You can call it Home

Chapter 23

Chapter twenty three- GENERAL POV

Poppy was running as fast as she could. With each street she crossed she pushed herself to run faster, not caring that she could trip and fall at any second. She probably looked strange, but she didn’t care in the slightest. She had no idea what was going on, but the fear and tears in Lizzie’s voice kept ringing in her ears. She crossed roads and moved to the side almost too late sometimes to avoid people, until she saw the silhouette of Lizzie’s house in the dark. There were no lights on, no sign that anybody was in.

Callie and Arizona had let her go easily, because they trusted her. She didn’t know if it was the fact that it was the weekend or the undeniable tone of urgency and panic in her voice when she’d told them that had made them agree, but that didn’t matter. What mattered was getting to Lizzie.

Once she reached the gate she swung in open and raced up the path, immediately starting to pound on the door. She didn’t care what the rest of the street must of thought and she doubted very much that Lizzie’s parents were in. When no reply came she begun to panic and pushed the door open, glad to see that it was unlocked.

“Lizzie?” She called through the eerily quiet house, beginning to climb up the stairs. She tried desperately to catch her breath, which was burning her throat and lungs, but kept running up. She burst in to Lizzie’s room and froze at the sight she was greeted with.

Lizzie was curled up on her bed, pretty much crying her eyes out. All of the lights were off, and from what Poppy could see, she was holding her hand over her nose which was bleeding heavily.

“Oh my god, Lizzie!” She exclaimed and rushed forward to examine her closely. As she looked closely she could see that Lizzie had a massive black eye, her nose appeared broken for the crookedness, and her lip had burst.

“Poppy…” She groaned, rolling over to look at her.

Poppy’s thoughts were going a million miles per hour. “Okay, we’re cleaning this up, and then we’re phoning Callie or Arizona.” She told her, getting all of the important stuff done first. Lizzie appeared as if she was about to protest to that, but Poppy cut her off. “They’ll know what to do. We only know so much.”

Five minutes later they had successfully wiped up most of the blood and changed Lizzie’s top which had also been covered in it. They both sat down on the bed and waited impatiently for someone to pick up the phone as it rung over and over and over.

“Hey, Poppy.” Arizona greeted cheerily. “What’s up?”

“Arizona, you have to get over here. It’s Lizzie… I don’t know what happened. Her nose is broken and her lip is burst, she might have a concussion and maybe internal bleeding from the bruises on her stomach.. You need to get here fast.”

There was a few seconds of silence as Arizona got over the shock of what she had just heard. “Where does Lizzie live?”

Poppy quickly recited the address to her and hung up, sighing in relief at the thought that someone who knew what they were doing was on their way. “What the hell happened?” She asked Lizzie, who had remained silent this whole time. Lizzie brought her knees up to her chest and hugged them, squeezing her eyes shut.

“Zach.” She spat out, proving all of the possible situations in Poppy’s head right. “We were just talking, and we kissed, and he wanted to go further but I didn’t, and he got mad and…” She trailed off, leaving it easy for Poppy to fill in the blanks. That bastard. She always knew there was something wrong with him.

“That bastard.” Poppy gasped as she hugged her gently, still not completely sure where she was hurt.

She laughed at that. “Yeah, what a bastard.” She smiled. That was the thing about Lizzie. Whatever the situation was, or how bad it was, she always found a way to smile or laugh.

“Get a restraining order put on him.” Poppy recommended. “Or if not, whenever he gets within a fifty mile radius of you just call me and I’ll kick his ass.” She offered.

Lizzie smiled up at her, blinking back the tears. “You’d do that.”

“Bitch please, you’re my best friend.” She replied, just as they heard the front door burst open and loud footsteps coming up the stairs. Poppy panicked for a second, before remembering that they’d told Arizona to just let herself in, and stood up to open the door for her.

“What the hell happened?” She asked in the exact same tone that Poppy had, moving forward to examine Lizzie closer.

“Exactly what I said.” Poppy chimed in, before stepping back and allowing Lizzie to recite the story.”

“It was Zach. He got mad at me because I didn’t want to… You know, and he just didn’t stop...” She recited, blushing. Unlike Poppy, Lizzie was a little more hesitant about telling people things. Poppy, however, was just completely blunt about everything. There was no sugar coating with her.

“Well, your nose is definitely broken.” Arizona said as she looked her up and down, appraising her appearance carefully. “Poppy said you had bruises on your stomach?”

Lizzie nodded. “He just kept kicking me.”

“You’re gonna have a few broken ribs then.” Arizona clarified. “You may have internal bleeding, so I’m afraid we’re gonna have to admit you to hospital for observation, because even if there’s no internal bleeding, that doesn’t mean there won’t be, and there’s no way of telling if one of your ribs might puncture one of your lungs.

Lizzie frowned and looked down. She hated hospitals. Ever since she’d gone there when she was six to have her appendix taken out she was adamant that she would never set a foot in one ever again.

“But…” She tried to protest, before realising she didn’t have an argument for that. “My parents will be back home soon.”

“I’m already phoning them.” Poppy held up her phone as evidence, and after a few more minutes of hesitation Lizzie finally agreed.

It was just after nine at night when Lizzie got her room and had settled down. Callie had stayed at home with Sofia so Arizona was okay to stay the night and watch over her, and had been more than happy to be the lead doctor on Lizzie’s case. Luckily, it appeared as though none of her rib had punctured her lung, although they would take a while to heal. There was a little bit of internal bleeding, but no enough to need surgery, so it was decided that she would stay in a few days to be observed.

“I finally got your mom and dad, they’re on their way.” Poppy informed her as she slouched in the chair beside Lizzie’s bed. Lizzie’s parents both worked in the same place, but it was on the other side of town so they would probably still be a while.

“You should go home, go to sleep. You must be tired.” Lizzie replied which made Poppy raise her eyebrows.

I must be tired?” She asked in disbelief. “You should get some sleep. I’m not going anywhere. I’m here while you’re here. Until I have to go to school, that is.”

Lizzie smiled own at the red head, thankful that she had such a good friend. Although Poppy had just assumed that Zach had been hitting her and never gave him a chance, she had been right. And she was an extremely loyal friend and she knew she would always have her.

“Thanks so much for everything you did tonight” She thanked Poppy sincerely, only for her to brush it off.

“Pfft, it’s okay.” She smiled, not looking up from the virtually uninteresting magazine she was ‘reading’. Unlike Lizzie, Poppy didn’t do mushy moments. However, it was unavoidable.

“No, seriously. When I phoned you, you dropped everything to come over. You didn’t push too far for details, which I needed because my parents sure as hell are. You shot me down when I tried to protest against what was best for me. You’re awesome.”

Poppy rolled her eyes. “Hell yeah. I dropped everything. Didn’t you know the SpongeBob movie’s my favourite?”


“Lizzie.” Poppy replied in a tone identical to hers. “You’re my best friend.” She stated simply, which was about as mushy she was getting. “Anyway, allow me to go and get pudding cups from the cafeteria. The chocolate ones aren’t half bad.”

“Have you ever tried them?” Lizzie asked, because on numerous occasions she had heard Poppy complain about how disgusting they looked.

“Well, according to Arizona’s patients. They love them.” Poppy laughed, leaving the room before Lizzie had a chance to object.

On the way out, Poppy ran into Arizona who was walking around with her face in a chart, not paying attention to where she was going. They both stumbled backwards and looked around them to see who they had collided with. When they saw each other the both burst out laughing.

“Now, why am I getting a feeling of de ja vu?” Poppy asked stupidly, putting her hand on her chin and pretending to think.

Arizona played along. “Wouldn’t it be because that time you ran into me on the streets and I took you in and now we’re here?”

“Could be.” Poppy shrugged. “I’m getting Lizzie pudding cups.”

“Do not, and I repeat, do not go near the strawberry ones.” Arizona warned in a deadly serious tone. “I still regret that to this day.”

“I don’t even wanna know…” Poppy muttered under her breath as she walked in the direction of the cafeteria and Arizona to another patient’s room. Since she was already in and started work at seven the next morning, Arizona just didn’t see the point of waiting so had begun her shift early. Poppy always questioned how she could get up early and work long shifts like that, but Arizona had assured her that she had always been a morning person growing up as an army brat. And she also promised her that even if she weren’t a morning person, she probably would have gotten used to it as an intern and resident.

“Okay, they’re not half bad.” Lizzie admitted twenty minutes later when they had both finished.

“I told you I’m always right.” Poppy sung.

“Pfft, you didn’t even try them until tonight either.”

“Good point.”

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