Falling In Love In A Coffee Shop

Chapter 2

Martha felt like she had been hit by a lorry. Actually—scratch that. She felt like she had been hit by a lorry that had then decided to back up and do it a second time. She normally didn't mind opening the shop but instead of the usual 6:00 AM, she had to be there at 4:00 AM. They had received a large catering order for that morning and some last minute baking needed to be done. Normally, she wouldn't have had too much difficulty being up that early, but thanks to Tony, Martha had barely slept four hours. It all started because Rose refused to let Tony stay up to watch Madagascar 3, resulting in him stopping up the stairs, muttering something about prison and child abuse. A few hours later, they had all settled into bed. After fighting off Mickey's freezing feet and finally getting enough cover, she had started to drift off. About the time her heavy eyes had closed, Tony knocked on their door and then, without waiting for an answer, ran in and jumped into their bed. How he didn't wake Mickey, Martha couldn't figure. Tony had had a nightmare, and since Rose was currently Public Enemy No. 1, they were the chosen comfort. After the fifth time of Tony's feet hitting her face (how his feet ended up there she didn't know), she retreated to the sofa.

Usually, she and Rose alternated opening but, since the order was quite large, they both went in that morning. Martha was in the kitchen, grabbing various ingredients from off the shelves, when Rose popped her head in and asked, "Coffee or cuppa?"

"How about twenty shots of espresso with a coffee chaser?" Martha asked groggily.

Rose giggled and rolled her eyes at Martha's dramatics. "How about two shots of espresso so I don't have to jumpstart your heart after it ODs on caffeine?"

"Fine, I'll take what I can get." Still giggling, Rose went to fix the drinks.

It was times such as these that Martha couldn't believe that she had ever disliked Rose. Well…it was more than dislike. Once upon a time, Martha Jones hated Rose Tyler. Really, really, REALLY hated her. Rose and Martha had gone to school together and that's where it all began. With the exception of one or two common friends, Martha and Rose didn't travel in the same circles. Martha honestly didn't have an opinion either way about her, considering she really didn't know anything about her. But once Martha fell hard for resident "bad boy," Jimmy Stones, she developed some definite opinions about one Rose Tyler. Martah was completely enamored with Jimmy's dark, brooding "Rock God" persona. She honestly didn't know much about him other than she found him mysterious and gorgeous, and for her that was more than enough. Only problem was, he was with Rose…Cue the anger and bitter jealousy. The switch had been flipped and the only thing she thought more about than being with Jimmy was how Rose could disappear from the picture. Several of those thoughts involved Rose taking a tumble down the stairs. Of course she didn't really want Rose to get hurt—well at least not all of the time. But those thoughts didn't continue for too long because, suddenly, Rose and Jimmy were no more. Days passed, and there was no trace of Rose. However when she finally did resurface, Rose was never in the same vicinity of Jimmy. In fact, she seemed to go to great lengths to be as far away from him as possible. And that was perfectly fine with Martha.

Seeing her chance, Martha began inching her way closer to Jimmy—and he started to notice. He started paying more attention to her, flashing her that crooked cocky smile of his that made her stomach do summersaults. When he would see her, he would pat the empty spot next to him or motion to her with a nod of his head; and like an obedient dog, she eagerly obeyed. Martha was sure that any day soon he was going to ask her out. She was floating. That was until Rose decided to burst her blissful bubble. Martha was daydreaming through the halls on her way to Chemistry when suddenly Rose was in her path, glancing around nervously.

"You're Martha right? Martha Jones?"

Martha squared her shoulders, ready to take on this nosy bint. "Yeah, what's it to you?"

"I know you don't know me—not really at least. But, y'know I used to go out with Jimmy, yeah? I've seen you hangin' round him. And I see the way y'look at him. I can tell ya fancy 'im. That's...," she trailed off before finally gaining strength, "That's why I gotta talk to you."

"What's it to you if I'm goin' with him or not? You lost your chance. So if you think you're going to try and scare me off, you've got another thing coming!"

"What? Martha I do NOT want back with Jimmy! I don't even like that I breathe the same air as 'im. I came to…well…to warn you. You need to stay clear of him!" Rose looked at her with such pleading intensity that Martha actually took a step back. She had expected a cat fight of sorts—not this.

"Warn me? Who do you think you are? You don't know anything about me and I don't need or want your opinion or warning! If I want to see Jimmy then that's my business and you can just shove off!" Martha surprised herself with her vehemence. Normally she was cool, calm, and collected. But the idea that Rose was trying to get in her way sparked something in her.

Martha went to pass, but Rose grabbed her arm. "Martha. Please! You don't...ya don't understand. He is NOT what he seems. I know he's charming at times and you love the attention he showers you with, but you're only seeing what he wants you to see. It's," her voice began to quiver, "It's not real. I found that out the hard way. I don't want you to find out the same way! You're right…I don't know you—not really. That doesn't mean I shouldn't try to help you—and that's all I'm trying to do."

Martha was through with whatever this was. She jerked her arm away and marched off to class, leaving Rose staring after her. She didn't know what was being discussed during class—she was too busy trying to push her confrontation with Rose out of her mind. It kept nagging at her. She didn't want to believe anything Rose had said but for some reason, no matter how hard she pushed, she couldn't completely rid her mind of her words. As she walked out of class, she caught sight of Jimmy looking straight at her, apparently waiting for her. He swaggered over brandishing his best cocky smile. Martha didn't hear all of what he said except for the key words of "go out with me" which she agreed to without hesitation. Before she knew it, he had walked off and she left with stars in her eyes.

Later that night, she met Jimmy at Daniel's, a local pub. She didn't really think it the best idea for him to show up at her flat. Martha knew with absolute certainty that her mum would NOT approve and nothing was going ruin her chance. She excitedly looked about the crowded pub, but couldn't find him. Then she felt an arm grab her waist tightly. She tensed up immediately and turned her head sharply;but when she realized it was Jimmy, she eased up. His grip, however, didn't.

"Thought you'd never show up. I said 6:00—it's 6:15," Jimmy said with a teasing smile his tone certainly didn't convey.

"Yeah, I'm sorry. I had to fix a couple things on my Lit paper and it took longer than I expected. I practically ran to get here."

"I really don't like to wait around, y'know."

Martha was taken aback slightly. Seeing this, Jimmy lowered his head and whispered into her ear, "Just wanna spend as many moments as I can with you, gorgeous."

She smiled at the compliment and brushed off his earlier attitude. After all, she was the one who had been late. Keeping his arm around her waist, he led her over to a booth across the room. As they made their way over, she caught sight of the last person she wanted to see—Rose. Seriously?! Can't she just disappear? She tried to avoid Rose seeing her but it was too late. Rose looked up and followed them with her eyes till they reached the booth. Rose was with some guy—Rickey or Mickey (she couldn't remember and what did it matter really?)—and looked…worried or was it fearful? What was that about? Rose turned to what's-his-name and whispered something causing him to look over at them and furrow his brow. What is their problem? Martha did her best to ignore them and focus on Jimmy.

The night was going…well, it was not what she'd expected. Jimmy was acting…strange. He wouldn't let go of her. Granted, she had daydreamed about Jimmy's arms around her but this was almost…possessive. She chalked the paranoia up to Rose's "warning" earlier. Jimmy ordered another pint upping the total to four, and it didn't look like he planned on stopping. She excused herself to go to the loo, but to be honest, she needed some air. She came out of the stall and ran smack dab into Rose.

"God, you're like a bad penny! Can't you just leave me alone?!"

Rose looked at her in earnest. "Martha, you've made it very clear I'm the last person you want to be around. I'm not here to ambush you. I just want you know I'm here if you need me. Just...," she rushed forward and grabbed her hand. "Just, please be careful, yeah?"

Silently, Martha nodded. With that said, Rose left. Martha wasn't too far behind. But before she got to the booth, she bumped into Rickey/Mickey causing his drink to spill on her. This night sucked!

"M'sorry! So sorry!" He grabbed some napkins from off the bar and went to help her dry off, but then suddenly realized the drink had spilt on her…well...her good parts. She found herself blushing as he awkwardly moved his hands, trying to figure out what to do, before shoving the napkins in her hand. As she started to clean herself up, she was suddenly and roughly grabbed by the arm and before she realized what was going on, she found herself slammed up against the wall outside. She was stunned, both physically and mentally.

"What was that in there? Throwing yourself at that idiot while I'm right there waiting for you! That how ya treat me, ya chav?" Jimmy had her shoulders pinned against the wall, that cocky smile was replaced with a snarl and gnashing teeth. His eyes blazed and he reeked of alcohol. Suddenly, Rose's words came rushing back and everything became clear.

You're only seeing what he wants you to see…

Stay clear…

He's not what he seems…

Oh my God, she thought, what am I going to do? What have I gotten into?

His grip was getting tighter and she could feel his nails digging into her.

She tried not to panic but it getting harder to keep control. "Jimmy, it was an accident. He... I wasn't-"

"Shut up!" he screamed at her, slamming her against the brick again.

Her vision was starting to blur, but she saw his fist rise. Fear and panic in her voice, she begged, "Please…" She squeezed her eyes shut, waiting for the blow—but it didn't come. Instead, she felt his hands abruptly jerk away from her and heard a crack followed by Jimmy screaming obscenities. Her eyes flew open to see Rose standing in front of Jimmy, her fist still clenched and her body shaking. She saw Jimmy rolling on the ground hands going from his nose to his groin, unsure which to comfort first.

"Ya come near her again and y'll have more than just a broken nose! You got away with hurting me for too long and ya won't do it to her." Though there was strength in Rose's voice, it was obvious it required effort for her to remain standing there.

Martha sank to the ground and sobbed. She felt arms around her and she seized up—that was until she heard Rose's voice comforting her.

"S'ok, Martha. It's gonna be ok. C'mon inside. Micks called the police and we've wasted too much time with this worthless git." Rose quickly led her inside and to a back booth far away from the crowd and their questioning eyes.

"Wasn't s-s-sposed to b-be like this…" Martha sobbed.

Rose put her arm around her. "I know. Believe me, I know. Ya...ya want me to take you home?"

Martha looked at the bruises already starting to form on her arms. "Oh God…I can't face my mum! How do I even explain this to her?"

"You can crash at my place if you want... Mum and Dad won't care. Fact, they're probably already out for the night."

Martha looked up at her with bloodshot eyes and no small amount of wonder. "I don't understand. Why are you being so kind to me? I've been nothing but a cow to you. Y'don't owe me anythin'."

Rose's eyes shone with such warmth and compassion as she looked at her and smilingly she said, "Because something tells me that wasn't the real you ready to throttle me earlier. C'mon…let's get some sleep. I think we both could use it…well…you a little bit more than me."

After that night, things changed drastically between them. It wasn't overnight, of course; but in a relatively short time they became closer than sisters. It was a relationship neither of them ever expected, but now could never imagine being without.

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