What's Done is Done

By Aislinn

Drama / Other

Chapter 20

The morning came way too soon for Dean. His side felt stiff and sore and a dull ache had begun to form behind his eyes. He slowly sat up and made his way to the bathroom. Dean quickly showered, got dressed and headed into the kitchen. The warm welcoming aroma of freshly brewed coffee along with the tantalizing scent of bacon filled his nostrils and he felt himself perk up.

Sam looked up from his breakfast, when he heard his brother enter the kitchen and smiled at the look of euphoric pleasure plastered on his brother's face. "Mmmm, bacon," Dean happily proclaimed along with, "and pancakes, and eggs and…." Dean's jaw dropped when he realized what this meant. Slowly he turned around and for the first time since he had walked through the living room he saw Mrs. and Mr. Williams sitting on the couch eating.

"Morning, sleepy head," Mr. Williams spoke up, a teasing smile gracing his lips, "Was afraid I was gonna have to wake up so you wouldn't miss out. Sam told me not to worry. He said you'd be up in plenty of time to eat, guess he was right."

Mrs. Williams looked at the young man, her eyes dancing with mirth. "Dean, honey, are you just going to stand there with your mouth hanging open or are you going to eat something? I didn't get up this early, come all the way from across town to watch you gape at me. No," Mrs. Williams said in that matter of fact mother's voice of hers, "No, young man I came here to make sure you all got a good start to the day. It's not very often I get to cook for you boys and I'm sure gonna do it when I can."

"Yes, ma'am," Dean replied as he turned around and headed for the kitchen. It hit him how much he missed being around the Williams' and the way it felt like home. He looked at Sam and couldn't help but notice the way he seemed happier, more at ease. Dean knew that this was the way Sam wanted his life to be and it killed him knowing that this was how it was never gonna be. Sure, there would moments like this, but that was all they would ever be…..moments.

Dean filled a plate high and sat next to his younger sibling; he moaned in pleasure as the homemade cinnamon role, he had bitten into, melted in his mouth. Sam chuckled. "I know right," he playfully asked his older brother.

"Yeah," Dean answered back his eyes closed in ecstasy. Breakfast was over to quickly and soon Dean found himself packed in Caleb's truck heading to Job's house and his dad while Sam climbed into the Williams' car and headed off towards Chicago.

John jumped off the porch when he heard the familiar rumble of Caleb's truck pull into the drive. "Where's Sam," John huffed when he noticed his youngest wasn't with the other two occupants of the vehicle.

Dean lowered his eyes; this wasn't a discussion he wanted to have. He knew without any doubt that his dad wouldn't be too happy that Sam had gone with the Williams'. He knew that John had expected both his boys to be at the house so they could begin finishing the old place up. John had done most of what needed to be done; all that was left was a few minor things here or there. Bobby and Pastor Jim had spent most of the previous night getting the boys' rooms in order while Caleb had stayed back at the apartment to help them clear out the rest of their things.

"I asked where Sam is," John said again his voice gruff.

Dean started at the tone in his father's voice and relaxed when he felt Caleb's hand on his shoulder. Caleb patted Dean's shoulder then addressed John, "The Williams' came to see Sam graduate. For their gift they took Sam into Chicago so he could spend some time at the museums. Marta has known of Sam's desire to go there for a long time so she and Hal arranged for a day. We, I mean Jim, Bobby and I, didn't think it would a problem. We're here and we'll help finish up the house. Sam deserves the day and Dean-o here; well he still needs to take it easy."

"Oh, ok well since you thought it wouldn't be a problem well then I guess it isn't," John sharply answered back. He turned around and headed back inside the old house. He let the door slam close after him and Dean jumped at the sound.

"It'll be alright," Caleb said hoping to calm the younger man's fear.

Dean felt a knot form in his stomach. "I hope so," he said, "I'm just real glad y'all are here. He's really pissed off right now and you know what that means." Dean shuddered at the thought of what it meant and absent mindedly rubbed his check as he remembered the last time his dad had been that pissed off.

The Museum of Science and Industry had put together an exhibit with thousands of artifacts from the Titanic. Sam had read about the exhibit and that was the first place he wanted to go. He felt an eerie sense of voyeurism as he walked through the exhibit looking at the things that had once belonged to those who are now lying in a watery grave. He felt the history come alive and a new appreciation for the terror those poor souls must have felt when they realized their end was near.

Sam shivered as he thought back to the night of the wolf attack. He knew that his decision not to be there had caused the injuries to his brother and to Allison. He knew he should have gone, but the pull to be elsewhere was to strong. He wondered if those who went down with the Titanic cursed their choice to take the journey. He wondered if they would have done the same thing if they had known what would happen. He again questioned if going to Stanford was the right thing to do.

Marta watched Sam as he thought and she could tell that he was thinking of his decision to leave his brother from the expression that he was wearing. She knew that he blamed himself for what happened on their last hunt and that he had been second guessing whether he should go to school or not. She knew he feared being a distraction to Dean if he left and he was afraid of what could happen to his brother because of that distraction.

The life these boys lead broke her heart. She understood the tough choices John had made regarding them, but that didn't mean she approved of them. She knew that John wouldn't approve of Sam's leaving and she knew that he would do everything possible to make him stay. She also knew that Dean, on the other hand, would be happy to see his brother get out. She knew it would be hard on the older boy to let his brother go, but she knew he would do it; Sam just needed to know.

An exasperated, "Max, no," brought both Marta and Sam out of their private musings. They looked at each other, a what now look on their faces, and headed off in the direction that the shout came from. Sam doubled over in a fit of laughter when he saw his friend had stuck his tongue on the piece of the iceberg the museum had on display and it had frozen to the ice. Marta joined him when she heard her son's fiancée add, "Just because the kid triple dog dared you to, doesn't mean you had to."

The Williams' and Sam found themselves being ushered out of the museum once Max's tongue had been removed from the iceberg. Sam's mood had lightened and he allowed himself to think of nothing but the time he was spending with his pseudo family. Before he realized it night had fallen and it was time to head back to the place that they were now calling home.

"Thank you, Hal, Marta, today was a lot of fun," Sam turned to Max who sat beside him his tongue wrapped in a gauze bandage, "And Max thank you, well just thank you. I can't believe you did that. I can't believe she let you."

Elena reached behind Max's head and slapped Sam on the back of his. "Smart ass," she groused, "You try babysitting this one."

"Sam," Marta said, "Have you heard of the Drake Hotel?" She waited for Sam to nod then continued, "Well, Hal, Max, Elena and I have all been wanting to stay there; we just never found the right occasion. We have one more surprise for you we booked a couple rooms for the night. We thought you guys could stay in a room while Elena and I shared the other. We have reservations for dinner at the Cape Cod and then figured we could plan the rest of the evening there; if that sounds good to you."

Sam's face lit up from the smile he gave her, "Boy, does it ever." His face fell, "But…"

"No, Sam, no but's," Hal cut in, "Dean knows about this. We talked about this before we even arrived. He said you would love to stay there. He wants this for you. I know you feel bad he's not getting to join in, but he said to tell you not to. He loves you, Sam. He doesn't begrudge you anything. You've earned this."

"Yeah, ok. Thank you. You know this is too much," Sam shook his head when they all tried to tell him it wasn't, "No, really, you didn't have to do all this. I appreciate it, and will always remember it, but wow."

Marta chuckled, "We love you too, Sam."

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