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Why? {Jeon Jungkook x Reader}


Why? Why, him out of all the people in the world, why him? You're fresh out of highschool and want to start a new life. Completely different from your old highschool one, you want to start over, but something or someone is making it hard not to go back to that lifestyle...

Romance / Other
🌹Park Elise🌹
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Chapter 1: New Beginnings

"Give it here, JiWoo!"
With a loud clash the girl is thrown against the metal lockers. She whimpers out of pain. The girls behind the bully are snickering and laughing at the victim. And all you can do is watch and hope that it won't be you next.
~Flashback Ending~

" Yes, Park Y/N, that's me!" You say with enthusiasm. You are Y/N, 18 going on 19 fresh out of highschool.

You're enrolling into one of the biggest universities in Seoul. You just moved to South Korea about a month ago after your senior year in highschool. It was living hell, you wanted to start a new life with new people and traveling was on your bucket list so why not start now.

A small middle aged lady comes through two large glass doors and calls your name. You greet her with a bow and she leads down a long hallway.

Your stomach is turning, your about to get interviewed for your dream school. Anything could happen so you try not to get your hopes up but you've come this far so why not?

The lady opens another set of smaller glass and bows to the older man standing waiting to greet you.

" Thank you, MinSeo." says the older man as the assistant leaves the room. You bow to him as he tells you to take a seat.

" So Ms.Park, is it?" he asks.

"Yes Sir." you say formally with a smile

~Time skip~

You stand and bow to the elder man as you get ready to exit the room.

" Ms.Park," he says as you open the door. You turn around quickly as a storm of anxiety washes over you.

" We shall email you within two weeks to tell you the results. You did great so it will be a pleasure to meet with you again."

You nod and bow once again before walking out of the room and building back to your car.

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