Running Away With The Winchester's

Chapter 10

The next morning, I awoke on the couch with a yawn before rubbing eyes and looking around at the house. The areas on the floor where Dean and Sam had been sleeping where empty meaning that they were already up. The house was quiet. I groaned as I swung my legs over the side of the couch. The bruises on my stomach still hurt like a bitch.

"You okay?" Came a voice.

I turned to see Bobby sitting behind the desk with a book in front of him. I hadn't even realised he was there. Nodding, I cast a hand through my hair. "Yeah, I'm fine."

"If you were wonderin', Sam and Dean have gone into town for gas." He stated. "Your stuff's on the floor there." He motioned towards the bag.

I nodded. "Thanks."

"The boys explained to me what's happened. I'm sorry your brother, and your Mom."

"It's okay." Standing up, I looked up at the ceiling. Drawn on it was a large circle with a star like shape in the middle. There was also strange symbols and writing around it.

"Devil's trap." Bobby explained. "Does what it says on the tin."

"What so if a demon walks into it..."

"They can't get out unless the trap's broken." He finished.

"That's awesome." I smiled before taking a closer look at his extensively large library. "God I wish my Mom was here, she would have loved to read these." I turned to Bobby. "She used to work in the memorial library as an archivist. It was her job to study the ancient texts that were brought in."

"Where are you from?" Bobby asked.

"Brattleboro, Vermont." I answered.

"How'd you meet Sam and Dean? The boys only told me a few details about what was going on."

"They broke into my house." I stated.

Bobby smirked. "That doesn't surprise me."

The door opened and in walked Sam and Dean.

"Mornin'" Dean smiled before chucking a bag at me.

I quickly caught it before opening it up. Inside, was a sugar doughnut. "Thanks." I smiled.

"You're welcome." Sam smiled back.

"Found anything?" Dean asked.

Bobby shook his head. "Nope."

I took a bite out of the doughnut. "What are you looking for?"

"Anything about your powers." Bobby stated.

"Cas said I was just born with them; how can I just be born with them?" I asked.

"That's what we'd like to know." Bobby turned the page in the book.

There was a flutter of wind before Cas appeared.

I jumped in shock as I noticed him stood behind him. Turning to Sam and Dean, I smirked.

"You get used to it." Dean stated.

I noticed a small speck of light escaping from what looked like a cut on his stomach.

Cas nodded before turning to Sam and Dean. "The angels have found what they're looking for."

"Okay. What were they looking for?" Dean asked.

"The demon?" Added Sam.

Cas walked forwards slightly. This meant I was able to see the blood on his white shirt.

My eyes widened. "That's not, Cas!" I shouted.

Sam and Dean's eyes widened too before they noticed the wound aswell.

"She is a smart one." Cas smiled before a blindingly bright white light escaped from his eyes.

"Gah!" We moaned, looking away.

-Third Person POV-

When the light was gone, they quickly looked back.

There was no Cas.

Or Sappho.

Their eyes widened.

"Uhh, this can't be good!" Dean stated.

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