Slytherin Born

Chapter 6

Near the beginning of winter break Audrey was sitting in the kitchens with her trunk at her feet, waiting for Percy. She had slowly started going to all of her classes, excluding DADA; she hadn’t felt like facing Professor Lupin after their run in at the Three Broomsticks. The door opened and she sat up straighter, smiling when she saw the familiar head of red hair.

“Percy!” Audrey leaped off her stool and ran into his arms, hugging him tightly. “What took you so long?” Percy hugged her back, fixing his glasses.

“I had to get rid of Fred and George. Then Professor McGonagall pulled me to the side and started asking me a bunch of questions.” They walked over to the stools they had been occupying every free period and meal together.

“You realize I only have thirty minutes now to talk to you, correct?” Audrey leaned forward; frustrated that Percy hadn’t shaken any of them off sooner.

“Yes, Audrey, I realize that.” Percy rolled his eyes and smiled at the girl in front of him. “But McGonagall was telling me about an opening at the Ministry.” Audrey’s face changed from frustrated to disgust and rested on a soft smile.

“That’s great. You’ll be around your dad and my uncle. Who will be there constantly.” Audrey groaned and rested her head on the counter next to her. “As long as you enjoy it though.”

Percy chuckled and looked at his watch. “You might want to start walking toward the Great Hall, you have ten minutes.” Audrey groaned again, standing.

“I’ll see you when I get back, don’t do anything stupid without my consent. Fred and George will be telling me everything.” She stood on her toes and pecked him on the lips for the second time since they’d started secretly going out.

“Try to have fun.” Percy smiled, watching her pick up her trunk and leave.

“Master Percy?” He turned around to find Dobby. “Miss Audrey left this for you.” The elf handed the boy a letter and disappeared. Percy walked out of the kitchen towards the Great Hall, opening the letter.


I’m warning you now: Fred and George are going to pester you all over break about what we’ve been keeping secret from them. Just avoid telling them until I get back; I hope you have a good break and a Happy Christmas. I promise I’ll get back to DADA after break is over.

Love always, Audrey

Percy smiled, stuffing the letter in his pocket as he walked through the doors and towards the twins who were bent over a scrap of parchment that disappeared the minute Percy approached.

“We saw Audrey leave, gave her our present for her.” George looked up, smiling at his elder brother.

“What did you get her?” Fred grinned, exchanging a look with his twin.

“Nothing. I didn’t get her anything.” It was true and it made Percy frown, he had completely forgotten to get her something.

“Oh, what’re you going to tell her if she got you something?” Percy glared at the twins, pushing his food around on his plate, contemplating what he could do.

“I’ll give it to her when she comes back.”

“I guess that puts our suspicions of you two being a couple flying out the window.” Fred glared; Percy smiled and began to think of something he could get Audrey.

“Do you know what she’d like?” George smiled at his brother, seeing as Fred had started to talk to Angelina, frustrated with Percy.

Audrey yanked her trunk onto the platform, sighing as she searched for her aunt and uncle. She saw Lucius first, his blond hair shining in the light and a sneer forming on his lips when he saw her.

“Audrey! I’m so happy you came! I thought we were going to be home alone this Christmas, Draco said he wasn’t coming and I was worried you wouldn’t as well.” Narcissa hugged her niece, frowning when she mentioned her son.

“I’ll always be around for Christmas Aunt Cissy.” Audrey smiled, patting Narcissa’s back. “Could you do something about my luggage Uncle Lucius? It’s rather heavy, with all the presents I bought.” Lucius glared, making Audrey’s smile only grow.

“Lucius, you go ahead with the luggage, I want to take Audrey out for a treat.” Narcissa smiled at her husband and apparated away, holding tightly to her niece’s hand.

“Aunt Cissy, where are we?” Audrey’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion as she looked around. “I’ve never seen this place before.” In front of her was a row of interlocking Muggle houses.

“12 Grimmuald Place. This is where your mother grew up.” Narcissa smiled as she looked at the space between eleven and thirteen.

“There’s no number twelve Aunt Cissy.” Audrey frowned.

“Of course there is, watch.” Audrey’s eyes widened as she saw the space between eleven and thirteen grow bigger, the twelfth house appearing. “Come on, you can meet the house elf, Kreacher.” Narcissa had a childish smile on her face as she pulled the younger girl forward.

“Mistress Narcissa!” A rather freaky looking – at least in Audrey’s opinion – house elf stepped into the hall, his eyes watery. “Is that Mistress Cassiopeia? Kreacher had heard she was dead.” Audrey glared at the elf, normally she liked elves, but this one, this one made her angry.

“No, this is her daughter, Audrey Elian. I wanted to show her where her mother grew up.” Audrey looked around the dank and grimy house.

“You don’t seem to take very good care of this place, do you Kreacher?” She reached her hand out to touch the wall and recoiled in disgust, wiping them off on her jeans. “It’s absolutely disgusting.” The elf glared at the blond, despite that she looked greatly like her mother, she took after her as well. Probably falling in love with a Blood Traitor no doubt. Kreacher resisted the urge to roll his eyes as he bowed.

“Kreacher apologizes, no one has been around to give Kreacher orders, but he has kept Mistress Black’s portrait clean though.” Narcissa frowned.

“Well, Lucius is waiting at home, why don’t we go home? I’m sure dinner is waiting for us.” Audrey nodded, grateful to get out of this filthy hallway. A tugging sensation behind her navel alerted her that Narcissa had begun to apparate.

Landing in the foyer, she swayed and shook herself.

“I’m going to go unpack and start wrapping my presents, that way I can send them to my friends in time. I’ll be down when dinner’s served.” Narcissa nodded numbly as she glided towards her husbands study. With a sullen look Audrey climbed the stairs towards her room. “First, I have to write a letter to the twins and Percy. Then I’ll get the presents sorted out.” Audrey mumbled as she locked her door behind her.

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