You can call it Home

Chapter 22

Days passed and I still had no intention of talking to David and Sarah. Sure, I’d thought about the situation a lot, but never once had my mind gone anywhere near accepting their offer. I just don’t see why they bothered trying after a year and a half and not as soon as they kicked me out in the first place.

Lizzie hadn’t talked to me at all since our incident in the hallway. I could see why to be honest, but that didn’t mean I liked it. I’d phoned Clara up when I’d gotten home from school after it and she’d understood where I was coming from and agreed with me, although did point out that I could’ve been a lot more subtle about it. I’d then gone on to point out that I was me, and I wasn’t subtle.

“Are you okay?” Arizona asked as she dropped off a pile of freshly washed clothes onto my bed. I hadn’t really talked much the last few days, but I wasn’t avoiding them. They seemed to have accepted that I had no interest in seeing David and Sarah and had let it drop. I hadn’t said a word to anybody except Clara about Lizzie because it wasn’t really a thing you told people, but it still put me in a bad mood when I thought about the fact that my best friend was ignoring me for being worried about something that was probably true.

“I’m great. You?” I said, trying my best to make this a casual conversation, because I knew if it went any further I would spill everything. I was fairly good at keeping secrets and avoiding things, but once someone asked me seriously or kept prying then I spilled everything, because I hated lying. And I did not want either of those things from happening.

“I have a six month old on life support at the hospital right now and his parents refuse to accept that it’s only going to sustain the moment of death.” She sighed. I guess that would be the hardest thing about being a paediatric surgeon, the fact that they were kids. Arizona told me that although she always looked forward to the next kid, every single loss hit her hard, and that it only got worse now that she had kids.

“That’s horrible.” I sighed. This was another thing Arizona did. When she wasn’t rambling cheesy speeches, she would simply have a conversation with you. I wasn’t sure what she did, but at the end of the conversation you always felt better. I’d spoken to Callie about it and she’d agreed whole-heartedly, saying that she had experienced that many times before.

“You wanna come with me tomorrow?” She asked. I’d been to the hospital a few times before and I’d played games with the kids and talked with them and stuff. The way they smiled even though they were ill never failed to make me feel better, and I guess Arizona sensed that I needed it.

“Sure I do!” I agreed, and with that we quickly discussed a few things that would happen before she left, leaving me alone again. I pulled out my phone and scrolled through my messages, experiencing more disappointment when there was still no word from Lizzie.

I was at a cross road here. Do I continue to worry or pry her until I confirmed what I knew was true, and possibly lose my best friend? Or do I trust her to handle it herself, which she wasn’t doing, and stay on her good side? I had no idea.


“Aw, you won again!”

It was around 2pm in the paediatric ward, meaning all of the tiny humans were awake and bored of being in hospital. I’d been here all morning and all afternoon playing board games and video games with the younger kids, and just making conversation with the older ones.

“That’s cause you suck at crazy eights.” Seven year old Macey told me as she collected the cards after winning for the third time. “Dr Robbins isn’t very good at it either.” She giggled, and Arizona gasped in mock hurt from the door. She’d been pretty busy today so was more than glad that I was here. Sofia was here also but she had wandered off to find Teddy. Arizona wasn’t worried about the fact that she was wandering the hospital because for a five year old, Sofia knew the hospital better than they did.

“Hey, I try!” Arizona exclaimed.

It wasn’t long before Macey started to get tired and I read a book to her as she fell asleep. A lot of the kid’s parent’s still had to work even though their kid was in hospital, and it was hard on them. It didn’t make them bad parents, just busy parents. Macey had stage three lung cancer and was in today for her second round of chemo. According to Arizona it was going well but it still took a lot out of her.

“Sofia!” I called half an hour later when I found her exiting Teddy’s office, Teddy following closely behind her.

“Poppy!” She exclaimed, pointing to Teddy. “I was just saying hi to Aunt Teddy!”

“I can see that.” I nodded, smiling at them both. “Hey, Teddy.” I greeted her with a hug. Teddy was really awesome. She always took the time to tell me about all of the cool cases she’d had and I’d sat in the OR gallery to watch her a few times. Sofia had made it clear that she thought anything to do with people’s insides was disgusting, but I found it fascinating.

“How’s it going?” She asked me as we drew back.

“Great, yeah. Just got my butt kicked at crazy eights.” I laughed. We talked for a few more minutes before Teddy was paged 911 and she had to leave quickly, so Sofia and I made our way back up to peds. The rest of the day was spent as the first half had went, although I did manage to win monopoly, I was rubbish at board games so this was a major achievement.

“Pizza, pizza, pizza!!” Sofia chanted as we arrived home a few hours later. Arizona had been pulled into emergency surgery so it was just Sofia, Callie and I.

“I don’t think Sofia wants pizza, Madre.” I said to Callie seriously. “I think we should have Brussel Sprouts and Cauliflower.” I suggested, knowing that it would get a reaction from Sofia since those were her two most hated vegetables of all time.

“Ewe, no!” She scrunched up her nose and shook her head. “Pizza!”

Callie laughed and shook her head. “Okay, pizza it is.” She agreed, earning a cheer from both me and Sofia. While Callie unboxed the pizza and put in the oven, Sofia and I had a race to see who could set their side of the table the fastest. That was also another thing that happened here; Sofia and I could make a competition from anything.

“I’m home!” We heard a familiar voice call from the hallway about an hour later when we’d finished dinner, at around 7pm.

“How’d surgery go?” Callie asked as she greeted her with a kiss, before moving aside and letting everyone else give her hugs.

“It was pretty routine, patients in recovery right now.” Arizona smiled.

“There’s leftover pizza if you want to heat it up.” Callie informed her. “It’s not the best, but I doubt that you’ve eaten since lunchtime.”

“You caught me.” Arizona said mock- guiltily before making her way through to the kitchen. I then resumed my position on the couch where I had been reading some crappy article that probably wasn’t even true.

What surprised me though was when ten minutes later my phone lit up, and Lizzie’s face appeared on the screen. It was odd for her to call me because one, she never called people, only texted, and two because she’d been ignoring me for the last two days.

“Hey , Lizzie!” I greeted as I pressed answer.

“Poppy.” She replied, and I was immediately concerned. She was clearly crying and her voice was full of fear. I glanced around the room before standing up and quickly exiting, taking the conversation away from the happy atmosphere of the living room.

“Come over. You have to help me.” Was all she said before she hung up, and the drawn out humming of the ended call rung in my ears.

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