Sweet Filthy Wolf


"The beast inside of him wants to fuck your brains out" Not many people can say they experienced a life altering moment that brought them to their knees. 17-year-old Rileigh has lost everything when she moves to Forks, Washington. Let's see what happens when she meets Embry Call, a boy who's half-blind since a tragic accident. Drama/Angst. OOC/OC/ANC/AH/Bella bashing.

Thriller / Romance
Age Rating:


Warning: Strong language. Drama. Abuse.

“If I can’t be beautiful, I want to be invisible.” Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters

My hand touched my bloody lips, my fingertips grazing the soft skin there. I made a soft noise of pain. The air was filled with the revolting stench of fresh vomit as I put a hand on my brother’s shoulder. We had been in this secluded motel for three weeks now, and Ethan had gotten drunk every night. A faint sigh that escaped my lips broke the silence in the bathroom.

“I’m sorry, Leigh. I never wanted this bastard to touch you in that bar.” Ethan’s voice faltered when he threw up a huge amount again. I watched him silently. I could never accuse him of anything. After all, he was the only reason I was still alive. The blowing strands of my dark hair tickled my cheek as I leaned forward. He had to know that it wasn’t his fault. None of this. Ethan’s injuries were worse than expected, and he cursed softly under his breath. The wound on his shoulder had reopened again and blood came out of his mouth.

“Let me help you,” I said before my hands wandered to his dark sweater, which was soaked in blood.

“I know you’re in there, stupid bitch.” Greg’s deep voice startled me and Ethan for a split second. I couldn’t believe he found us again. Someone must have betrayed us. Never before had I seen such an expression of fear in Ethan’s eyes.

“Here, take this and go.” Ethan grabbed a shabby bag next to the old bed before he dragged me to the window. I knew it couldn’t be opened and stared at Ethan. A deep sigh later I made a decision. I jumped through the window. The jagged edges of glass cut deep into my flesh, but I ignored the pain, because the taste of freedom was already on my lips. I landed with my back on the grass in front of Barney’s motel. I breathed deeply, my body and limbs stiff. I raised my gaze, and I could see Greg at the motel window. He let a self-derogatory smile play over his lips before he grabbed Ethan’s arm and twisted it. Even as the bone pierced his skin Ethan didn’t make a sound.

A whimper escaped my mouth, and my jaw tightened. It had been a mistake to leave Ethan alone. Greg wouldn’t spare him this time. Without wasting another second, I grabbed Ethan’s bag and pressed it tightly against my body. A cold shiver went down my spine. Not really surprising though. I only wore dark sweatpants, a top and converse shoes. I was thinking about what was going to happen now, but there was only one thing I was sure of. Greg was going to pay for what he had done to us.

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