You can call it Home

Chapter 3

Monday morning came around quickly, and Poppy was dreading going back to school. Sure she would see her friends, but high school girls were downright bitchy and she had gotten sick of it the minute she’d stepped foot in the building.

“What time does your school finish?” Arizona asked in the morning at breakfast, as Poppy looked over her timetable to see what she had today.

“3:30.” She replied casually.

“I should be finished work by then.” Arizona said. “If not, feel free to show up at the hospital, or just do what you want.”

“I’ll probably go to Grace’s.” Poppy informed. “My girlfriend.” She added when Arizona gave her a questioning look. “Her parents were okay with it, us. And I was friends with her sister, Olivia before, that’s how I met her.”

“Do you like school?” Sofia piped in.

Poppy looked round at her and smile. “It’s great." She lied easily. It was probably great for some people, and Sofia seemed like the kind of kid who would love it. "When do you start school?”

“Not ‘til next year, but Momma and Madre said that it’ll come soon.”

Arizona quickly explained to Poppy that she was ‘Momma’ and Callie was ‘Madre’. Poppy smiled and looked down at the time on her phone. “I’d better get going.” She sighed, picking up her bag and swinging it onto her shoulder.

“Do you need a lift or anything?” Arizona offered. “I’m just about to head into work.”

Poppy shook her head. “Nah, it’s okay. The school’s pretty close to here anyway. I’ll see you later!” She exclaimed, waving them all goodbye before opening the door and closing it behind her, making her way to school.

The first half of her day went by relatively normally, her best friend Lizzie talking her ear off the whole time. She wasn’t complaining, because Lizzie actually kept up the conversation. She was shocked to hear what had happened over the course of the weekend and started asking questions immediately.

“Look, can we just act like everything’s normal? I don’t want to talk about my parents anymore.” Poppy sighed as they sat down to lunch in the cafeteria. “And plus, I really like them.” She added. Just then Grace came dancing over in her usual perky manner and planted a kiss on Poppy’s cheek.

“Really like who?” She asked as she plopped herself down into the chair next to Lizzie. She took an apple off of her lunch tray and took a bite, waiting for Poppy’s response.

“My mom and dad found out about us.” Poppy revealed. “They kicked me out. I was looking for the council office when I walked into this woman called Arizona, and she offered to buy me coffee. We got talking, and she basically offered me a place to stay as long as I need it.”

Grace looked at her for a minute before frowning and narrowing her eyes. “She just offered? Does that not seem weird to you?”

Poppy could see clearly where this conversation was heading. “I said we got talking. She’s a paediatric surgeon, and she has a wife and a kid.”

It took a minute for Grace to be convinced but eventually she relaxed her face and sat back in her chair. “And you trust them?”

“I do.” She assured her. “And they’re really nice, too. Arizona’s really perky and cheery and she never seems to be in a bad mood. Callie, her wife, is really laid back. It was obvious she was a little unsure when I first got there, but she’s okay with it now. She’s an orthopaedic surgeon. And Sofia, their kid, is as Arizona said ‘the definition of energy’. She looks so much like Callie, but acts so much like Arizona.”

They spent a good chunk of their lunch time discussing the family, and it appeared that they had passed Grace’s test. By the end of lunch she was already asking when she could meet them. Grace was a complete socialite; friends with everybody, so Poppy had no doubt that she could get along with Callie and Arizona.

“Well, I could bring you over after school. Arizona said she should be home by then.” She offered and Grace slung her arm around her shoulders and nodded confidently.

“Sure!” She exclaimed, just as the bell went off. She gave Poppy a quick peck on the lips before running off to her next class, which Poppy believed to be PE.


The light chatter flew effortlessly between them as they headed back to Callie and Arizona’s place. Grace had tied her long red hair up into a ponytail at this point, saying that it was annoying her. They talked about all things normal; school, family, friends etc…

When they reached the apartment door there was light music coming from inside, and it was easy to recognise the lyrics of Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’. Poppy squeezed Grace’s hand as an act of reassurance before walking into the apartment with a confident smile on her face. This was a pretty familiar scene to her, and she smiled remembering how Arizona had reassured her before walking into the apartment just days ago.

As they entered Arizona’s head snapped up from the counter she was currently wiping down. She smiled when she saw Poppy and put the cloth down.

“Hey Poppy!” She greeted her, practically skipping up to them and coming to a halt when she reached them. It was clear that she was in a good mood, which or Arizona wasn't an uncommon thing. She smiled at Grace. “Who’s this?” She asked, although she already had a feeling she knew who it was, judging by their linked hands.

Poppy smiled at Grace and held up their linked hands. “This is Grace, my girlfriend. Grace, this is Arizona!” She introduced them.

“Hi Grace!” Arizona exclaimed. “So are you guys hanging out here, or…?”

“I think we were just gonna hang here for a while and do homework and stuff. Is that okay?” She asked.

“Sure! Don’t mind me, I’m just tidying up before Callie and Sof get home so Sof can make a mess again.”

They actually did get quite a bit of homework done, although there was a few questions that they were unsure of. They planned to make a group chat over Facebook or something so that everyone could discuss (tell each other) the answers. When Callie and Sofia got home introductions were repeated and everyone was happy.

Poppy couldn’t help but notice how relaxed she felt here. She’d not even known this family for two whole days but they were already some of her best friends. She also knew that however it turned out, that she’d gained new friends with it.

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