Running Away With The Winchester's

Chapter 3

As I felt myself coming to, it seemed that I was still lying down. There was a roar of an engine in the background while I could faintly hear people talking. The pain in my head was no longer present, but my stomach still ached from earlier. Dean and the taller guy seemed to be at odds with each other about something, but the volume of their voices told me that they still presumed I was asleep and therefore didn't want to wake me up.

"Dude, she checks out. Everything she's said is true, and how would she know about her Mom if she wasn't there?" Sam stated.

Dean looked at the taller guy. "Well all I'm saying is that we've been here before, remember Adam?"

"She's not a ghoul, Dean."

"You don't know that for certain. For all we know, she could be. It would have her memories, aswell as her meat suit and her thoughts..."

"The girl needs help, Dean, our help!" The taller guy emphasised. "Her Mom's just been killed by a demon...Maybe we can relate." He looked at Dean. "The least we can do is try and track down her brother, and just hope to god that he's still alive. Have you tried calling Cas?"

As my eyelids finally became light enough for me to flicker them open, I found myself in the back of the car that was parked outside the house earlier, lying across the leather seat. Glancing out the window, it was now dark. How long had I been out?

"He's not answerin'." Dean turned, to glance at the backseat. He smiled softly upon noticing that I was awake. "Sleeping beauty awakens."

The taller guy, turned in his seat too. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I think so." I rubbed my head before slowly sitting upright, trying not to move too fast. "Why am I in the back of your car?" I asked.

"Well you passed out, and we couldn't just leave you." Dean answered, turning his attention back to the road.

"Do you have any family you can stay with?" Asked the taller guy.

I shook my head. "My Dad left us when I was two, and my auntie has never had anything to do with me. My Mom and her, they never got along. She would never take me in." I then took my chance. "You haven't actually told me your name." I stated, going completely off topic.

The taller guy smiled. "I'm Sam."

"What happened earlier?" Asked Dean. "You just started screaming all of a sudden, then collapsed."

I looked down. "It's gonna sound crazy."

"Try us." Dean stated.

"Well, I've been having these headaches lately, like really bad headaches. And everytime I have them, I always hear the same scream. It's so bloodcurdling sharp, that it feels like my head is going to explode." I explained.

"Sappho, when you were in the factory after your Mom died, how did you escape?" Asked Sam.

"I don't know."

"You don't know?" I could see Dean furrow and eyebrow in the cars rear view mirror.

"One minute I was held against the wall of the factory, and the next there was this white light and I woke up three days later in my bed."

"Weird, but we deal in the weird." Stated Dean.

"Really, you guys do this, like as a job? Killing demons and things that go bump in the night."

"Pretty much." Dean answered. "We're hunters."

"So, all the stories I used to read as a kid, they all real?"

He nodded. "Vampires, werewolves, wraiths, ghosts, fairies, ghouls, shapeshifters, demons...The list is endless."

"Oh, that's comforting." I said in a sarcastic tone before looking over Sam's shoulder at the book he was reading. On the page he was open at, there was a large pentagram with symbols scrawled inside it printed in bold black ink, I instantly recognised it. "My Mom used to have a necklace like that. It was a little silver charm."

Dean and Sam exchanged glances for a few seconds, before Dean took his cell phone out of his pocket and dailled a number.

"Cas, we need you to check out an address." He stated before giving him the details and hanging up.

In a matter of seconds, his phone began to ring.

"What'd you find?" Dean asked. "Enochian warding symbols...and they were all over the house? Why would the angels want to protect this family?...Hex bags, no we couldn't find any, if the angels did plant any before they warded the house, they're gone now, which is probably why the demons found Eva, or Daniel...The daughter? Yeah we've got her...Woah, woah, Cas, slow down..."

I furrowed an eyebrow.

Sam did the same.

"What were the orders, Cas?" Dean shouted. "God dammit!" He threw his phone onto the dashboard before banging the steering wheel in anger, Cas put have hung up on him.

"Something's wrong." Dean stated.

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