You can call it Home

Chapter 13

The next ten days weren’t too bad, to be honest. I mean, washing dishes wasn’t fun and staying inside during the summer wasn’t the best, but it gave me a lot of time to think about everything.

I’d decided to go down the being friends route, like Grace had said. Or at least I was going to try, because truthfully speaking I knew that things were going to be awkward and never the same again, but it was for Olivia. She was my best friend, so I at least owed it to her to try. That’s why as soon as the ten days were over and Callie and Arizona had deemed me free, I’d made it number one on my priority list to go and visit Olivia and explain everything.

“I’m so, so sorry that I haven’t called or texted! I didn’t have my phone, I was grounded!” I explained in a rush as she led me through to her room once I’d arrived. When I arrived she’d been so relieved, because Grace had told her everything, but she hadn’t heard from me and didn’t know what happened to me.

There was an extremely highly awkward moment in the hall, where we’d walked right into Grace. In my head I’d practically had a metal World War 3 over what to say to her, but she got there quicker and smiled a quick ‘hi!’ before continuing on her way. I watched her go with a sad look, and Olivia dragged me into her room, shoved me onto the bed, pulled over her computer chair and sat there staring at me.

“Okay! Spill!”

And so I told her everything, every last detail. I wasn’t sure on how much she’d heard of it from Grace, who I wasn’t sure if she was even talking about it, si I told her everything, completely honestly.

“Oh.” She said simply, her face blank. “That’s what happened. Grace just said you guys split up, and she didn’t say anything else. I’m so sorry, Poppy.” She said, hugging me tightly.

“Why are you sorry? I should be. It’s gonna be all awkward now.” I sighed, leaning back against the wall. “But we agreed to be friends, so we’re trying.”

“It won’t be.” She insisted, although she herself didn’t look entirely convinced. “If you two start arguing I’ll just tell you both to suck it up.”

I laughed at it, and with that laugh the nearly non-existent tension melted away, and we moved onto easier and lighter subjects, which involved a lot of bitching about Madison Bryson. I know it wasn’t great to talk about people who couldn’t defend themselves, but who could blame me? She was such a bitch!

“Oh well, I better go.” I smiled as I looked down at my watch. “I know it’s not been long, and I don’t have a curfew, but I just got un-grounded and I don’t wanna push it.”

“Okay!” She nodded understandingly. “I’ll see you tomorrow, though, right?”

“You can count on it.” I confirmed. The least I could do was be there for her. Grace and I splitting up had left her in a really awkward situation and I hated to do so.

“Hey, Chicca!” Arizona greeted me as I walked round the house and into the backyard, where I could smell the trademark smell of a barbecue, and there was a few people there including Teddy, April, Jackson and Alex. There was faint music playing while Sofia played ball with Alex and everything was very movie-summer like. “This kinda happened.” She laughed, and I joined in, going over to join the ball game.

Soon enough our neighbors, a cute old couple from across the street, Mr and Mrs Morris had joined in and they had brought their dog, Cal, over. It wasn’t long before Jackson had declared the food ready and everyone had eaten, and I’d invited Olivia over, telling her to bring Grace over if she wanted. She’d immediately texted back saying she’d be over soon, but Grace had homework. I secretly wondered if she actually did have homework, or if she was just avoiding me, and I decided that the latter seemed more likely.

“We should get a puppy, Madre.” Sofia commented to Callie. Recently, she had been pretty much begging for a puppy, and I had kinda joined in, and both Callie and Arizona were running out of reasons to say no.

I think Callie thought I missed the sly glance, smile and nod she shared with Arizona across the garden, but I didn’t.

“That’s a great idea Sof! Why don’t we go tomorrow and get one?” She suggested, and Sofia’s scream of excitement was so high that only the said new puppy would be able to hear it. We all watched in amusement as she did a little victory dance, then stopped and immediately started firing off questions about all things puppy.

“What’s up with Sof?” Olivia asked me when she arrived, where I was standing watching Sofia dance around.

“Callie and Arizona finally agreed to get a puppy.”

“That’s so exciting!”

“So tell me.” I started in a more serious tone. “Did Grace actually have homework?”

Her face fell at this, and I could tell she was internally struggling on what to tell me. I instantly felt bad.

“Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter.” I said quickly, before changing the subject. I was going to have to get used to this, not being able to know what was really going on with Grace. If she wanted to be friends, why was eh avoiding me? Because even though I didn’t have any evidence I knew she sure as hell didn’t have any homework.


“So how’re you doing? With this Grace thing?” Callie asked me while we sat in front of the TV that night after Sofia had gone to bed. The volume however was turned down low and we were all doing different things like reading and looking up puppies.

“She’s avoiding me. Already.” I admitted, tossing my book to the side and crossing my arms. “She only said hi when I went over there before she practically ran away, and she pretended to have homework when I told Olivia to invite her over too today.”

“Why would she avoid you?” Arizona asked, placing a hand on my shoulder. “I thought you agreed to be friends.”

“You tell me.” I muttered sarcastically, raking my hand through my hair and throwing it behind my shoulder. “I knew it was going to be super awkward but she could at least try, for Olivia if nothing else.”

“I see.” Callie said, hugging me. “Well, you’re holding up your side of the agreement. If she wants to avoid you, fine. At least you can say you tried.”

“Right.” I sighed, closing my eyes and letting myself relax and breathe for a second. “I know it’s not late, but I’m wiped. I’ll see you guys tomorrow!”

“Okay.” Arizona smiled, holding up her phone to show a picture of an adorable cute puppy. “Look forward to an overly excited hyper Sofia!”

“I’ll probably not be any better, to be honest! It’s so exciting!” I exclaimed, imitating Sofia’s happy dance before laughing and heading through to my room.

As promised, I planned to meet up with Olivia the next day, so I texted her once I got settled in bed.

Hey, wanna go shopping tomorrow? Invite Grace too, but tell her she doesn’t have to. – P x

Sure! Grace has a ‘thing’ on tomorrow.- O x

I frowned as I looked down at the text, betting 100% that Grace was completely free tomorrow. However, I decided to brush it off and let her avoid me all she wanted. As Callie said, I was holding up my side of the agreement. If she wanted to avoid me, fine. At least I could say I tried.

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