In The Flames

Chapter 2

-Cas's POV-

Poofing into the Winchester brothers motel room, I lay Rose down on the bed. She looked so perfect in her peaceful state, but yet so vunerable and fragile. Pushing a strand of blonde hair out of her face, I placed two fingers against her neck to check her pulse before being relieved to find it was there. Kneeling down beside the bed, I leant on the mattress.

"Rose?" I spoke in a soft tone that was laced with underlying panic.


"Come on, Rose! Please! Say something, anything. You're a Winchester, it's against your nature to not have the last word. I'll take anything right now, even a typical Winchester snarky remark." I stated before sighing. Reaching out my hand, I placed it on her forehead before closing my eyes and focusing the last of my power.

I opened my eyes to see Rose still lying still on the bed. It didn't work. "No! No, don't do this! Please, Rose!" I practically begged before a tear trickled down my cheek. I looked up. "Father, if you can hear me, then please. Her breathing is weak, she won't last much longer. I can't lose her, father, you have to understand that...I think I love her." I explained. "Please Father, I have never asked anything of you my entire life. I have never questioned you, and I am your son...That must mean something."

The door opened.

Sam and Dean entered the room before furrowing an eyebrow.

"Cas, what are you doing here?" Asked Dean.

Upon noticing Rose on the bed, their eyes immediately widened.

"Rose!" Sam gasped as he rushed over.

"What happened?" Asked Dean as he also joined me round the side of the bed.

"She was in a burning building. I only managed to find her because she prayed to me." I explained.

"Rose..." Dean gently shook her.

I reached out my hand and took hers in mine gently. "Please Father..." I spoke in a whisper.


My eyes instantly fixed on Rose as she bolted upright on the bed, gasping and coughing.

"Rose..." The three of us said collectively.

Catching my gaze, Rose turned to me and smiled before throwing her arms around me.

Returning the gesture, I smiled and held her tight in my arms.

"You found me." She spoke softly.

"I heard your prayer." I answered before pulling away from the youngest Winchester and pecking her on the lips.

Sam and Dean were looking awkwardly on, as Rose pulled me close once again delivering another kiss, this one lasting much longer than my first.

Noticing this, Rose smirked. "Smooth." She clambered off the bed and over to them before hugging both of them individually.

Dean pulled her into a tight hug. "Don't ever panic us like that again."

She then hugged Sam. "Next time, I'm coming on the hunt with you, Sasquatch." Rose smirked.

Sam nodded.

Rose turned back to me.

I walked over to her and smiled. "And about your prayer..." I paused. "I love you too, you should know that."

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