Slytherin Born

Chapter 7

Dear George and Fred,

Yes, what you read above is correct. I did indeed put George’s name first. Anyway, back to what I was writing to you for. When I get back from break I’ve got some important things to tell you (hint: It’s about who my cousin is). Don’t open your presents until Christmas, I’ll know; I put a spell on them to alert me if you do. Don’t try to break it either you’ll get hurt. Have a happy Christmas and don’t do anything you’ll regret.

Don’t send another list of ways to make Slytherin’s mad, Audrey.

Audrey chuckled as she read over her letter to the twins and encased it in its envelope. Sealing that she looked at the next sheet of parchment, not a clue as to what to write to Percy.

“Audrey, sweetheart, dinner’s ready.” Narcissa spoke softly through the oak door, knocking to make sure her niece was listening.

“Okay, hold on.” Shoving the twins’ letter into her drawer she locked that and unlocked the door, sending a small smile at her aunt. “What are we having?”

“Your favorite.” Audrey’s eyes brightened and she grasped her aunts’ hand.

“Breakfast? With bacon, eggs, toast and deliciousness I am only allowed to have once a day?” Narcissa gave a strained smile and shook her head. “Spaghetti?” Audrey was still happy, sure there wasn’t any bacon but, pasta? Give it to her now! “I’ll see you later!” Audrey let go of Narcissa’s hand and raced down the steps.

Percy fell back into his bed, sighing. He had absolutely no idea what to get Audrey and he’d more than likely have to wait until she got back to give it to her. She probably already had one for him, ready to arrive on Christmas day, waiting for him to open and feel the immense guilt that he had not gotten her a present early enough. A knock at the door had him sitting up as it opened to reveal a head of sandy hair.

“Oliver!” Percy stood, suddenly getting an idea. “I need your help!” The boy stared at him.

“I need your help, McGonagall’s Transfiguration assignment has my head turning.” Oliver sat down at the desk next to the bed Percy stood next to. “What do you need my help with?” He smiled and put his hands behind his head.

“What would you get your girlfriend for Christmas? Something that would make up for not having had it ready by Christmas?” Percy sat down on the bed again and waited in silence.

“Who’s it for? I didn’t even know you had a girlfriend anymore.” Oliver leaned the chair back as he examined the Head Boy. “She is real, right?”

“Of course she is! What should I get her? We haven’t been going out long.” Percy’s brown eyes were huge as he tried to figure out what he wanted.

“You could get her a promise ring. So that whoever she is will know just how important she is.” Oliver took out his assignment from Transfiguration and motioned for Percy to help him.

Audrey was the first to finish and left the table in silence, having spent the entire meal exchanging curt words with her uncle and thinking about what to write to Percy. Her present for him wasn’t anything extravagant; she was never good at getting people gifts. So she’d gotten everyone a quill set, a fancy one, but a quill set nonetheless. When she arrived back in her room, after locking the door she was greeted by her owl, Hop-Skip. It was the only present she had ever gotten from her father (on her eleventh birthday) and she planned on the bird to live a long and healthy life.

“Hold on, I need to write out one more letter then you can take them to Hogwarts and take your rounds to mum’s grave.” Hop-Skip hooted and landed on her perch on the desk and began preening her feathers.

Dear Percy,

I hope you’ll have a happy Christmas and the twins won’t give you too much trouble. I’m warning you about this for future references: I really suck at picking out presents unless someone tells me what they want, so in the future tell me what you want. Besides, you don’t have to go all out, we’ve only been dating for three months. If your presents late, it’s fine. Probably a last minute scramble, right? I’m sure practically all my family members are behind on presents too. Take care of yourself and keep an eye on Fred and George, I worry about those two sometimes.

With wishes and love, Audrey

Audrey sighed, happy she’d finally got something out and onto the parchment. After sealing that she grabbed the packages, attatched the letters and tied them all together with a length of twine, finishing with a fancy knot. “Hop-Skip, the last of the presents. Then you know where to go and what to leave with it.” The Great Gray gave a hoot and flapped her wings, grabbing the knot with her talons and flying out the window. “Finally, I got it done. No more presents, or letters to write to people.” She walked over to her bed and collapsed onto it huffing, as she closed her eyes, not bothering to change into her pajamas and fell asleep.

The next morning Audrey woke with a stiff neck and Hop-Skip scratching lightly at her hand. The owl dropped a mouse near her face, causing the Slytherin to recoil in fright. “Hop-Skip, I told you to stop brining dead rodents back here. Take it to the desk and eat it, I wanted to sleep a while longer.” She reached out her fingers and scratched the Gray on the center of her head before sending her to the perch she was so accustomed to. Her aunt scurried past her door, probably laden down with presents to go under the tree, the odd thing about Narcissa was that she preferred to carry things instead of use magic like most witches and wizards. “Did you bring anything back from Percy?” Hop-Skip gave a low and solemn note, moving her head side to side before picking up the dead mouse and flying over to her perch.

“Audrey, breakfast. I’m also going to need your help getting all the presents under the tree, I have them at the foot of the stairs and Lucius won’t help.” Narcissa knocked on the door, unlocking it.

“This is perfect! Thanks Oliver! I’m so glad you helped me with this.” Percy smiled at his friend, looking at the small box in his hand.

“My mum told me about them, I thought that since you seem so serious about this girl, I’ll tell you about them.” Oliver smiled back, glad that his friend had seemed to find someone that made him happy. “When do I get to meet her?”
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