Running Away With The Winchester's

Chapter 12

The hospital was only a few minutes away, but it seemed like hours. Dean hadn't uttered a word to me since we had got him out of the factory, only to Sam to tell him to hold on. I was sat in the back of the Impala with Sam lying across the seats. His head rested against my leg, a ratty old blanket from the trunk wrapped around him for warmth. Cas was shotgun, unconscious and drained from poofing them to Vermont. During the journey, Sam kept slipping between consciousness and unconsciousness. I pressed a hand gently to his head to check his temperature.

"You're a little warm." I stated softly, trying to mask my panic from him.

Sam saw right through it. "I'll be fine, Adalynn." He whispered.

"It's Sappho, and it's a free country." I smirked with a smile. "I'm allowed to worry seeing as I'm the one who did this to you."

"It wasn't you, not really." He stated.

"It wasn't all her, but it was her..." Dean added, not bothering to turn round and face us. Instead, he simply focused on the road ahead.

"Dean..." Sam began but was cut off by his older brother.

"What, Sammy?" Dean's tone rose into a more angered one. "Why are you defending her?"

"Because she's not a monster, Dean."

"Oh really, have you seen what she's done to you, Sam?" He asked. "How many humans do you know would do something like that?"

"I'm sorry..." I apologised. "I honestly had no control over it."

"For your own good, stop talking!" Dean stated sternly. "You're lucky I've brought you this far, in my book, you've done enough to be classified as-"

"As what? Just another one of those things that you hunt? Is that all you see me as, a creature that needs to be disposed of." I scoffed. "I can't control it, Dean. It's not something I can just turn on and off like a switch. The power takes over me and I can't stop it."

"Yeah well we all make mistakes." He muttered under his breath.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means I should have wasted you when I had the chance." Dean shouted.

"What was stopping you? If you hate me that much then you should have." I stated, passed caring now.

"Sappho..." Sam spoke softly.

"What exactly do I have to live for?" I stated in a strong tone that was clearly lined with underlying sadness. "My Mom's dead, Daniel's dead too, my Dad's a deadbeat, and I nearly just killed one of my best friends." I sighed.

The car was swamped in silence.

Reaching the hospital, the staff were waiting for us outside the entrance to A&E. Dean and I carefully got Sam out of the car and onto the trolley before he was rolled off into the building. We left Cas to sleep it off in the Impala and quickly following after Sam, the medical staff were busy rattling off all sorts of confusion mumbo jumbo that made no sense to me.

A nurse dressed in blue scrubs walked out and stood in front of me and Dean blocking our path. "I'm sorry, but you're going to have to wait in the family area until we have treated him."

"I'm not going to just leave him." Dean stated angrily with eyes full of fear.

"Dean..." I spoke softly before putting a hand on his arm in an attempt to be comforting.

"Get off me!" Dean shrugged my hand away before turning back to the nurse.

"Dean, they're not going to let you see him. We're just gonna' have to wait." I tried again.

"We will give you news as soon as we have some." The nurse stated before walking off.

Dean breathing was heavy in anger.

"Dean..." I sighed.

Turning away from me, Dean began to walk down the corridor before he punched one of the glass notice board doors with his fist causing the glass to crack and shatter.

I immediately noticed the blood on his knuckles.

Dean shook his hand, obviously in pain from how hard he had punched the glass.

I sighed once again. "You can pretend that case is my face as much as you want, you'd probably of done less damage to your hand if you had of just punched the real thing. Go ahead if it'll make you feel better."

Dean was now leaning back against the wall of the corridor.

"Dean, say something...anything...please..."

Dean scoffed angrily before drawing his gun from his jacket pocket. He raised it at me before cocking it.

"Are you really going to shoot me in a hospital full of people, are you mad? Surely there are much better locations to do this instead of like around thousands of doctors, nurses, patients and cameras." I stated, not really bothered by his brash actions. "Shouldn't you make it look a bit more accidental?" I asked before walking closer to him and slowly putting my hands on his. Moving the gun up so that it was aimed point blank at my forehead, I met Dean's gaze. "Go ahead...Do it..."

Dean's expression stayed the same although his hand was beginning to shake. I had never seen his hands shake while holding a gun before. He was a hunter, and hunter's felt best at home with a gun in their hand.

"You'd be doing me a favour...This way, I won't be able to hurt anyone else." I stated. "Do it..." Smiling softly at him, I then closed him eyes waiting for my curtain call.

A few seconds of silence later, I heard the sound of Dean uncocking the gun. "Why? Why do you still care about us?"

I opened my eyes once again.

Dean's eyes were full of unshed tears that he was desperately hiding to hide. "I mean, it's our fault that Daniel's dead..." His tone was soft.

"No, it wasn't..." I shook my head. "My life was already broken before you and Sam even showed up. This wasn't your fault. You tried to save him, but you couldn't. The demons and the angels want me to suffer. That angel Zachariah admitted to getting rid of the hex bags in the house so that they the demons could find us and take Daniel. They knew me and my Mom were going to walk right into that factory. They'd planned it all. They wanted me to see her die to mess with my head. He wants to beat me down so that I'll give into the power."

"We could have saved him."

"He was possessed, Dean...And the demon had rode him good. Like Sam said, his body was just too damaged..." I fought back tears. "He's at peace now..." I met Dean's gaze.

Dean nodded. "Oh, when Cas came back, he told us that Daniel was in Heaven. He took him there himself."

I smiled, thankful to hear that he would be up their with Mom. "So no, I don't blame you for what happened to him. Without you and Sam, then I would probably have died too. The demon would have found me eventually, and you two wouldn't have been there to defend me." I stated softy. "I know you find it hard to believe why anyone would want to be around you, but you're my friends...You're all I have left."

Dean smiled too before pulling me into a hug. Holding me tight, he rested his head on top of mine. He then noticed me holding my arm. I could see his expression change to a one of concern. "Does it hurt?" He asked.

"Not so much anymore." I responded.

"You should have said something." Dean stated in a soft tone.

"We had bigger problems at the time."

Dean gently took my arm in his hands before tracing the bone with his finger. "It's not a bad break, but you need to get it seen to, Sappho."

"I will..." I nodded. "After we see Sam."

"Sappho..." He began, in an attempt to talk me into seeing a nurse about it.

"After we see Sam." I repeated.

"Mr?" Came a voice.

I turned to see the nurse in the scrubs from before.

"Sap." Dean stated.

I smirked discretely so she wouldn't notice.

"Well, Mr Sap, Sam is stable and we have been able to stitch up the wound."

I let out a breath at the good news. "Thank god."

"You and your daughter can come and see him now if you like." She stated before walking off in another direction.

I couldn't help it as a few sniggers left my lips.

Dean smacked me on the back of the head lightly with a smirk.

"What? Just because she practically implied that you're old." I laughed.

"I'm not old...I'm only 34." Dean stated with a smile.

"Compared to 18, that is old." I then worked it out in my head. "That means your girlfriend had me when you were 16." I laughed.

"Shut up." Dean laughed before walking down the corridor and into Sam's room.

Sam was lying on the bed propped up by a mismatch of white pillows. He smiled upon noticing us laughing.

"It's good to see that you two aren't planning to shoot each other anymore." Sam smirked.

"Nah, Dean just realised that if he did kill me, then I would haunt his ass for eternity, and that's enough to make anyone change their mind." I laughed before turning to Sam. "How are you doing?"

Sam nodded. "I'm fine, Sappho."

"Just making sure, I don't want you checking out on us anytime soon, especially not from my doing." I stated. "I don't want to be the one to send you downstairs."

"Don't worry, some monster will the cause of that one day." He smirked.

"You said one day like we're gonna' make it to old age." Dean added with a smirk.

Sam nodded in agreement. "True."

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