You can call it Home

Chapter two

The conversation flowed easily between the two of them as they walked back to the apartment. They walked fairly quickly, as it was cold and starting to rain slightly. As they reached the apartment building Arizona noticed Poppy becoming increasingly nervous, and the nervous glances she gave to the tall building didn’t go unnoticed.

“It’ll be fine.” Arizona assured her. “Callie is so lovely and kind, there’s no way she’ll have an issue with it. A lot of questions, yes, but no issues.” Arizona knew that Callie would be fine with it. It was a pretty unique situation so there would be some areas of uncertainty and awkwardness (it wasn't like bringing home a complete stranger was something common), but she wholeheartedly knew it would work out.

They waited patiently for the elevator to arrive, and when it did hey stepped in. It was silent as they went up but it was a comfortable silence. Once the doors open they stepped out, walking quietly down the hallway towards number 502, since it was late and people would probably be in bed. Once they reached it, Arizona turned to Poppy.

“As I said, we have a daughter, Sofia. She’s four so she’ll be in bed so we’ll need to keep quiet.” She informed her and Poppy nodded, gulping as Arizona pushed the door open. Poppy found it hard to remain calm, but she did it anyway and walked in after Arizona.

As the door opened it revealed Callie standing by the kitchen sink, clearly having just finished washing the dishes. She turned round with a smile when she heard the door click closed. Her smile turned to a frown when she caught sight of Poppy standing by the door, ad she turned with a puzzled look to Arizona.

“Um, explain, please?” She told Arizona. Arizona hesitated for a second before grabbing Poppy by the wrist and dragging her to sit on the couch, and gestured of Callie to follow the suit. She did so, perching herself on the edge of the couch, not holding back in examining Poppy completely.

“Callie, Poppy. Poppy, Callie.” She started off by introducing them, and they gave each other a half smile, the awkwardness still lingering in the air. “I was walking home when I walked into Poppy. She was carrying this bag that looks heavier than her and she was looking for the re-homing office. I offered to buy her coffee at the little cafe, and we got talking. Her mother and father kicked her out because they figured out she has a girlfriend.” She summarized. “I thought she could stay with as long as she needs, because I couldn’t leave her out there, Callie.” She sighed. “She was going to freeze or starve and I couldn’t have that.” She explained. It was quiet for a few minutes as Callie thought over Arizona’s words, clearly not sure what to make of this situation, and then she smiled and held out her hand to Poppy who shook it.

“I’m Callie. Of course you can stay here.” She agreed, and Poppy smiled. Arizona sighed in relief. Even though she had been certain that it would work out she still felt relieved that it actually had.

The next hour and a half went by quickly. They all sat around the living room with a hot chocolate, courtesy of Arizona, and just talked. Poppy was pretty shy to begin with but as they got into the conversation it was easy to see that she was a chirpy, polite, and well raised girl. She was a pretty much straight-A student who just kind of kept to herself, although she had a few close friends. She admitted with a blush that about half of her bag was filled with books because she loved to read so much.

It was just reaching midnight and none of them noticed until Poppy yawned. Callie looked down at her watch and sighed when she saw the time.

“It’s midnight!” She exclaimed. “We should all get to bed.” She decided, standing up and lifting the cups with her, and walked over to dump them in the sink. Arizona picked up Poppy’s bag for her and lead her down the hall to the guest room.

She opened the door for her and they went in. She put her bag down on the bed. “Right. You make yourself comfortable. The bathroom is right next door, and if you wake up hungry or anything there’s food in the fridge. If you wake up before us feel free just to chill.” She said, and Poppy nodded.

“You have a very nice home.” She complimented and she nodded.

“Thanks, we really like it here.” She thanked her. “You’ll meet Sofia in the morning. And to warn you, she is the definition of energy. Very bubbly, very hyper.” She warned and she nodded.

“I’m sure she’s awesome.”

“She is. Well, goodnight I guess.”



The shrill beeping of the alarm clock that they had apparently forgotten to turn off was the first noise Callie heard when she woke up the following morning. She groaned as she flipped over to turn it off, covering her eyes to block out the light that was ever so rudely shining right in her eyes. She turned round to see Arizona still fast asleep, no doubt still worn out from her shift yesterday. She smiled at her peaceful looking wife, and then decided to go and make a big breakfast for all of them.

As she reached the living room she could make out the figure of Poppy sitting on the couch reading a book, a look of deep concentration on her face. Callie smiled and continued over to the kitchen, startling Poppy when she opened the fridge door.

“Callie! I never saw you there!” She exclaimed in shock, laying her book down on her lap and smiling.

“You looked like you were enjoying that, I didn’t want to interrupt.” She shrugged, taking out the egg carton. “You like eggs?”

“Uh, yeah.” Poppy replied, setting her book down on the table and standing up to walk over to the kitchen. “Can I give you a hand?” She offered.

Callie looked around the kitchen to see if there was anything she could do. “Do you know how to make pancakes?”

“Yeah. My mum taught me how to cook from a very young age. She owns a restaurant in town so she cooks a lot, and I was always hanging around the kitchens with her.” Poppy explained, taking the bowl and the eggs from Callie and starting to get to work on making the pancakes.

“My mom taught me too. It wasn’t very often. The chef we had taught me to make all kinds of things but no one could ever beat my mom’s Spaghetti Bolognese.”

“You had a chef?” Poppy asked in amazement.

“My dad owns a line of hotels, so money was never an object. I grew up in Miami in a house much too big for our family. There were rooms that never got visited and I’m pretty sure I never went to the entire house.” Callie explained.

“Do your mom and dad live in Seattle now, or…?”

“They still live in Miami. I hear from my dad once a week and we talk for hours. I haven’t heard from my mom since the day before our wedding.” Poppy was about to question why, but the look on Callie’s face made it clear why.


Just then, there was the noise of a door shutting from down the hall, followed by a set of tiny footsteps.

“Sofia.” Callie whispered, nodding her head to the end of the hall, where a little figure had just appeared. She was literally a mini Callie, down to the way she stood.

“Madre!” She exclaimed, running forward and giving her a hug. Poppy’s presence wasn’t acknowledged until she let go of Callie and saw her standing there with a bowl full of pancake mix. “Madre, who is that?” She whispered in what she thought was a quiet voice. Callie bent down to her level.

“Sof, this is Poppy. She’s gonna stay with us for a while.” Callie introduced. Poppy set down the bowl and walked forward to them.

“Hey, I’m Poppy.” She thought it was better to introduce herself. Sofia looked deep in thought and a little confused for a moment but she shrugged and smiled eventually.

“I’m Sofia!” Sofia exclaimed, obviously not thinking any more of it, and then looked up at all of the stuff on the kitchen counter. “Are you guys making breakfast?” She asked curiously, standing on her toes to try and see it better.

“We are novio.” Callie said, picking her up and sitting her down on the counter so that she could see properly.

They all the click of crutches coming from the hall and saw Arizona coming through, looking sleepy, probably woken up from the voices. The yawned as she walked into the kitchen, looking around at everything that was going on.

“Oooh, breakfast!” She smiled and they all laughed. Arizona turned to Callie to give her a good morning kiss. “Are you working today?”

“Not ‘til noon.” Callie answered, looking down at her watch which told her it was half past nine. “I still have two and a half hours.”

“And I have the whooooole day off!” Arizona smiled, leaning back in her chair folding her arms behind her head.

“And I’m rebuilding a guy’s leg.” Callie laughed. “I’m an orthopaedic surgeon.” She added for Poppy’s sake.

Fifteen minutes later they were all sitting round the table with breakfast in front of them, just chatting about normal things. It was strange how well Poppy blended in here, considering she’d known them all for less than 24 hours. She didn’t feel awkward or anything, just herself.

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