Don't fall again.


"There is something about your eyes which makes my heart feel some kind of unexplainable anguish and calmness at the same time. Can you tell me what »His eyes attracted her more than anything else. The warm colours in them spoke of the emotions which he didn't speak of. They were the only thing which made sense in her messed up life.«

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L o v e h u r t s.

The atmosphere was tense. Their gaze didn't break. It wasn't something warm. Their eyes held sadness and brokenness. It wasn't too long ago when they gazed in each other's eyes as if it was the most precious moment in their life. How their bodies got filled up with so much love that even those eyes sparkled, showing the most beautiful state of their souls. But, love isn't always a source of happiness. Love hurts. It hurts a lot. Only the strongest people are able to live through the late, haunting nights, when the heart no longer pumps and flutters at the thought of this strong feeling.

Sora's lips slightly quivered. She sucked her cheeks, trying to not break down in front of the person who made her feel strong. The one who had let her fly freely, just like freeing a bird from it's cage. She didn't want to look weak.

Jimin's eyes reflected nothing but emptiness. There wasn't any emotion left. No sparkle. Not even sadness. They were blank, and the mere thought of it made Sora feel a weight on her chest.

The silence had enveloped them. No one dared to speak. They couldn't find the words. What could they say when they were completely closing the door of their hearts?

Sora tried to say something, but her lips seemed to be sealed, and she felt a lump rise up in her throat. Her legs involuntarily kept of fidgeting more and more. She tried to stop, but she failed.

Jimin closed his eyes, and leaned back. His eyes were on his lap, not wanting to look up again. Sora wanted him to gaze up again. Hold her again, and stare at her face lovingly once again. She could hear her heart slowly break, because she knew that it was never going to happen. She wished she knew that love hurts.

Sora slowly licked her dry lips, and inhaled the cold air softly. The lump still was there. She couldn't speak. Tears were filling her dark brown eyes when she opened her mouth, but failed to utter a word. Her ears were burning and her heart was throbbing making her sense it. Her hands were clutched so hard, that her knuckles turned white, and her fingers dug deep in her palms.

Why is it so hard?

She asked herself. She at last loosened her hands and closed her eyes, taking a deep shaky breath.

"W-why? Why does it hurt so much?" She spoke softly, making Jimin's eyes dart up at her.

A tear rolled down her cheek making her feel defeated. She was weak. She really was weak.

"I was wrong. We aren't made for eachother, Sora." Jimin swallowed feeling the tightness and pain in his throat.

"But I still love you." She whispered through her trembling lips. Jimin didn't hear her.

"I have made myself clear, Sora. I want an end to this. I have had enough of your acting. Don't think I am a fool. Cause I am not. You can't make me believe in your fake love anymore."

Sora's body shook more and more. A shiver crawled over her skin making her shudder and shut her eyes tight. Her chest felt heavy and her breathing got harder and harder after every hurtful word which left Jimin's mouth.

"Jimin...please stop." She muttered under her breath, but Jimin kept on speaking, not caring a single bit about the way Sora's soul was breaking.

"And you continue to show your innocence. You aren't ashamed of your deeds..."

She clutched her hands when she couldn't stand up. Her legs refused to do so. There wasn't any energy left inside her. A strong pain ran through her head making her bite her lower lip so hard, that she could taste blood in her mouth.

"I hate you!" Jimin spat before standing up so hard, that it caused the chair to fall back with a loud thud on the white floor. All the eyes were on them now. The room fell so silence that it almost made Sora to wish that the earth could just eat her up.

Jimin left.

It was then that the tears fell one by one down her face. She cupped her mouth as her chest heaved up and down. The four walls reflected all the whisperings around which didn't bother her anymore. She was far too broken to care about anything like that.

I hate you. I hate you. I hate you.

That is all that she could hear. Her ears were still filled with the cold tone of Jimin. He hated her. Those words felt like spears being shot on her chest. She tried to breathe, but her lungs were far too numb to sense the chilling air. With her shaky legs, she made her way out in the dark. The stars were covered with the dark, rumbling clouds. The wind blew, producing a low sound, as if of grief.

"Don't fall again Sora." She gave a sad smile to the stars which were twinkling back at her. She kept on swallowing her tears but they didn't seem to stop.

I am weak.

She made her way to her car, and pulled the door open. When she got inside she wiped her wet face, and started the car. The thoughts were so thick that it made her head feel as if it could burst at anytime. Sora turned the radio on, raising the volume, as if trying to block her pain.

"But I loved him. I still do." She felt her voice weak.

Tears blurred her vision. She tried to blink them away, but they were stubborn.

She saw a car making its way towards her. A part of her wanted to let it pass, but some part of her wanted to close her eyes and let the car smash into hers killing her forever. The later part was much stronger.

She closed her eyes, not caring a bit about the pain she will have to feel before dying. All that wandered over her mind was how Jimin and she met as two young medical students. How much she was impressed by Jimin's strong will, and how he never felt defeated by all the challenges he had to face. He was like a light for her in the time of darkness. It was him who held her hand and embraced her, whispering in her ear, "you are strong and we both can make it through this rough period. Together." It was him who gave her hope for happiness, and it was him who wrote the part of love with her. But now, non of it matters, because it was love which left her broken.

Sora's heart pounded harder and harder when the car horned and warned her again and again. But, she was like a lifeless person now, and she couldn't be woken up.

Her grip over the steering wheel tightened as she suddenly turned it towards the other car and the lights made her eyes shut tight, and the impact made her thoughts fade away.

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