Why? {Jeon Jungkook x Reader}

Chapter 2: The News

~ A Week After the Interview ~





Our team is proud to announce that you have successfully been enrolled at the University of Seoul! We are honored to say that you have become an official freshman for our school. We shall welcome you to our open house for freshmen in the Summer. Signed enrollment papers are due by the fall. Hope to see you soon!

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You couldn't help but scream and jump around your apartment in excitement. You decide to celebrate because you deserve it.
You text your cousin Bong-Hee, to tell her the great news.
OMG. I got in the university!
NO WAY!! Congrats Y/N.
Tysm😘. How about we celebrate😏
Mhmm...I'm listening
Lol how about the club🤔
I'm so in!!
Good! What time?? How about 9:30 be at my house we can get ready here and leave at 10:45
Yea and I'll get u an ID. LETS PARTY!!🎉
You laugh and dance around your living room. You jump on the couch then shoot up.
" I have to get everything ready." You say
You grab your keys and wallet and head for the mall to get your nails done for tonight.
When you pull into the Seoul Mall it's really crowded but you are too happy to care.
It takes you literally 20 minutes to find a parking space and get out the car.
You rush to the entrance before the huge mob of people gets to the door.
You finally made it to the salon and decide to get red and gold nails to match the dress you picked out earlier.
After you are done your pleased with the results and can't wait for tonight.
~ Time Skip ~ 9:00 pm
Bong Hee texted you and said she was on the way.
" Let the night begin." you thought to youself with a grin.
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