The Diary of Robert Stephen Singer

September 5th 1986

Dean started second grade today. The kid seems happy enough to be going, although it's clear that he'd much rather stay home (or whatever he would class that as) with Sammy. I blame that on John too. The guy's got his kid's head wired on the responsibility of looking after his little brother, and Dean's not one to disobey orders, so he does as his Dad tells him to without question. Saying that, the kid's been looking at his younger brother for around 3 years now. Looking after Sammy isn't a order to him anymore, it's just part of his everyday life. That kid is the most important thing to Dean, and I'd hate to be the one who messes with him, because the wrath of Dean would not be pretty. I'd be surprised if you'd get out of there with your life seeing how protective Dean gets over Sam.

John had been out on a hunt, and returned around 2pm covered in blood. I had the impossible task of distracting Sam so John had enough time to get him cleaned up and changed. It wouldn't have been too hard to distract the kid if he wasn't so observant. I swear, the kid doesn't miss anything that goes on in this house. I'm surprised that he hasn't caught on about the whole supernatural thing yet. When Dean got back from school, John was onto his third glass of whiskey. Although he hadn't spoken about the hunt, it clearly hadn't been as successful as he had hoped it would be. The guy just ignored Dean, didn't say a word to him. I took this as my cue to jump in.

"Hi, Dean." I smiled upon noticing him entering the hallway. Taking his coat and backpack from him, I hung them up on the coat hooks before ushering him into the study where it was warmer and of course Sam was. My other main objective was to keep him away from John who was more than likely drunk. "How was the second grade?" I asked in the place of his currently absent father.

"It was okay, I guess." He answered without making eye contact with me. He was clearly upset about John.

"Something wrong, kid?"

Dean shook his head before noticing Sam and walking off to see him. "Hi, Sammy." Scooping the kid up into his arms, Sam was equally as happy to see his older brother. A smile lit up his face.

"I've missed you, Dean." Sam stated in his adorable young voice.

You're going soft, Singer.

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