You can call it Home

Chapter 10

“Poppy! Pooooooppyyyyyy! Wake up!!!” An excited voice yelled, as the owner of the voice slammed the door open and barged into Poppy’s room, causing a very abrupt awakening for Poppy. She sat up straight and looked around blindly.

“Wuzzgoinon?” She mumbled stupidly, moving all of her messy hair out of her face. It took her a few more seconds to fully process what was going on, but when she did she gave a big smile to Sofia.

“Helloooooo!” She yawned, pulling Sofia by the waist and dragging her back into the bed with her. She tried to cuddle up and go back to sleep, but Sofia was having none of it. She’d been counting down until this day for over two weeks now, and she was determined to get Poppy out of bed and wide awake.

“C’mon, Poppy! We gotta wake Momma and Madre, now!” She said, pulling Poppy by the arm. Poppy, who decided not to protest any longer, followed after her, running up to her and giving her a piggyback the rest of the way across the room and across the hall.

“Mommaaaaa, Madreee!” Poppy sang as they burst into the room, to find an already awake Callie and Arizona. It was obvious that they’d been up for a while, because they were sitting up, and playing games on their phones. “What game ya playing?” She asked as she and Sofia made themselves comfortable on their bed, pulling the covers up around them all.

“I don’t know what it’s called, but I nearly beat my high score.” Callie sighed, locking her phone and tossing it to the side. Arizona mimicked her actions and they both hugged Poppy. “Anyway, Happy Birthday!”

“Thank you!!” She exclaimed, hugging them back. “Can we have bacon for breakfast?”

“Oh I dunno, you might be pushing it there…” Arizona sighed sarcastically and dramatically.

“Oh, come on…” Poppy laughed, dragging her by the wrist towards the kitchen. Apparently, Grace had said she was coming over to see her; she didn’t care how early it was. If it was anyone else Poppy wouldn’t have taken them seriously, but this was Grace. She really didn’t care.

“We present you with wrapped items that we purchased to present to you in order to celebrate the sixteenth year of your living!” Callie exclaimed, gesturing to the pile of presents lying on the couch. Sofia laughed and dragged Poppy over to sit down.

“This one first!” She instructed excitedly, handing her a sloppily wrapped present which she had clearly wrapped herself, and also seemed to be leaking glitter.

“Hmmmm, I wonder who this one’s from…” Poppy wondered, feigning curiosity. She quickly pulled the wrapping paper off to find a picture of the two of them. The photo had been taken the day that they had gone walking in the park, and Poppy had proposed the idea of a selfie. As soon as Callie and Arizona had seen it they had demanded that she send the picture to both of them. Along with it there was an assortment of different lip glosses. Poppy wasn’t really a girly girl, so glitter wasn’t her favourite thing in the world, so apparently Callie and Arizona thought it would have been a great idea to empty a packet of glitter into the wrapping paper.

“I love them!! I love this picture! Thanks a lot, Sof!” She exclaimed, hugging Sofia tightly and turning to Callie and Arizona. “I am not cleaning this up.”

“Yeah but we’re the parents, we could just make you.” Callie said sarcastically, sticking her tongue out very childishly.

“Well it’s my birthday, so you have to be nice to me!” Poppy shot back, laughing.

“Who said anything about today?” Callie raised her eyebrows before handing her another present, which was neatly wrapped and purple tissue paper.

“Well…” Poppy began before she realised she didn’t actually have a reply for that. She began unwrapping the gift, to find there was more glitter in it. She gave them both a joking glare before continuing to unwrap it, trying to get as little glitter as possible all over the place. They had appeared to wrap it in many layers of brightly coloured paper and lots of sticky tape, so it made it nearly impossible to open.

It was definitely worth it though. Once she had finally ripped her way through all of the tissue she was met with a small silver box, which she opened to find an expensive looking heart shaped necklace. She picked it up gently and turned it over in her fingers, and smiled when she saw the word ‘daughter’ engraved on the side of it.

She was getting way too emotional. She felt like their daughter, they felt like her parents. Sofia was her sister. She knew all of this, but the millionth affirmation that she truly was their daughter swelled her heart.

“You guys…” She trailed off, hugging them both tightly.

“I know it’s super cheesy and everything but..” Arizona laughed and Poppy nodded in agreement.

“It is super cheesy.” She agreed. “But it’s amazing, thank you so much.”


A few hours later, Grace had arrived and everyone was setting up for the dinner tonight. The smell of pasta wafted through the house, and everyone was in a really light and cheery mood. Grace got on extremely well with Callie and Arizona, much to Poppy’s relief. Sure, they had met before but they’d never really spent a lot of time together, and it was Poppy’s biggest fear that they wouldn’t like each other. However, it was a relief when she walked into the living room to find Arizona and Grace laughing.

“What’s going on in here?” Poppy laughed as she danced in.

“Well, um… There’s a slight possibility that, uh…” Arizona trailed off.

“A slight possibility that what?”

“That my parents surprised us by flying down here and areattheairport?” Arizona spoke quickly, but Poppy picked up every word.


She’d never met Arizona’s parents before. She’d heard from them once or twice through a letter or so but she’d never properly talked to them. What if they didn’t like her?

“What if they don’t like me?” She fretted, worrying her bottom lip between her teeth as she started pacing quickly.

“They will, don’t worry. You’re a lot like me personality wise.” Arizona assured her, but she kept pacing.

“You don’t know that!”

Arizona sighed and went to grab her by the shoulders. Poppy often got worked up very easily. “They won’t like you, they’ll love you. Because I love you. And plus, they might have went overboard on present for you and Sof.”

“Really?” Poppy stressed. “I never know how to react to gifts! I either sound completely ungrateful or sarcastic and fake! And I have no idea what to say to them!”

“Poppy, shut up, eh? It’ll be fine. You’re stressing for no reason. Just act normally! And as for the gift thing? You reacted perfectly fine this morning, okay? Chill.” Arizona began to laugh at Poppy’s facial expressions, who obviously had some sort of internal war between calm and crazy going on inside her head.

“Okay. You’re right.” She sighed, looking over at Grace. “But Grace has to come too!”


Of course, the airport was unusually busy. It was all you could to not to walk into the ignorant people who seemed to think it was okay to go barging past you, and adding on the fact that they had to look at the sins and different boards to find the flight didn’t make things any easier. Callie, Sofia, and now Teddy had stayed at home to continue prepping, while Arizona, Grace and Poppy went to the airport. The decision to leave people at home had been a good once, because it was nearly impossible to stay together.

“They’re over there!” Arizona called out, pointing to Barbara and Daniel, who were standing next to the arrivals board next to a suitcase.

“You’re a whole five minutes late, Arizona.” Daniel said as he hugged her, indicating to the electric clock built into the wall.

“Aw, come on, it’s only five minutes. And to be fair, I didn’t even know you guys were here until you phoned me from the airport.” Arizona laughed, taking Barbara’s rucksack.

“Even five minutes late is late, you’ve been taught that since you were five years old.” He insisted and she nodded importantly.

“Yes, sir.” She said, before grabbing Poppy by the arm and pulling her forward. “Anyway, back to the reason you’re here. This is Poppy!”

There was a round of hugs, and introductions, and a whole load of gushing. Poppy didn’t mind, though, because it seemed to be going quite well. Barbara and Daniel were so nice, and so grandparentish. Barbara was in full on gush mode, and Daniel kept quiet but was just listening into the conversation, and his silence wasn’t cold, it was natural.

On the journey back home, the Spanish Inquisition seemed to take place, questions were directed at everyone about everything and it was a task to get them all answered before more were asked. It was good though. Arizona never realised how much she missed her mom and dad. With work, and having kids, and just everything, it was hard to find time to contact them. Arizona made a mental note to make time at least once a week to have a phone call with them. After Tim, they’d been left pretty lonely when Arizona had moved to Seattle, so Arizona felt bad for not contacting them anymore.


“Oh, yeah?”

Poppy and Owen were currently standing by the kitchen door, and Owen was telling her about the different cases and surgeries he’d experienced in his years as a trauma surgeon. She’d met and talked to a number of different kinds of surgeons that night, but trauma definitely seemed the most interesting for her. Just something about not knowing what to expect intrigued her.

“Yup. We were so close to losing that guy, but it was Kepner over there who pushed me to open him back up.” He said, indicating to April, who was currently talking to Meredith while they played hide and seek with Zola and Sofia.

“That’s so cool…” Poppy smiled. “I mean, the way you saved him. Not the fact he nearly died.”

“I know what you mean.” Owen laughed, before heading over to start a conversation with Derek.

Poppy turned around just in time to see Arizona, who had obviously been about to give her a fright, sneaking up behind her.

“Aw, damnit!” She fake huffed when Poppy saw her. “It never works on you!” She pointed out, which was true. Poppy seemed to be one of those people who just knew when someone was behind them. “Anyway, are you having a good time?”

“I sure am! This has been so much fun!” Poppy exclaimed entirely truthfully. She really had had a really good time tonight.

“I’m glad you liked it!”

She loved it. It was hard to think that there was a time in her life, not even that long ago, that she hadn’t even known these people. She was a true family member here.

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