You can call it Home

Chapter 16

General POV

Poppy felt, to put it quite literally, like crap. Her head hurt, her throat hurt, her stomach hurt… Ugh. However she knew it would be over within a matter of days, but because it was the flu and the flu spread, Arizona had also been lucky enough to have caught it also. She’d complained about how much she hated to be at home doing nothing instead of at the hospital helping tiny humans, but a hospital containing already sick people wasn’t exactly the best place to be while sick.

“This is hooooorriiiibleeee.” Poppy groaned as she rolled over on the couch, trying to find a position that was comfortable. She had been tossing and turning for over an hour, and was quite frankly sick of it. Why did the flu have to be so damn contagious? That was the only reason that she was even at home and not at school.

“I hear ya.” Arizona grumbled from the other couch. They were both currently lying on the couches in the living room, watching some crappy reality show that none of them even enjoyed and was just on for background noise. She sighed as she sat up; finally accepting that rest wasn’t going to happen any time soon, she picked up her crutches which were lying beside the couch and began making her way through to the kitchen. Poppy also sighed in defeat and decided to follow her.

“Ew, people.” Poppy shuddered as she checked her phone, only to see a few hateful messages. This was a regular occurrence now, but it was easy just to ignore them and block the bitches.

“Just ignore them, it gets easier.” Arizona advised, starting to pour over a stack of patient files that always seemed to follow her. She began making notes, deciding what approach would be best for each patient and what she could safely rule out.

“Do you still get hate for it? Even after school?” Poppy asked, watching Arizona write down different things intently even though she had no idea what any of it meant.

“Not as bad, but yeah. The worst case” Arizona set her pen down and thought for a moment “was when I had this patient, Billie. She and her whole family were very Christian and one time they saw me and Callie together, and requested a different doctor.”

“Well that’s not great.”

“No.” Arizona sighed. “But people believe what they believe, and we don’t have to worry about it.”

The next few hours passed as the rest of the morning had- slowly and boringly. With the help of Tylenol both of them were able to catch a little sleep, but only a little and then they were back to wandering the house, bored out of their minds.

“What are they talking about, ‘not his daughter’?!” Arizona exclaimed to the TV, currently showing Jeremy Kyle. Yup, their boredom had taken them that far. “He loves her, doesn’t matter about blood and DNA and all of that crap!”

Poppy could tell that she was still thinking about what had been said about her not being their mom. Over the past 11 months Poppy had learned that when something happened, Arizona would let it bug her for ages, and no matter how many times they told her it wasn’t true, she would keep going over and over it in her head.

“Exactly! Screw biology!” Poppy added. “Well, not blood, because we kinda need it to keep us alive, but not to make us related to people.”

She saw Arizona smile from the corner of her eye and felt glad that she could say something to make her feel better about it. She knew Callie had had a moment when Poppy had told her about what everyone had said at that party, but she never got it as bad as Arizona did.

It was about two in the afternoon when Arizona finally announced that watching TV wasn’t gonna help them feel better, and decided that their bedroom could do with tidying.

“Sof was so small…” Poppy trailed off as she looked at one of the photos that were taken during Sofia’s first few days of life. Understandably, they didn’t keep these photos on show on the mantelpiece, but they would never throw them out because they were such a great reminder of how far they’d come.

“I know.” Arizona agreed. “There’s so many times when I just look at these photos and be amazed. It’s always something that I think about when she learns something new, or says something that sounds like it came from a teenager.”

“I always remember when I used to go and visit David’s aunt and uncle during the holidays. Aunt Mary would always be knitting clothes for the preemies in the hospital, and she taught me how. I’d always make them too big. The little hats were so tiny.” Poppy remembered.

“I work with preemies every day; I couldn’t believe how shocked I was.” Arizona said quietly. “Even now, with premature cases, Alex has to ask if I’m okay to do it- because of Sofia.”

“Hey, it’s okay.” Poppy said, placing her hand on her shoulder as she saw her begin to tear up.

“If I had just waited, just until we got to the hotel, I took my eyes off of the road…” She whispered, never taking her eyes away from the picture. “I know Callie said it wasn’t my fault, everyone does, but I can’t help but wonder if she sometimes does blame me.”

“You know you’re being stupid, right?” Poppy asked. “There was no way that you could have prevented what happened. No way, do you hear me? As you said, the truck came out of nowhere.”

“It just…” Arizona trailed off, collapsing onto the bed and covering her eyes with her arms.

“And if I remember correctly, you were the one to get Sofia’s heart beating in the first place.” Poppy pushed.

“I was, but her heart would have been just fine if I’d just kept my freaking eyes on the road!” Arizona exclaimed, her anger at herself building up.

“Look-“ Poppy sighed, lying down on the bed beside her. “Callie’s fine. Sofia’s fine. Right?”


“And as much as everyone in the whole world wishes they could, there’s no way to take the past away. So quit blaming yourself because there’s no one to blame here.”

Arizona thought for a moment before turning around ad giving Poppy an amused smirk. “You’re like, ten years older mentally, I swear. When I was 16 I would have never had such a conversation with my parents.”

“Well, someone’s gotta tell you to snap out of it, because it’s clear that you don’t listen to Callie.”


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