Why? {Jeon Jungkook x Reader}

Character Background

You name is Y/N lol

You are 18 almost 19. Half Korean and half Black/African. You had a really rough life in school, elementary all the way up until you last year of high school.

You were always alone, quiet, and never bothered anyone. But people bothered you. You were severely bullied all your life, in and out of school.

At school, all the girls would gossip and start rumors about you. They would pick on you about your hair, clothes, and the way you looked.

The boys would get in groups and surround you in the hallway and talk bad about you to your face. They would tug on your hair and tell you it was ugly and so were you.

You never said anything back or defended yourself. You just took it and waiting for it to be over. Your home wasn't good either.

Your early childhood consisted of constant bickering between your parents. They always yelled and cursed at each other. And they sent you to your room until they were done or until mom walked out of the house.

But after one late night argument, your mom got her things, walked out and never came back.

Your mom didn't treat you as bad as your dad did when she was still there. Your mom didn't do much for you so you developed adult skills at a young age. Your dad scolded and hit you for every little mistake you made.

But after mom left it got worse. When you walked into your house he always had alcohol in his hand as he cursed at you with slurred words. Sometimes he would slap you or find the closest thing to him and throw it at you.

But after junior year in highschool, you found out that your father had got drunk and ran out in front of traffic. You had nowhere to go or anyone to turn to, so just as the beginning, you cared for yourself.

The bullying didn't stop. It got worse as the years passed. You got bullied about your fathers' death and your mother walking out in you. You still didn't say anything back though.

Anyone who was your friend got bullied too. Like you ex-bestie, JiWoo. You guys had been friends for years but one day someone found out about our friendship and made her life a living hell too. She decided we should take a break on your friendship and never talked to you again.

After the senior year ended you decided you needed to change. You wanted to start standing up to people and standing up for people. You wanted to start a new life with new people in a new place. You have some family in South Korea so why not?

You are going to express yourself how you want and not care about what anyone thinks about you.

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