Slytherin Born

Chapter 8

“Happy Christmas Audrey!” Narcissa’s voice floated towards the blondes’ ear as she stretched on her bed. Audrey opened her eyes and smiled at her aunt, sitting up. “Come on, I let you sleep in an extra hour. Lucius is already waiting downstairs and I was able to pull Draco out just for today.” Narcissa pulled the blankets to the end of the bed and beamed, pulling Audrey by the hand towards her door.

“Aunt Cissy, you’re going to pull my arm out of its socket. I kind of need it.” Audrey whined as she almost tumbled down the stairs and saw her cousin smirking at her. “Don’t look at me like that, I do this same thing to you every morning for classes.” The smirk fell of Draco’s face and was quickly replaced with a scowl.

“None of that, it’s Christmas and that’s a time you’re supposed to spend with family. Now come on you two, presents are waiting to be opened and you all know how Lucius doesn’t like to be kept waiting.” Narcissa pushed her niece and son forward, into the room that contained a huge tree lit up in green and white lights. Presents piled neatly atop each other, already grouped for the receiver. “Audrey’s yours are on the far right of the tree, Draco’s is next to yours. Lucius yours are next to Draco’s.” Narcissa walked over to the presents as everyone else sat down near their presents.

Lucius kept in his chair, watching as Draco and Audrey sat down on the couch next to one another. Narcissa brandished her wand and with a flourish the presents went toward their respectful owners.

Audrey tore away at her presents, thanking Narcissa and Draco for the ones she had gotten from them. She was the first to finish, setting the wrapping paper aside and neatly piling her presents into easy to carry piles. It took her five trips to get all of it upstairs; she was on that final trip when Draco and Narcissa finished their own. Lucius sat there, having already magicked his own to his study.

“Thanks for the quill set Audrey.” Draco mocked as he waved the set at her, but then grinned. “And the other stuff too I guess.” Audrey smiled warmly before disappearing into her room, locking the door behind her and pulling out Fred and George’s presents.

From Fred she received a box of Puking Pasties, which apparently needed to be tested on a few select Slytherin’s. Her cousin included, first name on the list. George, how ever had gotten her some things from Honeydukes and a Muggle magazine. Both had included a few treats for Hop-Skip and she gave them to her, falling onto her bed and opening the magazine.

Fred groaned as he looked at his present from Audrey, looking over at George he could tell it was the same. “Fifth year in a row she’s done this to us now. We really should have told her what we liked.” A knock on their door had them both looking up to see Percy walking in, holding an identical quill set. “She got you one too! It’s a good thing though, I was running low on ink.” Fred muttered as he took the ink out and placed it in his bag.

“Did you get her something that she could have opened by today?” George smirked as he watched Percy shuffle his feet.

“No, but I have it. I’m waiting for her to get back.” The twins grinned at one another.

“Are you two going out? You’ve been spending a lot of time together and you both clam up when ever we start talking about one of you to the other person.” Fred glared as he shoved the rest of his presents into his trunk. “She said she had something to tell us when she got back, I’m pretty sure it’s more than telling us who her cousin is. Are you going out or not?” George looked between the two, silent.

“Have you tried asking her?” Fred sighed in exasperation and threw his hands into the air.

“We’ve tried that. She won’t say anything.” George responded as Fred kicked the post of his bed.

“Alright, then I’m going to breakfast. You can ask her again when she comes back.” Percy smiled and left, he had been ready to break and tell them everything that had been going on between he and Audrey. But now, he decided he was going to wait. It wouldn’t be long until she was back. His hand reached into his pocket and wrapped around the box containing her present.

Audrey had waved good-bye from the train window towards her aunt who was smiling, despite the fact she would have to wait a good while for her to come back. Now, Audrey was unpacking her things from her trunk as quickly as she possibly could, trying to hurry. She had promised Percy to meet him in the kitchens after she was done unpacking, Audrey had missed him greatly and though she missed the twins as well, she wanted to see Percy a little bit more.

Percy paced in the kitchens, fiddling with the box and glancing up towards the door every time he wasn’t checking to make sure the ring was still there.

“Percy!” His hand clamped around the box and he turned, smiling as Audrey launched herself at him. Hugging him tightly she laughed. “I’ve missed you!” She pulled away smiling.

“It was only a few weeks.” Audrey rolled her eyes and pecked him on the lips. “I have your present. Sit down and close your eyes.” Audrey raised her eyebrows but Percy waved her towards her usual seat with his free hand. She did as she was told and fidgeted in anticipation. Grabbing her left hand and moved in front of her and held out the box, opening it with his thumb. “Okay, open.” His smile grew even larger when he heard her gasp.

“It’s so pretty.” She took it out and examined it, watching the gems glint in the light. “I told you not to get anything extravagant though. We’ve only been dating three months!” Audrey pouted but continued to look at the three gems. “Care to explain the colors.

“Well, I’m born in August, so I have the August birthstone in there-a peridot.” He pointed to the yellow one. “I had to ask George twenty times, but I finally got that you were born in March, the aquamarine.” The light blue one and finally Percy pointed to the middle stone, a pink. “That’s rose zircon, it’s the one they have for October which was when we started actually going out. I think it’s quite appropriate seeing as we’ve been going out three months. It’s a promise ring, I’m making a promise that I’m never going to do anything to hurt you or let anyone else hurt you. That I’ll do whatever I can to make you happy and make sure you’re cared for the way you need to be.” Percy smiled and slid the ring onto her right ring finger. “I’m also making a promise to the pair of us that we’ll be together forever.” Audrey’s face broke out into the hugest smile he had ever seen on a person and the next thing he knew, Audrey was kissing him. Good and hard.

“I love it Percy! I love you!” She whispered into his ear as she hugged him, having broken the kiss off.

“I knew it!” The pair broke apart to find Fred and George standing in the doorway. “You are going out!” Fred said, a triumphant gleam in his eyes. “Now who the bloody hell is your cousin, Audrey?” Percy exchanged a glance with Audrey before taking her hand and nodding at her to tell them.

“You can’t hate me, you guys know me better than I know myself.” The twins nodded, growing a bit more impatient. “It’s Draco Malfoy. He’s my cousin.”
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