You can call it Home

Chapter 15

Ugh, school. Whose idea was it to make us go? Because that guy deserved a kick in the ass. Most days I enjoyed school, and loved to learn things and all that, but some days I just wanted to sleep. Especially because I had to watch Grace flirting with this new girl and it was sickening, although probably just for me.

On the bright side, we had planned a trip to Miami over Christmas to visit Callie’s family, none of whom I had met yet, and I was only a little nervous. For now. As it got closer to the time I would probably find myself freaking out majorly, but for now I felt pretty calm about it.

“I’m hoooome!” I called into the house as I arrived home, kicking my shoes off and laying them beside the door. I next pulled my jacket off and hung it on the coat rack before wandering through to the kitchen, wondering why there was a lack of reply.

I relaxed, however, when Sofia ran up to me and hugged me. I bent down to hug her back when I noticed her face was tear stained. I looked up at Callie and Arizona, asking the silent question, before Sofia started to explain everything.

“Poppy! There’s this boy in my class called Kyle and I told him about our family and he said it was silly because you can only have one mommy and one daddy, and I couldn’t have two mommies and that momma doesn’t love me because she didn’t have me in her tummy like mommy did, and you didn’t love any of us because you weren’t in anybody’s tummy!” She rambled, speaking almost too fast for me to keep up. When I processed it all, however, I felt my anger bubble up.

“What? His parents let him think that?” I exclaimed, hugging Sofia tightly, and I could see Callie and Arizona nodding their heads from over her shoulder.

“Momma told me that you love me. Do you?” She asked shyly, as though she actually feared that what that boy had said was true, and that broke my heart.

“Of course I do!” I laughed, looking her in the eye. “You’re the best sister ever!”



She then looked over at Arizona, who was smiling too. “And momma loves me too?” She asked, turning back round to face me.

“She sure does! She’s the best mommy ever, same as Madre. She always talks about you.” I assured her.

She giggled. “What does she say?”

I thought about it. “She says you’re the best daughter ever, and she loves being your mommy and that you love pizza, and you’re very ticklish…” I trailed off, beginning to tickle her. She started to squirm and wriggle in my arms, but I held her tight and continued tickling her arms. Soon Callie and Arizona joined me, all making sure that we had her laughing as much as possible.

About an hour later after that I was in my room doing homework when Arizona came in and shut the door behind her. She came over and hugged me tightly. I was confused at first but still hugged her back, and when I pulled back she had tears in her eyes.

“Oh, what’s wrong?” I asked, sitting down on my bed and patting the space beside me. She sat down and dried she corners of her eyes with her sleeves.

“Thank you, for what you said today. I hear that so much.”

“I was only saying the truth.”

She smiled at me and laughed. “That’s cheesy. But what I mean is that because I didn’t want kids in the beginning, and I’m not biologically related toSofia, people always said that I’m trapped with a child that I never wanted. I don’t get it so much with you, because you’re not a baby and I was the one who found you, but I’ve had it from day one with Sofia.”

“I’m guessing Callie assures you all of the time that biology doesn’t matter?”


“It doesn’t. You love Sofia, right?”

She smiled wider than I had seen her smile in a while. “Yeah. And you.”

I smiled at that. “And we love you. The rest doesn’t matter.”

She laughed a little, obviously remembering something. “I remember telling Callie that, just after she told me she was pregnant with Sofia, and we were both still processing it. ‘You don't get to tell me that we're not together. We are together. Because I love you and you love me, and none of the rest of it matters’.”

I smiled. I could totally imagine Arizona saying that, although it was weird to imagine her and Callie ever not being together. “See? Even if you can’t remember our words, at least remember yours.”

She hugged me and we sat like that for a few minutes. Eventually stood up, announcing that she had dishes to do before dinner that she’d been avoiding for too long.

“Has she ever done that before?” I asked Callie that night as we washed the dinner plates, which were all covered in pasta remains.

“Arizona? Oh yeah. It’s the one thing, no matter how mad you are, that you never go to with Arizona. She loves Sofia, and you, for that matter, so much. She can take hate for the cheating, for Africa, for anything but you and Sofia.”

“I don’t know why she worries. She’s a great mom. So are you.”

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