Draco had brought her early that morning towards the smiling old man, it had been a quiet day, no one coming down to grab him to torture him more. Voldemort must be busy looking for that stupid wand.

“Go fish, Audrey.” The girl pouted before drawing a card from the deck in between the two. “Any fives?” Audrey handed the card over, sending a glare at the man.

“What do you suppose has them all so quiet today?” She looked up at the staircase a frown creasing her forehead.

“You didn’t ask your cousin anything about today’s plans?” Ollivander looked at his cards before peeking over at Audrey’s own and hiding his sneaky smile. The silence upstairs was broken however by the sound of a couple of Death Eaters heading their way. Audrey grabbed the cards and made them disappear with a tap of her wand. Peter came down the stairs holding the arm of Luna. He shoved her forward before disappearing back up the stairs in a hurry.

“That was rather rude.” Luna brushed some dust off her knees before standing straight.

“Luna! Why are you here?” Audrey stood and motioned for Luna to join her and Ollivander.

“Because of what daddy’s been printing in the Quibbler.” Luna looked around, giving a smile to Ollivander.

“Ransom. Wow, they’ve hit a new low.” Audrey began to clear up a spot for Luna to occupy for however long they’d be there. “Well, welcome to Malfoy dungeon. My favorite place of the house.”

“What brought you down here? Shouldn’t you be upstairs with your family.” Luna walked around, touching the wall as she went.

“Eh, when you upset Lucius this is punishment. Spent a lot of time down here growing up.” Audrey shrugged as the cards appeared in the space they had been before. “Want to play with us? Just be careful, Ollivander cheats.” The old man looked surprised and Audrey sent him a smirk. “I noticed, Draco does the same thing, I know better than to trust people in card games.” Luna sat down with the pair as Audrey explained the rules of Go Fish.

To say that Audrey was keeping track of her time spent in the dungeons was laughable. Because she wasn’t. Draco was. It was towards the end of March when they heard lots of noise coming from upstairs. Audrey stood, moving closer to the stairs so that she could listen when the door opened. Moving back into the shadows Audrey watched as Harry and Ron were thrown down with them, moving around the room she nudged Luna and gestured towards the boys.

“HERMIONE!” Damn that boy had a set of lungs, Audrey looked over at Luna again. “HERMIONE!”

“Be quiet!” At least Harry knew that yelling wasn’t going to get them anywhere. “Shut up, Ron, we need to work out a way-”

“HERMIONE! HERMIONE!” Audrey rolled her eyes before going towards Ollivander.

“We need a plan, stop yelling – we need to get these ropes off -”

“Harry?” That shut the pair up. “Ron? Is that you?”

Luna started moving towards them, glancing back over at Audrey. “Harry? Ron?”


“Yes, it’s me! Oh no, I didn’t want you to be caught!”

Audrey tuned the rest of the conversation out as she tapped on a pipe that leads to the kitchens, alerting the elves to stay where they were. Jumping slightly as light filled the room. The girl frowned as she looked at Ron and Harry’s two companions; she could hear Bellatrix’s voice from upstairs and cringed at Hermione’s scream. Audrey helped Ollivander into a sitting position and looked over at Harry. Stiffening when her aunt told Draco to go downstairs, she pressed herself closer to the wall.

“Stand back. Line up against the back wall. Don’t try anything, or I’ll kill you!” The lights disappeared back towards Ron and Draco walked in. Audrey’s heart twinged in sadness as she looked at him before he took Griphook upstairs. A loud crack caused her to jump once again and she really was getting tired of all this sitting in the dark nonsense, when Ron turned the lights back on a smile stretched across Audrey’s face as she saw Dobby. He really shouldn’t be here though, she could see him shaking.

Watching as the elf ran over towards Ollivander, Audrey rested her hand on the wandmaker’s shoulder as they waited for Luna and Dean to join them. Finally the pair grabbed Dobby’s fingers and they were off.

Audrey had been more hopeful for a house hidden in the woods but the beach was a close second when she opened her eyes and looked around. She gave Dobby a wavering smile before the elf disappeared again. Audrey began moving towards the cottage as fast as she could, hoping to send a message to the twins so they could pick her up. It took the twins a good twenty minutes to get to where Audrey was waiting on the beach, but those twenty minutes were enough to have her see Dobby die, Bella’s wand lodged in his chest. As she looked at the elf from a distance her whole body felt as if ice was sweeping through her veins. She had collapsed onto the wet sand, attempting to go over the fact that the elf that had helped raise her was now dead and was being buried just as Fleur motioned towards her to the twins.

“Audrey. Hey, do you want to leave now or say something to him?” Fred kneeled down next to her, wrapping an arm around her shoulders, glancing up at George. “C’mon Audrey, we need to get you off this wet sand before you get a cold. At least go into the cottage.” The blond witch let Fred move her into a standing position before she realized that he wanted her to start moving.

“I’m sorry. Which way’s the house?” Sighing, George took her other hand and led the way, his hand familiar and warm.

Several cups of tea and ten minutes of Fleur making sure that Audrey dressed warmly enough, the twins apparated her to their flat. Letting out a huge sigh the former Slytherin tossed the coat onto a chair before heading to the room she had occupied previously. Dozens of boxes surrounded the bed but she just ignored them, flopping face down onto the mattress as the twins stood in the doorway staring at her.

“We went to your flat after we got your letter. Lucy wasn’t there, but we did get some of your other things.” Fred coaxed as he stepped forward, sitting on the edge of the bed. “We were able to find that scarf, the Slytherdor one.” Audrey turned her head, raising an eyebrow. “That’s what we decided to call it. Anyway, we also found this.” Fred held out a box and watched as his friend snatched it from his fingertips.

“Thank you. Both of you. I don’t know what I did to deserve such great friends.” Audrey gave a weak smile, sitting up to let George join them on the bed, wrapping her arms around their shoulders. “I thought I’d tell you guys. It’s going to start real soon, so stay safe when the battle happens, okay?” The twins grinned at each other before tackling Audrey back onto the mattress, just content that their friend was okay.

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